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10 Benefits of Investing in an LED Dance Floor For Rental Business

May 31, 2023 | Industry News

A few decades ago, event managers and party planners could only experiment with floral arrangements, lighting/sound systems, and furnishings to set up an event. Today, there are innovative and hi-tech event management solutions for creating an inviting atmosphere.

One such addition is an LED dance floor.

LED dance floors change the look of any event, be it a concert or a wedding reception.

So buying a dance floor with multiple effects is a lucrative strategy for your event rental and event management business. The demand for LED dance floors is growing steadily. People prefer illuminated dance floors because they make every ordinary event special. Today, more companies are incorporating hi-tech products into their offerings which help you collect positive feedback from happy customers and create a reliable reputation in your niche.

Top Ten Benefits of Investing in an LED Dance Floor for Your Business


LED dance floors have panels with a control unit attached wirelessly to a device.

This device could be a remote, or tablet for altering the lights’ brightness and colors. This convenience makes LED dance floors fully customizable. You can offer a 10 x 10 dance floor or a 15×15 dance floor to your customers, according to their needs.

Flexible splicing of LED dnace floor (3)
In addition, event planners can experiment with different patterns to use on other occasions.

Many event planners utilize these fascinating displays to add glamor to the event. Nothing is more beautiful than a lit-up floor for welcoming guests onto the floor. It allows you to experiment with different patterns and colors.

Check out our beautiful magnetic LED dance floor. The panels are connected through magnets, which makes it possible for anyone to install them without special skills and complex wiring. You can choose from 10 x 10 dance floor to 24×24 dance floor options. The 15×15 dance floor can accommodate 50 to 60 people at a time, while the 18×18 dance floor is suitable for 70 to 80 people.

Flexible splicing of LED dnace floor (2)
Investing in this gorgeous magnetic dance floor means you can set up the perfect dance spot for theme parties, wedding events, graduation celebrations, and music concerts/festivals. Our LED floor is also trendy for use at nightclubs, private parties, and bars.

Offers Flexibility

Amateur event planners only offer a limited selection of event décor items—for example, disco lights, paper and original flowers for floral arrangement, and balloons. However, much more goes into event planning to create memorable client experiences.

For example, event rental businesses, planners, and similar businesses can use LED floor mats or dance floors at several events.

Adding quality LED dance floors to your offerings can attract more clients to your business. Top Dance offers many easy LED dance floors to install and operate.

Investing in one of our products can be a game-changing decision for your business.

Adds More Visual Appeal

Each décor item adds different varieties of visual appeal to an event setup. However, none can beat the effect of an innovative LED dance floor. Multiple lights on the digital floor light up the dance floor and give ultimate freedom and flexibility to event planners to create mesmerizing effects.
LED dance floor for Band Performance
From creating a light show to replicate fireworks to adding fantastic pulsating effects, you can do many things for your customers. The visual impact is sure to leave everyone feeling happy and excited.

If you are an event rental company, your customers will happily install our 16×16 dance floor within a few minutes. There is no complex wiring, and the built-in battery guarantees 12 hours of operation after charging. Our famous battery magnetic LED dance floor will be a fabulous addition to shows and events. Top Dance is the only company in the world that provides this spellbinding battery magnetic LED dance floor.

Consume Less Energy

LED dance floors feature many bulbs that work together to feature various displays. But that doesn’t mean they consume tons of power. The Department of Energy reveals that LEDs consume 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Their lifespan is also 25 times longer.

This means your customers don’t have to worry about whopping utility bills landing on your doors. In addition, these floors do not emit excess heat. So no energy wastage and no sweaty dance performances.


Any event rental or planning business wants to serve its customers while maintaining profits. That’s where LED floors come into the picture.
DJ events with LED danc
Many flashy decorative items exist in the market. However, most of these products are either too expensive or too technical to install and operate. That means if you invest in these products, you will have to hire technicians or provide installation training to your staff.

The best thing about LED dance floors is that they are less expensive than you may think. Before you purchase a dance floor, you can also evaluate the LED floors you want to buy by checking their specifications and reviews. Call Top Dance Floor today, and we will happily provide customized LED dance floor solutions while staying within your budget.

Work for Various Events

Your LED dance floor can transform the party mood. For instance, if one of your customers needs a glamorous setup for a disco theme, providing an LED event dance floor will give something unique to your customers.

Multiple application field of LED dance floor for rent

The illuminated dance floor will be the highlight of their event, and everyone will be talking about it for years to come. The dance floor sets the tone of a series of events, meaning your customers will need it frequently. That’s great news for event rental businesses.

Helps Create a Unique Wedding Venue Setup

Wedding event planners always look for décor items and products to add a fantastic effect to their venue. For example, an LED dance floor for your clients can guarantee excellent pictures for everyone to remember for years.

We showcase exciting options to buy a dance floor that gives a new life to your after-wedding party. The couple and the other guests won’t feel like leaving the dance floor at all land are sure to dance the night away. That means a successful event in your portfolio.

Multi-Faceted Dance Floor

LED dance floor can give various effects. For example, if one of your clients is running low on space and doesn’t want to install it as a dance floor, you can set it up for cocktails or other busy event areas.

Immersive Experience for Guests

LED dance floor for Party

LED dance floors offer an immersive experience for guests. The effects and lighting patterns synchronize with music and create the perfect environment for a fun-filled event. Furthermore, the synchronized audio-visual spectacle offers endless entertainment to the crowd. That’s just what your customers need to make their event a hit. Innovative features can help your event rental or management businesses ahead of rivals.

More Profits

LED dance floors lead to potential growth because they attract a wider audience. As more people become aware of LED floor mats, there is an increasing demand for these fabulous options. Hence, investing in an LED dance floor can maximize returns to help you scale your business.

Why Choose an LED Dance Floor from TOP DANCE?

TOP DANCE is a reliable partner for many event rental companies or event planners who provide wedding and party equipment to consumers and corporations. Thanks to our high-quality and durable LED dance floors, every penny you invest in our products is worth it.

We have over a decade of experience in manufacturing and selling quality dance floors for customers worldwide. TOP DANCE is committed to offering a fabulous experience to all its customers. Our team upgraded the LED dance floor panel, increasing the bearing capacity. Thanks to an advanced magnetic system, the connections are more stable. As a result, your customers can efficiently operate the wireless floors to save time and labor.

We are also the first manufacturer to produce battery magnetic floor tiles. Furthermore, we use high-quality LED sources to guarantee excellent color saturation and brightness of the panel. Hence, our LED dance floors can offer multiple effects, such as mixed RBG, solid color, starlit, interaction, text, and 3D infinity. What’s more? Our floors can provide excellent results for making the dance floors a hit for any show, event, or celebration.

From guaranteeing a professional-looking setup to making your space look bigger, LED dance floors offer tons of benefits. Everything we listed above gives us fantastic reasons to choose an LED dance floor. In addition, you can communicate with our customer service 24/7 if you have any questions about our products.

If you need any assistance, get in touch with us today. We are always here to help customers find the best LED dance floor according to their budget and needs.


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