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The Complete Guide to Choosing
Your 18’x18′ Dance Floor

When planning an event, the choice of a dance floor can make a significant difference. An 18’x18′ dance floor presents a perfect option for those seeking a blend of spaciousness and intimacy. This size is particularly suited for events with a medium to large guest list, providing enough room for everyone to enjoy the festivities.

What is the Exact Size of the 18’x18′ Dance Floor?

The 18’x18’ dance floor, encompassing 324 square feet, is a quintessential choice for those seeking the ideal size of dance floor. This dimension is often regarded as the typical dance floor size, offering ample space for a variety of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings. It’s large enough to create an energetic atmosphere yet compact enough to fit seamlessly into most venues.

The versatility of the 18’x18’ size also makes it suitable as a used dance floor in permanent installations or as a temporary dance floor for one-off events. This blend of functionality and convenience is what makes the 18’x18’ dance floor a popular selection among event planners and venue operators.

Why Choose an 18’x18′ Dance Floor for Your Event Setup?

More people are choosing the 18’x18′ dance floor for several compelling reasons, especially when it comes to enhancing their events:

Perfect Size for Versatility:

Events are all about creating memories. A well-designed and spacious dance floor provides the stage for unforgettable moments. Your guests will cherish the experience of dancing the night away on a TOP DANCE 20’x20′ dance floor.

Enhanced Ambiance with LED Lights:

Incorporating a dance floor light up feature, such as an LED light dance floor, adds a wow factor to any event. The 18’x18′ space is ideal for showcasing vibrant light displays, turning the dance area into a captivating visual experience.

Interactive Experience:

The LED light dance floor feature makes the dancing experience more interactive and enjoyable. It’s not just about dancing; it’s about engaging with the space, making the event memorable for guests.

Ease of Installation:

Despite its impressive size, the 18’x18′ dance floor is relatively easy to install and dismantle, making it a practical choice for both permanent and temporary setups.

Flexible for Different Event Sizes:

This dance floor size is versatile enough to suit both medium-sized gatherings and larger events. It provides ample space for guests to move freely, whether it’s a cozy family function or a more expansive corporate event.

Accommodating Various Dance Styles:

The 18’x18′ size is also spacious enough to cater to different types of dancing, from formal ballroom styles to more casual, freestyle dancing. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of events and guest preferences.

How Many Guests Can TOP DANCE 18’x18′ Dance Floor Accommodate?

Typically, an 18’x18′ dance floor can comfortably accommodate up to 72 dancers at a time, assuming the standard allocation of about 4 square feet per person. This capacity is ideal for ensuring that guests have enough room to dance without feeling crowded.

While offering a generous dancing area, the 18’x18′ dance floor is also designed to maximize space efficiency. This size fits well in various venue layouts without taking up excessive room, allowing for other event elements like seating or dining areas.

How to Install an 18’x18′ Dance Floor?

1. Preparation of the Area:

Start by preparing the installation site
Ensure the ground is level and clean

2. npacking and Organizing:

Unbox all the dance floor components, including panels and edging.

3. Begin from the First Line:

Installation of power supplies and controllers
Splice the first line of the dance floor tiles

4. Assembling Panels:

The panels are designed to magnetic seamlessly, achieve one-second install per panel.

5. Ensuring a Level Surface:

As you install the panels, periodically check to ensure the surface is level.
Adjustments might be necessary as you proceed to maintain evenness across the floor.

6. Installing Edging:

Once all panels are in place, install the edging around the dance floor.
This not only adds a finishing touch but also ensures safety by creating a smooth transition onto the dance floor.

7. Final Inspection:

After installation, conduct a thorough inspection of the dance floor to ensure all panels are securely interlocked and the entire surface is safe and stable for use.

How Long Does it Take to Install an 18’x18′ Dance Floor?

The traditional portable dance floors for an 18’x18′ area take over an hour to install, the TOP DANCE Magnetic dance floor significantly reduces this time, offering a quick, hassle-free setup option.

Traditional Portable Flooring:

For most standard 18’x18′ dance floors, which may include portable flooring systems with wired panels, the installation typically takes more than 60 minutes. This time can vary based on factors like the installer’s experience and the complexity of the floor design.

TOP DANCE Magnetic 18’x18′ Dance Floor:

In contrast, the TOP DANCE Magnetic 18’x18′ dance floor revolutionizes the installation process. This innovative design significantly reduces setup time to approximately 20 minutes. The magnetic technology streamlines the assembly, making it a quick and efficient process.
The magnetic system in the TOP DANCE dance floor simplifies alignment and locking of the panels, eliminating the often time-consuming steps involved in traditional portable dance floor setups.
With the magnetic design, there’s no need for additional tools or complicated instructions, further speeding up the installation process.
This quick setup feature makes the TOP DANCE Magnetic 18’x18′ dance floor an ideal choice for events where time is of the essence, ensuring that your event space is ready in a fraction of the time typically required.

What Are Included in TOP DANCE 18’x18′ Dance Floor?

Items Number
LED dance floor tile 121pcs
remote control 1pcs
energy-saving power supplies 6pcs
controller 2pcs
wired edge 6pcs
wireless edge 18pcs
flight case 16pcs
accessory flight case 17pcs

Why is TOP DANCE Your Reliable Dance Floor Supplier?

Testing-Area (2)

Decades of Manufacturing Experience:

With 11 years in the business, TOP DANCE has honed its expertise in dance floor production. Their substantial 10,000 SQM factory area and dedicated 1,000 SQM testing area ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and innovation.
production line

High Volume Production Capability:

TOP DANCE boasts an impressive output of 20,000 tiles per month, supported by 20 production lines and a 3,000 SQM warehouse. This capacity underscores their ability to handle large orders and maintain consistent quality across all products.
Production Line

Strategic LA Warehouse:

The presence of a warehouse in Los Angeles signifies TOP DANCE’s commitment to serving the North American market with efficiency. This location ensures quicker delivery times and easier accessibility for clients in the region.
professional team

Unmatched After-Sales Support:

TOP DANCE places a high value on customer satisfaction beyond the purchase. Our after-sales support is dedicated to resolving any issues swiftly and ensuring that clients get the most out of their products and technologies in dance floor design, including advanced features in LED floors.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At TOP DANCE, the focus is squarely on the customer. Every step is taken to ensure that clients receive not just a product, but a solution tailored to their specific needs. TOP DANCE team listens, responds, and adapts to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

Years of experience have positioned TOP DANCE as a leader in the dance floor industry, particularly in the realm of LED flooring and light up dance floors. Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centric design keeps us at the forefront of dance floor technology.

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