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72. What’s the Difference Between 20×20′ Dance Floor And 16×16′ Dance Floor?

May 16, 2024 | Product Guides

When planning a party, one of the most critical decisions you need to make is the size of your dance floor. The difference between a 20×20’ floor and a 16×16’ dance floor can have a huge impact on your guests’ experience and the overall feel of your shindig. In this guide, I’ll cover what you should think about to make sure everyone has room to dance and have a great time at your party.

1. How Many People Fit on a 20×20 Dance Floor?

A 20x20ft dance floor covers an area of 400 square feet and can accommodate approximately 70-80 dancers. If you are looking for a dance floor that can host a large party with many people, a 20x20ft dance floor is your best choice. Whether you enjoy waltzing or hosting salsa dance parties, you can have many people dancing with you at the same time. It is suitable for large events, weddings, and high-traffic corporate gatherings.

2. How Many People Can Fit on a 16×16 Dance Floor?

A 16x16ft dance floor covers an area of 256 square feet and can accommodate approximately 40-50 people. It is suitable for small gatherings, intimate weddings, and private events. If you are hosting a small party with only a few people, or if your venue doesn’t have enough space, then a 16x16ft dance floor is the perfect choice.

3. 20×20′ Dance Floor VS. 16×16′ Dance Floor

20x20ft Dance Floor

Area: 400 square feet
Capacity: Accommodate approximately 70-80 dancers
Suitable for: Large events, weddings, and high-traffic corporate gatherings

16x16ft Dance Floor

Area: 256 square feet
Capacity: Accommodate approximately 40-50 dancers
Suitable for: Small gatherings, intimate weddings, and private events

When to Use

When you need a big space, 20x20ft Dance Floor is great for if you have lots of dancers and want your event to have a lot of energy and a lot going on. For when you want a cozy, intimate feel, 16x16ft Dance Floor saves you money and space, plus you can create a special mood.


Larger dance floors are usually more expensive than smaller ones. That’s why a 20x20ft dance floor is going to be a bit more than a 16x16ft one. Consider your guest count and your budget to find the best value.

Installation Difficulties

Know that bigger dance floors are harder to install and require more time and labor. That means it will cost more to install them too. Be sure your venue can accommodate the installation process.

Event Scale

If you’re inviting over 200 guests, you might need even more space than a 20x20ft dance floor provides. In these cases, you’ll need to look at custom sizes like a 24x24ft or bigger to make sure you have enough room.

Feature 20x20ft Dance Floor 16x16ft Dance Floor General Information
Area 400 square feet 256 square feet -
Capacity Accommodates 70-80 dancers Accommodates 40-50 dancers -
Suitability Large events, weddings, corporate gatherings Small gatherings, intimate weddings, private events -
When to Use Ideal for large, energetic events Best for cozy, intimate settings Consider the size of your event and desired atmosphere
Cost Generally more expensive Less expensive Match your budget to the size of the dance floor
Installation More complex, requires more time and labor Simpler and quicker installation Ensure your venue can accommodate the setup
Event Scale Suitable for 200+ guests with possible need for larger custom sizes Generally sufficient for smaller guest counts Plan floor size according to guest count

4. Differences Between TOP DANCE 16×16 ft and 20×20 ft Dance Floors

Here at TOP DANCE we offer our premium dance floors in two sizes 16×16 ft (5×5 m) and 20×20 ft (6×6 m) to accommodate a variety of event sizes and preferences. Let us break down the components and installation that would be required for each size so you can make an informed decision based on your event’s needs, guest count and venue capacity as to which size will be the best option for you.

Items 16x16 ft / 5x5 m 20x20 ft / 6x6 m
LED Dance Floor Tile 100 pcs 144 pcs
Remote Control 1 1
Energy-Saving Power Supplies 5 6
Controller 2 2
Wired Edge 5 6
Wireless Edge 15 18
Flight Case 13 18
Accessory Flight Case 1 1
Installation Time 10 minutes 15 minutes

5. What Size Should You Choose?

Depending on who you are or what your needs are, there’s a good chance that your choice for a dance floor size will be different after reading this post.

If you’re an event rental business or an event planner, you need to think more holistically about the dance floor that you buy. Because you’re not just buying a dance floor just to have for a one-time use or a single event you have to decide what floor size you’re getting based on a long-term use.

That means you have to think about things like how much space you have to store the dance floor, what kind of venues you’re going to take it to, what your customers are going to want to do with the dance floor when you get it.

On the other hand, if you’re making a purely personal decision for a one-time event, then what you’re probably thinking about is, “How many guests am I going to have at this event that are going to be dancing? How often do I think I’m going to use the dance floor? How much space do I have at the event venue, and available for storage?” Those types of things.

Choosing between a 20×20’ and a 16×16’ dance floor depends on a few things—including how big your event is, how many people you’ll have, or how much space you have at your venue. Here’s what I think you should use as a rule of thumb:

5.1 Recommended Choice for Event Rental/Planner

If you’re in the event rental business or are a planner, deciding on the right dance floor size depends on the following factors:

Customer Needs:
You need to choose based on the type of event and how many people you expect. Bigger events, like large weddings or corporate groups, usually need a 20x20ft dance floor to give more people room to dance.

Venue Space:
Consider the room in the venue you are using for the event. You want the dance floor to look right and not seem too full or be way too empty.

Budget Considerations:
Larger dance floors are more expensive and complex to install. Make a reasonable choice based on budget and return on investment.

Ideal Options:
Pick a 20x20ft Dance Floor:
Designed for rental companies and event organizers regularly hosting big events. Accommodates more dancers, making the event attractive.
Pick a 16x16ft Dance Floor:
Great for small rental businesses just starting or planners looking for low-budget setups. Easy to handle and quickly set up.

5.2 Recommended Choice for Personal

When it comes to regular families or party lovers who curious about the dance floor size, picking a dance floor size is determined by some key factors:

Event Proportions:
According to the size of family reunions or private parties, choose the suitable product.

Space at Home:
Choose a dance floor that is suitable for your space after measuring your venue at home or in the courtyard.

Using Frequency:
If there are many times to have family gatherings at your house every year, prepare a dance floor that is solid and easy to clean.

In Preparation Cost:
Most of the customers buy as an individual, so we will recommend choosing a product with a high cost performance ratio.

Ideal Options:
Choose the 20×20 ft dance floor:
It meets the needs of large families or casually organize parties very frequently. A dance floor creates an excellent atmosphere and gets too many praises soon after finishing the entertaining.
Choose the 16×16 ft dance floor:
It is enough for small gatherings and family funagements. It is the cheapest dance floor that saves money and many people choose this one.
Rent A Set for Your Event:
If you don’t often host events, renting a dance floor is a better choice than buying one. You just need to choose the appropriate size based on the scale of your event, which is more suitable for temporary events.
To sum up, choosing a dance floor needs to consider all the characters and making sure that the dance floor meets the enjoyment of the event. It is better not to spend too much money.


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