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20’x20′ Dance Floor:
Elevate Your Event with TOP DANCE

20’x20′ Dance Floor Capacity

Many customers often inquire about dance floor sizing, asking questions such as: What is a good size for a dance floor? How many people can fit on a 20’x20′ dance floor? What size dance floor for 100 people? Here comes the specific answers for these questions.

In event planning, space is a crucial consideration. A 20’x20′ dance floor offers an impressive 400 square feet of dancing area, comfortably accommodating approximately 120 to 150 guests simultaneously. It’s particularly well-suited for large-scale events with up to 250 guests, ensuring that everyone can move freely and enjoy the occasion, be it a wedding, corporate event, or grand celebration.

20’x20′ LED Dance Floor (11)
20’x20′ LED Dance Floor (9)
20’x20′ LED Dance Floor (10)

What Effects Can Be Achieved with TOP DANCE’s 20×20’ Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE offers a variety of LED dance floors to choose from, including 3D infinity dance floors, pixel dance floors, interactive dance floors, 3D star dance floors, frosted 3D mirror dance floors, etc., capable of producing cool 3D infinity effects, striking solid color effects, mixed RGB effects, customizable text effects, pattern effects, and more, with over 200 different effects available.

Customizable Floor Tile Size

Supports customization in two sizes to offer more cost-effective solutions.

20x20ft Dance Floor (5)

50x50cm (144 pcs)

20x20ft Dance Floor (4)

60x60cm (100 pcs)

What Are Included in TOP DANCE 20’x20′ Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE understands that excellence lies in the details. Our 20’x20′ dance floors are crafted with precision, ensuring every component contributes to a seamless event experience.

20x20ft LED dance floor (50cm panel) accessories
Items Number (50x50cm)
LED dance floor tile 144 pcs
remote control 1 pcs
energy-saving power supplies 6 pcs
controller 2 pcs
wired edge 6 pcs
wireless edge 18 pcs
flight case 18 pcs
accessory flight case 1 pcs

How to Install a Set of 20’x20′ Dance Floor?

You might be thinking that setting up a 20’x20′ dance floor is a complex task. Rest assured, with TOP DANCE, installation is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Setting up a TOP DANCE 20×20 ft dance floor is effortlessly efficient due to its magnetic connection system, eliminating the usual complexities of installation. Simply unpack, align the tiles to hear the confirming “CHUCK” sound of magnets connecting, and link up the power and controller cables. This straightforward process ensures a quick, secure setup, making it an ideal, hassle-free solution for event professionals.

Is It Difficult to Maintain a 20×20 Dance Floor?

Maintaining a TOP DANCE 20×20 ft dance floor is straightforward and low-maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning, occasional inspections for damage, and proper storage. With easy-to-follow guidelines and responsive customer support for any repairs, keeping your dance floor in prime condition is hassle-free, ensuring it remains a highlight of any event.

How to Order 20×20’ Dance Floor from TOP DANCE?

1. Inquiry:

Reach out with specific requirements, preferred products, and budget.

2. Custom Solutions:

Receive a personalized plan from our expert team.

3. Order & Payment:

Confirm your order details and make payment to commence production.

4. Production & Testing:

Select high-quality materials, undergo 72 hours of rigorous testing before shipping.

5. Packaging & Delivery:

Securely packaged in flight cases, ensuring timely delivery.

6. Support & Warranty:

Obtain 12 months of professional after-sales support and warranty.

Why TOP DANCE Is Your First Choice for Purchasing?

Choosing the right supplier for your 20’x20′ dance floor is a critical decision. TOP DANCE is your first choice for purchasing for several compelling reasons:
LED dance florr factory

Industry-Leading Experience

With 11 years in the industry and a reputation as a leading factory in LED dance floor manufacturing, TOP DANCE brings a wealth of experience to the table. We understand the unique needs of event rental businesses, event planners, and distributors.

Commitment to Quality

TOP DANCE floors undergo rigorous quality inspections to ensure they meet the highest standards. Providing with authoritative certificate guarantee.
Order Tracking Service (2)

Hassle-Free Logistics

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Our logistics team is dedicated to ensuring your dance floors arrive on schedule, so you never miss peak sales seasons.
After-sales Service

Seamless Communication

Efficient communication is key in the B2B world. TOP DANCE’s dedicated sales representatives are here to ensure your inquiries are handled promptly and effectively.

Customer Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover how event professionals like Johnny have elevated their events with TOP DANCE 20’x20′ dance floors. Read our customer success stories to see the real impact we’ve had on events across the globe.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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