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3 Tips for Choosing the Right LED Dance Floor Size

May 23, 2023 | Product Guides, Popular

As an LED dance floor supplier, we receive numerous inquiries from customers, and one of their top concerns is determining the right dance floor size to accommodate all their guests. Indeed, determining the size of the dance floor is a crucial preparatory step and a common concern among many customers.

Regardless of the type of guest you are, the selection of dance floor size requires comprehensive consideration. Purchasing a size that is either too large or too small can cause certain troubles.

For example, for individual guests, if they purchase a dance floor that is too large and rarely use the remaining space, it would result in cost loss and wastage. On the other hand, for rental companies or event planners, buying a dance floor that is too small would not meet the demands of their clients, as the size limitation restricts their market range. Therefore, before purchasing a dance floor, it is essential to have a comprehensive assessment to avoid future losses and unnecessary troubles.

To address this concern of our customers, we are now decide to create a most comprehensive guide that assists you selecting the most suitable dance floor size to achieve the optimal layout for your LED dance floor.

Now, we will share with you three useful tips on selecting the right LED dance floor size. We hope that after reading this article, you can choose the dance floor size that best suits your event. It will be an ideal dance floor size for your event or venue. When you light up the dance floor during your event, you will achieve the effect of your imagination.

Tips for Choosing the Right LED Dance Floor Size

1.Consider the Number of Guests

The primary consideration when choosing the size of a dance floor is its capacity to accommodate the number of people. It should be large enough to accommodate at least half of the guests dancing simultaneously.Not everyone will choose to dance simultaneously, so it is essential to consider the total number of people expected to dance on the floor simultaneously. For example, the number of the guests of a event a hundred people, to make best you can set up a 12x12ft dance floor, which can accommodate about 30 people at once.

Here’s the most comprehensive guide for choosing the size of the LED dance floor. From this table, you will learn how many dance floor tiles are required for each specific size of the dance floor.


Number of Floor Tiles

(50x50cm Tile)

Accommodated at once Number of Guests
10x10ft 7×7 10-20 people 60
12x12ft 8×8 20-30 people 100
14x14ft 9×9 30-50 people 150
16x16ft 10×10 60-80 people 180
18x18ft 11×11 80-100 people 200
20x20ft 13×13 100-120 people 250
24x24ft 15×15 More than 120 people 300
40x40ft 25×25 More than 150 people 350

Moreover, we can offer sizing custom services for LED dance floors. You can choose the suitable dance floor size for your venue. For example, our magnetic dance floor tiles are available in both 50x50cm and 60x60cm panel size. Our TP-873 LED starlit dance floor comes in fixed sizes of 60x60cm and 60x120cm. Furthermore, we are the only dance floor manufacturer with cutting machines, allowing us to tailor the dance floor to the exact dimensions requested by our customers. This enables us to provide more cost-effective services with competitive pricing.
Size of Magnetic Dance Floor

Size of Starlit Dance Floor

2.Assess the Venue Size

Moreover, it is also significant to evaluate the venue size and the overall environment and layout of the space when choosing the dance floor size. It is necessary to consider whether the dance floor can be accommodated within the available space and whether there are fixtures or barriers within the venue that affect the choice of dance floor size.

Certain venues may have unique layouts, fixed furniture, pillars, steps, or other immovable obstacles. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the distribution and positioning of these elements in order to determine the appropriate size of the dance floor and make the most efficient use of the space available.

TP-873 LED Stalit Dance Floor

For example, venues like nightclubs often have fixed features such as bar counters or seating areas that cannot be moved. In such cases, it is important to consider not only the number of guests, but also the layout and limitations of the venue. It is critical to assess the available space and determine if it can accommodate the required dance floor size.

TP-877 3D Dance Floo

Another example is the ballrooms or banquet hall, they often have a specific seating arrangement and may include a small stage in the middle. When installing a dance floor in such a setting, it is important to conduct thorough research of the venue in advance to identify any fixed layouts or arrangements that need to be avoided. By carefully considering the layout and making the necessary adjustments, you can maximize the available space and create a dance floor that fits seamlessly into the overall setup of the ballroom.

3.Determining the Type and Style of the Event

When considering the dance floor size, we often ignore an aspect that is the type and style of the event. Many people overlook the fact that the choice of stage size should also be based on the style and type of the event. For example, if it’s a private dance party, a set of dance floor with stunning and cool visual effects would be desired. For a wedding, a sparkling large size of starlit dance floor would create a romantic atmosphere throughout the venue.
TP-877 3D Dance Floor (2)

However, many people overlook the fact that apart from matching the dance floor effects to the event type and style, it’s also crucial to consider the appropriate size.

Why is the size of the dance floor closely related to the type and style of the event? Please continue reading. The size of the dance floor can significantly impact the overall style of the event. For example, in corporate events, choosing a small-sized dance floor may give the impression of a stingy or less generous company. On the other hand, opting for a larger dance floor size can showcase the company’s scale and level, creating a more upscale ambiance. It serves as a visual representation of the company’s strength and can influence how attendees and clients perceive its capabilities.

Indeed, for large-scale celebratory events, opting for a larger dance floor size is more appropriate as it can better accommodate a larger number of participants. Such events may experience unexpected increases in the number of attendees, and having a spacious dance floor ensures that there is enough room for everyone to dance and enjoy the celebration.

Certainly, there are occasions that are particularly suitable for smaller dance floors. For example, small-scale product exhibitions often utilize a dance floor to enhance visual appeal and create an engaging atmosphere. Similarly, in private parties, a smaller dance floor can be used to create an intimate and cozy ambiance where guests can enjoy dancing and socializing in a close-knit setting.

When considering the size of a dance floor, you need to consider the number of guests, evaluate the venue’s environment and layout, and reflect on the event type and style to determine the appropriate dance floor size for your specific occasion.

After going through the above guidelines, If you are still unsure about your size requirements, it is recommended to seek assistance from professionals. TOP DANCE provides 24-hour online communication services where you can send us your requirements via email. We will provide you with a free solution within 12 hours. Alternatively, you can directly contact us by phone. Our sales team is highly knowledgeable about dance floor sizes and various types of events, as well as how many people are suitable for each size. By reaching out to us, you will receive the most professional and satisfactory response.


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