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Discover the Ideal 30’x30′ Dance Floor
for Your Unforgettable Events

When planning an event in a larger venue, creating a captivating and engaging setup is crucial. A 30’x30′ dance floor can be the key to making your event stand out. It not only accommodates a significant number of guests but also adds a visual centerpiece to the venue. This guide delves into the essentials of selecting a 30’x30′ dance floor, answering questions related to its size, suitability for various events, and its role in enhancing your event’s ambiance.

Why Choose a 30’x30’ Dance Floor for Your Event or Business?

Accommodating Large Gatherings

The 30’x30′ dance floor, spanning 900 square feet, is perfect for large events, easily accommodating many guests for dance and social. Its versatility allows it to fit effortlessly into various events, from formal galas to casual parties. This adaptability makes it a highly valuable option for event planners catering to a broad spectrum of event sizes and styles.

Flexibility and Adaptable

The 30’x30′ dance floor, due to its considerable size, offers great flexibility in usage. As an event rental or interactive planner, you have the option to divide the 30’x30′ dance floor into two separate sections. This feature allows you to effectively utilize the same dance floor for two different smaller events simultaneously.

Capacity for Large Gatherings

A 30’x30′ dance floor is a focal point for any event, creating a lively atmosphere and enhancing the venue’s aesthetic. Its spaciousness ensures guest comfort and freedom to dance, significantly improving the overall event experience. This makes it an ideal choice for venues and event planners aiming to impress clients and guests alike.

Cost-Effective for Businesses

For businesses in the event industry, investing in a 30’x30′ dance floor can be cost-effective in the long run. Its durability and adaptability to different event types mean it can be used repeatedly, providing a better return on investment. Additionally, its size makes it a one-time purchase suitable for most events, eliminating the need for multiple smaller floors.

How Many People Can Fit on a 30×30 Dance Floor?

A 30×30 dance floor, encompassing a generous 900 square feet, can comfortably accommodate a substantial number of guests, typically in the range of 250 to 300 people. This spacious area allows for guests to move and dance freely, without feeling overcrowded. Such a capacity is particularly suitable for larger events where a significant portion of the attendees are expected to be on the dance floor at any given time.

This size ensures that everyone has enough space to enjoy themselves, making it an excellent choice for grand celebrations, weddings, corporate events, and other sizable gatherings where dancing is a key part of the event experience.

30'x30' LED Dance Floor (8)
30'x30' LED Dance Floor (4)

What Are the Ideal Settings for a 30’x30′ Dance Floor?

This dance floor size is versatile and perfect for various events, including large weddings, corporate functions, gala events, and significant personal celebrations. Its spacious nature makes it suitable for festivals, community events, and bustling nightclub environments.
30'x30' LED Dance Floor (7)
30'x30' LED Dance Floor (6)
30'x30' LED Dance Floor (3)
30'x30' LED Dance Floor (2)

What’s Included in TOP DANCE’s 30’x30′ Dance Floor Package?

TOP DANCE’s comprehensive package includes:

30x30ft/ 9x9m

Items Number
LED dance floor tile 324 pcs
Remote control 1 pcs
Energy-saving power supplies 9 pcs
Controller 3 pcs
Wired edge 9 pcs
Wireless edge 27 pcs
Flight case 41 pcs
Accessory flight case 2 pcs
Each component is meticulously packed for safe transportation, ensuring your dance floor arrives in pristine condition, ready for your event.

How to Pack the 30’x30’ Dance Floor?

Packing a 30’x30′ dance floor efficiently and safely for transportation and storage is crucial to maintain its quality and usability. TOP DANCE utilizes flight cases, known for their durability and protection, for this purpose.

Packing a 30’x30′ dance floor in flight cases offers robust protection, enhances longevity, and eases transportation with their organized, mobile design. They reduce risks during transit, add a professional look to your setup, and simplify assembly and dismantling at events, making them an efficient choice for event planners and rental businesses.

Installation Guide for TOP DANCE’s 30’x30’ Dance Floor

The magnetic LED dance floor from TOP DANCE can be set up in under an hour, a testament to its efficient and straightforward design. This quick assembly is especially beneficial for events with tight schedules.

Accommodating Large Gatherings

  • Preparing the Area: Ensuring a clean, flat surface.
  • Gathering Materials: Including tiles, edges, power supply, and controller.
  • Starting with an Edge: Install the edge near the power source first.
  • Laying Tiles: Begin at one corner and proceed systematically.
  • Checking Connections: Ensure tiles light up and are connected properly.
  • Adding Edging Pieces: Complete the installation with edge pieces for safety and aesthetics.
  • Ensuring Stability: Test the entire floor for evenness and secure connections.

Maintenance of TOP DANCE 30’x30’ LED Dance Floors

TOP DANCE floors are designed for easy maintenance, with replaceable components like motherboards and magnet strips. This user-friendly approach ensures longevity and minimal downtime for the dance floor.

Why Opt for TOP DANCE’s 30’x30’ Dance Floor?

Choosing TOP DANCE’s 30’x30′ dance floor brings numerous benefits:
TOP DANCE quality control service

Factory-Direct Prices

TOP DANCE’s direct-from-factory model allows for competitive pricing, offering customers high-quality products at more affordable rates.This approach cuts out middlemen, ensuring customers benefit from cost savings without compromising on quality.
Car on LED Dance Floor

11 Years of Expertise

With over a decade of experience in the dance floor manufacturing industry, TOP DANCE guarantees products that meet high standards of quality. The extensive expertise also translates into innovative designs, keeping the products at the forefront of technology and style in the dance floor market.
Control Method of Pixel Floor

Tailored Solutions

Understanding that each event is unique, TOP DANCE offers the option to customize the dance floor to meet specific event needs, whether it’s a particular color, pattern, or theme. This flexibility allows clients to create a more personalized and memorable experience for their events, tailoring the dance floor to fit the exact mood and style desired.
Order Tracking Service (2)

Keeping Up with Trends

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Our logistics team is dedicated to ensuring your dance floors arrive on schedule, so you never miss peak sales seasons.

Efficient Logistics

With a strategically located warehouse in the U.S., TOP DANCE ensures fast and efficient delivery of dance floors to their clients. This local presence significantly reduces the logistical complexities and waiting times often associated with international shipping, streamlining the process for U.S.-based customers.
After-sales Service

1-Year Warranty

TOP DANCE provides a 1-year warranty on their dance floors, showcasing confidence in their product’s durability and performance. This warranty offers customers peace of mind, ensuring support and service for their dance floors over a significant period.

Frequent Asked Questions of 20’x20′ Dance Floor

1. What is the Maximum Number of Panels that a Single Power Supply and Controller Can Manage?

A single power supply is capable of managing up to 40 panels. With one controller, you can control up to one column of 878 pixel dance floor.

3. Can the LED Display be Configured into Multiple Independent Sets?

Yes, our LED Displays are designed for modular configurations and can be divided into separate sets based on your specific requirements. To facilitate this, it’s crucial to inform us in advance so we can provide the appropriate additional accessories to ensure seamless functionality of the individual sets.

5. What is the Potential Revenue from Renting a 20x20ft LED Dance Floor Set?

The profitability of renting a set is location-dependent. In prime cities, a 20x20ft dance floor set could command rental fees as high as $4,000, while the average rates usually range from $1,500 to $2,000.

7. What is the Installation Time Frame for One Set?

For our professional installation team, it takes merely 5 minutes to set up one unit. For clients who opt for self-installation, the average time is approximately 15 minutes.

2. Is it Possible to Scale Up the Back Size of the LED Display?

Certainly, the back size of the display can be increased by incorporating additional led dance floor panels and specific accessories to form a larger setup.

4. What is the Electrical Input Requirement for One Set?

The electrical input specifications are as follows: 100-120V AC 17.5A 50-60Hz or 200-240V AC 10A 50-60Hz.

6. How Many Controllers and Power Supplies are Required

For optimal performance, you will need 2 controllers and 6 power supplies.

8. Can I Use Two Sets Separately for Different Applications?

Yes, you have the flexibility to split your setup into two 14x14ft sets. Please inform us in advance so we can arrange for the additional accessories required for this configuration.

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