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3D Dance Floor

Buy the best 3D dance floor, choose TOP DANCE. As the original manufacturer, we boast cutting-edge technology and superior design aesthetics, offering top-class quality and effortless installation products.

We Sell the Best LED Dance Floors to Customers Worldwide

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TOP Dance floor Customer groups (1)
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What Is a 3D Dance Floor?

A 3D dance floor is an LED dance floor that can be seamlessly connected wirelessly, allowing for super-fast assembly. The name “3D dance floor” comes from its visual effect. When lit up, the dance floor presents an illusion of an infinite 3D space, creating a captivating visual sensation. As a popular choice for event decoration or equipment, the 3D dance floor is widely embraced for its dynamic and stunning visual effects, making it highly sought after.

Top Dance’s Best-Selling 3D Dance Floor

TOP DANCE can provide you with the most comprehensive selection of 3D dance floor styles. With various types of 3D effects, you can choose the one that best suits your specific event. The stunning visual impact and progressively improved assembly methods will light up the stage in a more dazzling manner.
3D LED Dance Floor TP-877
The most classic style of 3D dance floor, also TOP DANCE’s most classic and best-selling product, is the magnetic dance floor. Its extremely simple one-second assembly has made it the favorite for event venue decoration.
Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877
A more upgraded version compared to TP-877, it features a simplified installation method, built-in battery and controller, achieving a completely wireless setup. It is also the world’s first fully wireless installation LED dance floor.
Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A
The 3D mirror tiles combined with the frosted tiles, offers better visual layers than TP-877’s pure 3D mirror dance floor. It can be used in three different ways: pure frosted, pure mirror, and frosted-mirror interlaced.
3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B
The 3D mirror tiles combined with the frosted tiles, offers better visual layers than TP-877’s pure 3D mirror dance floor. It can be used in three different ways: pure frosted, pure mirror, and frosted-mirror interlaced.

Ideal Decor for Various Events or Venues

The 3D dance floor has a very wide range of applications due to its dazzling effects, making it an ideal equipment for various types of events and venues. These four 3D dance floor products are widely used in parties, weddings, corporate events, celebrations, DJ activities, and even in the set designs of music videos, both in small and large-scale events. The infinite visual effects of 3D create an immersive experience. The impressive and captivating visual experience of 3D leaves a lasting impression, making events even more successful.

Most Popular Sizes and Solutions

In order to cater to various event scales and types, the installation of the 3D dance floor requires different size specifications. The following are the most commonly purchased sizes by our customers. Contact us, and we will customize the most suitable 3D dance floor size with favorable price for you.
Size Number of Floor Tiles Event Scale
24X24ft dance floor 200 pcs 180-200people
20X20ft dance floor 144 pcs 120-150people
16X16ft dance floor 100 pcs 80-100people
10X10ft dance floor 36 pcs 20-30 people
We have professional designers and technicians who will tailor specialized solutions according to your specific needs, providing detailed design plans and drawings which aims to ensure that your solution is competitively priced and highly practical.

Why Is the 3D Dance Floor so Popular in These Occasions?

Because it provides a refreshing visual experience for the audience and guests during events. When setting up event stages, the goal is to focus the attention of the audience, and the 3D dance floor is excellent at achieving this effect, with its dynamic transformations and dazzling colors naturally capturing the attention of the guests.

Moreover, installing such a dance floor at events is incredibly convenient since it utilizes magnetic connections, allowing the floor tiles to be easily assembled in less than a second. This means event planners can swiftly and effortlessly complete the installation of this 3D dance floor products.

Why Choose Us?


11 Years of Mature Manufacturing Experience of Wireless LED Dance Floor

11 Years of LED Dance Floor Manufacturing
20 Production Lines Ensuring Timely Delivery and High Quality Products
Testing Area of TOP DANCE (3)
1000SQM Testing Area for Product Testing and Quality Inspection
Oversea Warehouse
LA & Belgium Warehouse for Cost and Time Saving Goods Picking
After-sales Service
24 Hours Customer Service for Hassle-free After-sales Experience
Cutting-Edge and Authoritative LED Dance Floor Technology

Product Details

Ultra-thin and Light Weight

An even more portable and compact 50x50cm LED dance floor panel size, with an ultra-lightweight of 8.5kg, featuring a super lightweight design for effortlessly transport and assemble with ease. It is easy and convenient for adapting various occasions.
Dance Floor Light Weight Design

Size Custom Options

TOP DANCE offers custom sizing services, we offer custom LED floor tile sizes to meet the specific requirements of our customers, creating more favorable choices. The 3D dance floor tiles with dimensions of 60x60cm are available. Providing you with more flexible size options.
Size of Magnetic Dance Floor

Weight-Bearing Capability

TOP DANCE’s 3D dance floor with 10mm tempered glass can support a weight of 500-600kg, allowing multiple people to dance on it , making it suitable not only for parties, weddings, but also for car shows and other exhibitions that require excellent load-bearing capability.
digital dance floor for a car show

One-Second Effect Switching

The advanced control system enables flexible control options. The 3D dance floor implements wireless control, in addition to common methods like DMX and computer-based controls. As the first manufacturer to introduce remote-controlled dance floors, TOP DANCE provides all buyers with a worry-free experience of wireless control. With a small remote controller, you can achieve effect switching in just one second.
control method of 3D dance floor

Revolutionary and Simple Installation Method

TOP DANCE has been continuously optimizing the installation method of the 3D dance floor, making it faster and simpler. The new design includes 18 built-in magnets, ensuring a more stable connection that is less prone to disconnecting and providing a more stable signal, making it safer to use. Furthermore, the latest battery-powered magnetic version requires no wiring, making installation and lighting effortless.

The Evolution Process of 3D Dance Floor Tiles

TOP DANCE 3D dance floor has gone through multiple innovations and upgrades, evolving into the current version with enhanced load-bearing capacity, slimmer and lighter chassis, richer and more splendid visual effects, easier installation, and more stable connections.

Former Design of Magnetic 3D Dance Floor

Former Design of Magnetic 3D Dance Floor

Iron Case
Heavy in Weight
12 Built-in Magnets
Built-in Mainboard

Upgraded Magnetic 3D Dance Floor

Upgraded Magnetic 3D Dance Floor
ABS Plastic Case
Ultra Light and Thin
18 Built-in Magnets, more stable connection
Mainboard at Buttom, easy maintenance

Battery Magnetic 3D Dance Floor

Battery Magnetic 3D Dance Floor
ABS Plastic Case
Ultra Light and Thin
18 Built-in Magnets, more stable connection
Mainboard at Buttom, easy maintenance
Built-in Battery with 12 hours runtime


What’s the difference between TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor and TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor?

TP-877 and TP-B877 are 2 different versions of our 3D dance floors. TP-877 is a magnetic 3D dance floor, while TP-B877 is a battery-powered magnetic dance floor. Both offer the same visual effects, but the difference lies in the battery version being an upgraded version of the magnetic one, as it comes with built-in batteries and does not require additional wiring to light up. It is a completely wireless LED dance floor.

Do you provide rental services?

No, we do not offer rental services, only sales. We provide best dance flooring. Our dance floors come with better features and quality, ensuring they meet your needs and make your purchase highly worthwhile.

In addition to the 3D dance floor, do you have any other best-selling dance floors?

In addition to the 3D dance floor, our pixel dance floor, interactive dance floor, and wireless starlight dance floor are also extremely popular. With monthly sales exceeding 5000 units, they have illuminated event venues from all over the world, providing participants with a dazzling and vibrant visual experience.

How long is the warranty period for these 3D dance floors?

TOP DANCE’s LED dance floors come with a three-year warranty. We also have a dedicated after-sales team to answer your questions in detail, providing 24-hour rotational service to offer you the most timely assistance.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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