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5 Essential Dance Floor Parts You Need to Know in the LED Dance Floor

Jun 2, 2023 | Industry News, Product Guides

As the demand for LED dance floors continues to rise in the event rental and entertainment industry, an increasing number of event planners and organizers are opting to invest in these mesmerizing dance floors to kickstart their rental businesses.

In this article, we delve deep into the realm of LED dance floor parts, highlighting five fundamental and indispensable elements that address common concerns related to dance floor parts. By exploring these essential dance floor parts, we aim to provide solutions to the recurring issues that are often at the forefront of your mind when evaluating dance floor quality.

Why We Need to Focus on Dance Floor Parts?

Customers involved in the rental industry understand that LED dance floors are frequently lent out, and the conditions of each venue, intensity of use, and duration of use can vary significantly. Over time, these factors can undoubtedly affect the dance floor’s condition. As a result, customers place great emphasis on the quality, durability, and construction and quality of the dance floor parts, as well as the design of accompanying accessories. All of these factors collectively contribute to determining whether a dance floor is a high-quality product.

Think about it, if you buy a LED dance floor, the effect is extremely gorgeous, so that every time you turn on the effect can be shocked and happy, but in fact its surface is very fragile, can not withstand multiple people dancing on it, such a panel you will buy? I believe the answer must be no. Therefore, in the purchase of LED dance floor, to do a good job of LED dance floor accessories research work, in order to do a good job to ensure the safety and durability of the entire dance floor.

Doing good research on dance floor parts helps you understand the structural construction and design of the LED dance floor, not only to understand the role of each part, the principle of operation, but also in the use of the process to know the use of parts to consider, to avoid the loss of parts caused by overload, so that the dance floor will be better preserved and form a more long-term use of the dance floor.

Five Important LED Dance Floor Parts

LED Sources

LED source is an important dance floor parts to achieve the brightness of the LED dance floor panel, LED source is an essential and direct component for the lighting up of LED dance floor. So choose a better LED source can ensure the gorgeous presentation of the LED dance floor effect and the colors. The benefits of LED lights is that it is very energy efficient, and it has a longer service life than the average light source. However, the good LED source and inferior LED source are quite different. A good LED source has a very good brightness and presents a very saturated light color which ensure the perfect presentation of the effect.
leds of magnetic led dance floor

Ultra-Bright, Long-Lasting LED Strip of TOP DANCE
Therefore, as a leading and professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of LED dance floor, TOP DANCE subconsciously choose the best LED source, after many tests, finally selected the most suitable for use as LED dance floor LED source. We choose SMD5050, this LED light source is very power-saving and very durable, with a service life of up to 50,000 hours. This LED source is able to present RGB colors, providing endless possibilities for the dance floor’s gorgeous, interlocking light colors.

Dance Floor Panel

When choosing a dance floor, a crucial factor that everyone pays attention to is its panels. The selection of panels can significantly impact the weight-bearing capacity of the entire dance floor. If fragile and weak materials are used, the dance floor will not be able to withstand high frequency usage or support heavy loads. However, selecting high-quality panels can prevent such situations from occurring. They not only have the ability to bear heavy weights but also withstand frequent usage without easy wear and tear.

Moreover, if the floor is made of wood, it is essential to avoid water because even with a coating, prolonged exposure can lead to penetration and corrosion. If the panels are made of a rubber-like material, they are prone to scratches and irreversible damage. As a result, people are increasingly seeking a new material that offers both good weight-bearing capacity and easy maintenance.

TOP DANCE 10mm Tempered Glass – Safety and Durability Assured
The glass panels of TOP DANCE dance floor are also rare in the entire dance floor market. After repeated research and testing, we ultimately chose 10mm tempered glass panels for our dance floor. TOP DANCE’s dance floor can achieve this, as it can withstand the pressure of off-road vehicles. Tempered glass is very strong and not easily broken, ensuring that it can withstand the weight of many people passing through the event venue. It has a high weight-bearing capacity of up to 600 kilograms, making it suitable for large-scale events. What sets us apart from other vendors is that our tempered glass has a thickness of 10 millimeters, which is thicker than the average manufacturers. This decision was made after multiple tests to ensure not only excellent weight-bearing capacity but also to avoid increasing the overall weight of the dance floor tiles.
10MM Tempered Glass Panel Magnetic Dance Floor
One highly reassuring aspect of choosing TOP DANCE dance floors is that the raw materials for each dance floor undergo three rounds of inspections to ensure their quality before production begins. Therefore, the quality of our dance floor panels already surpasses that of most manufacturers during the production stage. Furthermore, before packaging, we conduct quality testing on each product. We have dedicated testing areas and technicians who perform quality inspections. Only the products that pass these tests are released for distribution.

Mainboard of Dance Floor

When selecting an LED dance floor, one important factor to consider is its mainboard. The proper functioning of a dance floor is heavily reliant on the quality of its mainboard. If the mainboard is of poor quality, the dance floor is prone to damage and may experience malfunctions during operation, resulting in issues such as the lights not working. This not only affects the smooth flow of events but also hampers the long-term usability of the dance floor.
mainboard at the bottom of the dance floor
Indeed, a significant portion of the customer base for LED dance floors consists of event rental companies and event planners. These dance floors are subjected to high-frequency usage, making maintenance a crucial consideration in the long run. Therefore, when choosing an LED dance floor, it is essential to also consider whether its mainboard is easy to maintain.

Having easily detachable and replaceable mainboards can indeed alleviate
maintenance pressure and make the process simpler. This allows untrained personnel to handle the operations directly, eliminating the need for specialized technicians to visit for repairs. It saves both manpower and resources, resulting in cost savings for maintenance expenses.

TOP DANCE is indeed able to provide such LED dance floors. With TOP DANCE’s newly upgraded mainboard design, the mainboard is placed at the bottom of the dance floor. In the event of damage or malfunction, customers can simply detach the bottom mainboard and replace it with a new one, allowing the dance floor panels to be illuminated and used normally again. This design feature ensures easy maintenance and quick restoration of the dance floor’s functionality.

Our dance floor’s mainboard is designed with customization in mind, allowing for seamless integration with controllers. This feature enables users to tailor the performance of the dance floor to specific needs and preferences, ensuring an optimal experience. The ability to customize the mainboard with a controller not only enhances the functionality but also adds a layer of versatility, making it ideal for a wide range of events and settings.

Dance Floor Case

Since an LED dance floor requires electricity to illuminate and contains various internal components, the case plays a vital role in protecting these elements. In terms of usage, the quality and design of the enclosure can affect the dance floor’s weight-bearing capacity and safety performance. Additionally, the weight of the enclosure can also impact the ease of installation to varying degrees.

If the dance floor case of an LED dance floor is too heavy, it can indeed pose challenges during transportation and affect the speed of installation.

Revolutionary Lightweight ABS Plastic Case Enclosure
TOP DANCE’s ABS plastic enclosure is a revolutionary material choice that offers a lightweight design, making it easy to transport with minimal effort. Despite its lightweight nature, the enclosure is incredibly sturdy, allowing it to support multiple individuals dancing and moving on the dance floor with ease. It can effortlessly supports a weight capacity of up to 600kg, ensuring enhanced durability and reliability for demanding applications.

Advance Dance Floor Case Design
Our innovative dance floor case, expertly crafted by our dedicated technology team, exemplifies TOP DANCE’s commitment to combining quality with functional design. It boasts a user-friendly installation process, with panels that fit together seamlessly and stay securely in place, thanks to the special side design that makes handling a breeze.

Enhancing its practicality, the case also features a unique corner design specifically engineered to protect against collisions during installation, further ensuring its durability. In addition, the case is equipped with an anti-water feature and an anti-slip surface, providing enhanced safety in various event environments.

The newly designed back motherboard simplifies maintenance, making the dance floor case not only reliable and easy to use but also robust enough to meet the dynamic demands of any dance event.

Magnets of Dance Floor

If your dance floor is a magnetic LED dance floor, you also have to pay attention to the components is the magnet.
magnets of magnetic led dance floor
The quality of magnets and the design of their placement in the enclosure can impact the overall effectiveness of an LED dance floor. Since power and signals are transmitted through magnets, any damage to the magnets can potentially result in malfunctioning dance floor tiles, leading to failure to illuminate or signal distortion. Therefore, when considering the purchase of a magnetic LED dance floor, it is essential to pay attention to the quality and design of the magnets.

18 Super Strong Magnets
TOP DANCE’s newly upgraded dance floor tile is equipped with 18 strong circular magnets that provide a powerful magnetic attraction. These magnets ensure a secure connection between the dance floor tiles, preventing them from easily disconnecting.

Moreover, TOP DANCE’s exclusive design allows for easy removal of the magnetic strips. The magnetic strips can be detached and replaced simply by rotating the screws. This greatly facilitates maintenance, relieving users of concerns regarding maintenance issues. In addition to our tailored panel design, we’ve incorporated an innovative snap mechanism at the side of the floor panel that ensures our dance floor tiles interlock with enhanced stability, virtually eliminating the risk of separation during use.

The above mentioned are the five essential components to consider when purchasing a set of dance floor tiles. By focusing on these components, you can ensure that you acquire a durable, user-friendly, and low-maintenance LED dance floor.

What Additional Components Should You Consider for Dance Floor?

Dance Floor Edge:

The dance floor is constructed from durable iron, ensuring its robustness for heavy use with a weight capacity able to support up to 600kg. This high strength is complemented by a thoughtfully designed safety feature: an anti-slip surface. This surface enhances user safety, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring a secure experience for all participants on the dance floor. Together, these features combine durability, strength, and safety, making the dance floor ideal for a variety of event settings.

Power Supply:

Our dance floor is equipped with a stable power support system, meticulously engineered to provide consistent and uninterrupted power, which is vital for its optimal functioning. Alongside this, the floor features a port protection design, incorporating a specialized system to shield against electrical hazards, thereby enhancing the safety and longevity of the electrical components. Additionally, it is armed with a comprehensive safety system, meticulously developed to ensure the protection of the entire dance floor setup. This system not only guarantees the functionality of the dance floor but also assures overall safety, making it a reliable and secure choice for any event.

If you need a dance floor that excels in these dance floor parts and is produced by a reliable manufacturer, welcome to contact TOP DANCE. We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable and extraordinary purchasing experience. Our LED dance floors will undoubtedly provide you with a worry-free experience in terms of installation, maintenance, and usage.


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