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5 Popular Dance Floor Materials for Modern Dance Floor

May 27, 2023 | Industry News, Popular

Dancing is a whole lot of fun. And if your event’s dance floor is made with the right material, the party will be lit. Usually, adding a LED dance floor to an event always makes a difference, and it gives your guests an unforgettable experience.

LED dance floors are great for all types of events, but if you don’t know the right type of dance floor material to use for a particular event, you won’t get the results you want. So knowing the dance floor materials that will suit your event would boost your reputation as a capable event planner.

In light of this, we will provide you with all the information you require on dance floor material so you can quickly and easily select the one that will be most useful to you. We’ll review the top five most popular ones, their benefits, and their drawbacks. So let’s begin!

1. Acrylic Dance Floor Material

Acrylic is an exceptionally strong, stiff, and optically clear transparent plastic material that is simple to produce and adheres to other materials effectively. The luminance and transparency characteristics of acrylic make it look like glass. Although cheaper than glass, it is stronger and gives the glass effect.

When used as a LED dance floor material, its light-up tiles offer outstanding versatility, durability, and fascinating attributes that would make your guests dance happily.
acrylic dance floor
But you should know that some poor-quality acrylic panels are easily deformed, scratched, and cannot withstand very heavy weight. However, TOP DANCE offers the best acrylic dance floor material such as TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor and TP-880 Black and White Dance Floor. Because it is the bottom of the metal structure, increasing the structure of the dance floor making it much solid, can better withstand the weight, not easy to break and collapse. And each batch of raw materials has gone through 3 times of fine testing, the formation of high-quality acrylic dance floor material.

2. Vinyl Dance Floor Materials

Vinyl is a sophisticated material that is not easily noticed. It has taken over the market as flooring after being utilized in industrial and domestic products. Due to its appealing design, resilience, moisture resistance, and simplicity of maintenance, it is used as a dance floor material.
vinyl dance floor
However, its visual effect is relatively single, leading to the use of occasions with limitations. Moreover, the disadvantages of vinyl include difficulties in removal, especially when the glue has adhered to the surface, the release of organic compounds that can be damaging to health, the inability to be repaired, and the fact that it is less durable than wood. Also, because of how easily vinyl can wear off, it cannot be used in many events.

Unlike LED dance floor which is versatile and can adapt to any place. This is due to its appealing design, resilience, moisture resistance, simplicity of maintenance, and high load-bearing capacity. TP-B878 Pixel Dance Floor is a new led dance floor mat in the market produced by Top Dance and has so many advantages over vinyl flooring.

Given that there will be many people dancing on it, the dance floor’s durability and stability are crucial. This digital dance floor material features a sturdy construction, is well-stabilized, and is capable of withstanding heavy loads. You can move it wherever you like and it won’t require a continual power connection. When fully charged, it can last approximately 10 hours without any interruption. So there is no way you won’t create magic with this led dance floor mat in any event of your choice.

3. Plywood Dance Floor Material

One of the remarkable innovations in this modern day is using wood, a natural material, as a LED dance floor material. Plywood is obtained from wood veneer, which is glued together into several layers and then assembled.
plywood dance floor
Plywood dance floor materials are substantially less expensive and simpler to install than most. And since it is available in different grades and thicknesses, finding the one suitable for your event is easy. Nevertheless, the invention of LED dance floor materials has overtaken the use of plywood.

Without a doubt, plywood is nice, but it is challenging to maintain a clean surface of plywood because it will dent (that is it can be easily deformed when there is heavy impact). Additionally, plywood cannot be exposed to water for an extended period of time without delaminating, not to mention the extreme degree of slickness that results.

Therefore, even if it is inexpensive, using it for a short period and frequently replacing it is not truly economical. That is why you should a LED floor dance material like TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor. The battery of this dance floor material is 50 by 50 cm in size, weighs 8.5 kilos, and has a 7 cm thickness. Due to its extreme lightness, it can be installed and handled more quickly, saving time and money on labor. Each panel comes equipped with a built-in battery for extended use. After a four-hour charge, you can use this light up dance floor mat for more than 12 hours. This means you can use it for an all-night party without worrying about any slickness or other potential risks that could arise from using a plywood dance floor.

4. Mirror Dance Floor

A gorgeous mirrored dancefloor will make a stunning centerpiece and add a dash of sparkle and glamour to any location, whether you’re organizing a wedding, celebration, or bar. Typically, purchasing a low-quality mirror dance floor is challenging to maintain because it will be hard to clean and can easily break. Whereas a mirror LED dance floor is the ideal choice since, like all LED dance floor components, it will improve the event’s mood. The advantages of light up dance floor materials are far greater than their disadvantages.And the only reason you can get any drawbacks from this dance flooring material, such as extreme voltage sensitivity or poor lighting, is because you’re buying it from a poorly manufactured brand.
But if you choose TOP DANCE, you will not encounter this situation, because the 10mm tempered glass panel will bar the mirror well protected. An example of this dance floor material is Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A. The square cell design of this product is made up of ABS plastic casing and it is the first in the market. This makes it highly durable with a bigger bearing capacity than other traditional dance floor materials. Each of the dance floor tiles in this product has circular magnet strips instead of the usual square magnet strips. Giving it a total of 18 magnets installed in each panel which ensures a more secure connection between tiles. This is the first of its kind and the only company producing it is Top Dance. So use these light up tiles as your dance floor material for all of your events if you want your guests to have the highest moments of their lives without any hassles.

5. Best Dance Floor Material: Glass Panel and ABS Plastic Case

Glass flooring has gained popularity in this modern age, and many innovators and building owners are now using it in their properties. The same is true of its dance floor impact. Due to its visual translucency and capacity to transmit natural light, glass dance floor material is an attractive design element.

It can be an intriguing centerpiece for events like weddings, birthday parties, and nightclubs. Glass dance floor materials are created from the raw material of Toughened glass. This makes it highly safe due to its strength, durability, and heat resistance.
Wedding with frosted and mirror dance floors
To maximize load-bearing capacity and ensure long-lasting durability, TOP DANCE meticulously tested and selected tempered glass as the dance floor panel. After numerous trials, a 10mm thickness was chosen, surpassing industry standards. This remarkable thickness grants the dance floor panel an astonishing load-bearing capacity of 600kg, surpassing expectations. As a high-quality dance floor material and one of the best qualities of this glass dance material is that, in contrast to products from other manufacturers, it is not readily broken, easily scratched, or slippery due to it’s 10mm thickness.
10MM Tempered Glass Panel Magnetic Dance Floor
While many LED dance floors on the market still utilize iron chassis, TOP DANCE is dedicated to exploring ways to make the chassis lighter, ensuring improved handling for customers and a more lightweight setup overall. After conducting extensive research, TOP DANCE discovered ABS plastic, a material known for its exceptional strength yet weighing only half as much as an iron chassis. By adopting ABS plastic as the chassis material, TOP DANCE once again establishes itself as an industry leader, achieving a significantly lighter weight for their LED dance floors.
ABS plastic case of magnetic dance floor
Like the TP-876 Magnet Wireless Sensitive Led Dance Floor that made of these materials is the perfect choice for any kind of event. This light up dance floor mat uses magnetic technology, enabling one-piece installation in about one second. The entire installation takes only 8 minutes! It uses a computer, DMX, and remote control functionality. You can swap between colors and styles using the linked remote control. Therefore, you can use this to create a dramatic and beautiful stage for your events, including weddings and nightclubs.

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TOP DANCE has been in the business for more than ten years and creates the best dance floor material available. We produce our items to meet the demands of the present day, which makes our products distinctive and impossible to get elsewhere.

Since all of our materials are wireless, installation and maintenance are made simple. In addition to being lightweight and portable, our products are highly load-bearing. All of our products’ stable, cutting-edge bottom structures can support up to 600 kg of people, plus a whole automobile. With any of our LED flooring products, you can create any event dance floor design you choose.

The last thing you want as an event planner is for your clients and their guests to be stressed out about their safety while enjoying themselves. It’s critical to your job that your guests have faith in the flooring to prevent trips and slides.

So call us today and let our professional team help you push your event planning career into the spotlight.


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