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Accessories Supply

TOP DANCE offer high-quality Accessories for Long-term Use

TOP DANCE provide high-quality accessories including the cable, power supply, controller, remote, etc. for all the LED dance floor.

LED Dance Controller


TOP DANCE’s advanced Controller offers a wide range of creative lighting effects, enhancing our LED dance floors. We’re the first to integrate with ARTENT and provide a unique, easy-to-use system for customized effects and wireless control, setting new standards in the industry.
LED dance floor Accessories-power supply

Power Supply

TOP DANCE LED Dance Floors feature Meanwell Power Supply for stable, flicker-free lighting and robust safety, with a protective mechanism for short circuits and cooling design, ensuring durability and reduced maintenance. 10-year warranty on power supply.
Remote for LED dance floor


Provide remote control with stable signal for each product, which is controllable within 50 meters. It can freely adjust the displaying effect. You can adjust the speed up or down, increase or decrease brightness, or display the strobe effect.
LED dance floor Accessories-flight case

Flight Case

TOP DANCE’s Flight Cases packing offer supreme protection with custom logo options, ensuring safe and stylish transport for your dance floor tiles. Their durable construction and convenient wheels facilitate effortless mobility for any event.
LED dance floor Accessories-tablet


Control is at your fingertips with the intuitive Tablet special for TP-878 pixel dance floor. You can modify the size, type directly on the tablet and control the floor tiles to play the specified effect. Effortlessly manage and customize your LED dance floor effects with this user-friendly accessory.
Recharging Flight Case

Rechargeable Flight Case

TOP DANCE flight case for battery magnetic dance floors is designed with wheels for effortless transport and superior tile protection. It features efficient charging—4 hours for 12 hours of use—and is equipped with safety measures against short-circuiting and reverse connections for secure operation.

Edge with Built-in Controller

The Edge with a Built-in Controller, specially designed for battery magnetic floors, allowing direct control of effects for enhanced performance and user experience. With an anti-slip design, ensuring both enhanced performance and user safety.
LED dance floor Accessories-wired edge

Wired Edge

Wired edge featuring dual cables for power supply and controller connections, ensures a reliable and stable performance. This design not only enhances the floor’s functionality but also maintains a safe and organized setup, minimizing the risk of cable-related accidents.
LED dance floor Accessories-wireless edge

Wireless Edge

The anti-slip design atop the rim enhances safety across the dance floor, reducing the risk of slips or missteps. The meticulously crafted anti-slip design featured on the rim of our dance floor significantly enhances overall safety, creating a secure environment for users.
LED dance floor Accessories-corner


TOP DANCE’s precision-engineered Corners enhance your dance floor with added safety and style, ensuring a seamless edge to prevent missteps into gaps.
LED dance floor Accessories-10mm tempered glass

10mm Tempered Glass

TOP DANCE 10mm Tempered Glass provides durable protection for your LED dance floor. It supports a load capacity of 500-600kg, guaranteeing a safe and enduring dance experience.
LED dance floor cable


Cables for the LED dance floor can be customized according to the needs of the site, usually within 10m.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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