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Infinite Possibilities: Application Fields for Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

Jun 9, 2023 | Product Guides

The dance floor serves as a platform that unlocks limitless possibilities for your events, energizing your parties and other gatherings. As an LED dance floor manufacturer with 11 years of experience, TOP DANCE has supplied over 100,000 LED dance floors worldwide, catering to a diverse range of clients, including event rental businesses, event planners, individuals hosting private parties, nightclubs, banquet halls, bar owners, and dance floor distributors. Our LED dance floors offer countless possibilities, successfully adapting to the needs of all types of events organized by these clients.

These days, TOP DANCE Battery Magnetic Dance Floor has officially been launched. With its exclusive technology, the entire industry has been amazed. This superior technology will once again surpass previous limitations and open up a new direction for LED dance floors. This Battery Magnetic Dance Floor can create more possibilities for customers.

Upon its release, this new product has garnered numerous inquiries from existing customers, and many sets have already been successfully sold. Many clients have been pleasantly surprised by its simple installation process and long-lasting battery life. They are eager to incorporate it into their event rental business.

A Case from Customer Who Purchased Our Battery Magnetic Dance Floor for His Event Rental Business

One regular customer from California, USA, who has been a loyal client of ours, expressed keen interest in our Battery Magnetic Dance Floor and expressed a desire to personally visit our factory.

Super Easy Installation

Battery Magnetic DANCE Floor
After we introduced the product to him, he was amazed. He had never seen such a convenient LED dance floor before. Our dance floor offers a completely wireless installation method. You simply take it out of the flight case, place it on the ground, turn on the switch, and it lights up immediately. Connecting the panels is also a breeze—just gently push the panels together, and they instantly interlock using the magnets on the dance floor panels. This customer even tried assembling the dance floor himself. Despite being his first attempt, it took him just ten minutes to assemble a 12×12 dance floor.

Battery Runtime

Our battery guarantees a continuous runtime of 12 hours when fully charged within 4 hours. This extended battery life is a pleasant surprise for our customers, as very few events last for 12 hours. It means that under normal circumstances, there is no need to worry about the battery suddenly running out. In the unlikely event that an activity exceeds 12 hours, the dance floor can be charged using the wired charging feature at the edges of the dance floor to keep it operational.

Regarding our latest Battery Magnetic Dance Floor technology, he actually had some concerns. He wanted to know if the battery life could truly last for such a long time.

Therefore, he conducted a real-life test with our dance floor. He observed the dance floor for 12 hours to verify if the battery could truly last for the specified duration. In the end, he discovered that what we claimed was true – our battery dance floor lasted a full 12 hours before running out of power.

To address any customer concerns and doubts, TOP DANCE also conducted a dedicated video shoot at our factory to provide a firsthand account of the battery life of our Battery Magnetic Dance Floor. The video authentically captured the dance floor’s 12-hour runtime. TOP DANCE also guarantees every buyer that if the battery of our Battery Magnetic Dance Floor fails to last for 12 hours, we will provide a refund.

Convenient Operation

Our sales team introduced him to our wireless control feature, which allows him to stand at a distance from the dance floor and use a remote control to switch between different effects. He experienced the convenience of this wireless control firsthand.

He also had the opportunity to experience the tablet control technology for our battery-powered digital dance floor. With the tablet’s program, he can directly select the desired dance floor size, and even enter his own text or favorite pattern style to be displayed on the dance floor. This was a completely new and exciting experience for him.

Finally he purchased a 20x20ft dance floor set.

What Occasions Can This Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Be Used For?

Our battery magnetic dance floor is suitable for a wide range of occasions, here are some examples, but not limited to:


Event rental companies or wedding planners who handle wedding events know that the setup at the wedding venue can be quite intricate. It involves arranging various decorations, lighting fixtures, and stage effects. Since it’s a significant day for the wedding couple, they want everything to be in perfect condition. Therefore, the setup for a wedding can be time-consuming. But battery magnet dance floor can solve the problem. Whether you are from an event rental company or an individual looking to use it for a wedding, this dance floor set can be installed quickly. A 16×16 dance floor can be set up in just a few minutes.
Wedding LED dance floor

Small and Large Private Parties

Your parties will no longer be limited to small-scale events with this floor tile. Its easy installation allows you to adjust the size based on the number of attendees. For small parties, you can use fewer dance floor tiles for assembly. Even for large-scale parties, the dance floor can be installed quickly, allowing you to set up the venue in a short amount of time.
battery magnetic dance floor for party
The battery magnetic dance floor is suitable for birthday parties, festival carnival parties, and themed parties alike. We offer both battery 3D wireless dance floors and battery digital dance floors for purchase, providing a variety of effects and styles to make your party stand out from others.

Dj Events

DJ event is filled with exciting and enjoyable atmosphere. DJs want everyone involved to get moving and sway along with the vibes. When accompanied by the rhythm and beats of the music, our dance floor creates a perfect fusion between the participants and the atmosphere of the event.
battery magnetic dance floor for DJ events

Nightclub, Bar, Banquet Halls

The stunning lighting effects of the dance floor will undoubtedly make your venue stand out among many others. It can adapt to the vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere of nightclubs and bars, as well as the minimalist and elegant ambiance of banquet halls for formal events. With the ability to showcase RGB colors and dynamic effects, it offers versatility in creating captivating visuals.
LED dancce floor for banquet nightclub and bar

Runway show

battery magnetic dance floor for hallway
Due to its flexible magnetic connection design, the dance floor can be easily reconfigured to various patterns. It can be assembled to create long strip walkways or aisles, making it suitable for fashion shows or runway events. Its versatility allows for seamless adaptation to different event requirements and settings.


With its eye-catching visual effects and long battery life, it can also serve as a captivating background for exhibitions. With the backdrop of such mesmerizing effects, customers can instantly see your products.
battery magnetic dance floor for exhibition

Purchase Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Today

Welcome to contact TOP DANCE today to purchase this wonderful dance floor.
Whether you are an event rental or event planning company, an individual looking to use a dance floor for your own party, or a dance floor distributor, choosing our battery-powered magnetic dance floor will not disappoint you. It can be used in various settings, catering to your needs for any event or venue adaptation.


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