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Banquet Dance Floor

To enhance the visual appeal and to achieve a better atmosphere of your event and ensure that your dance floor lighting match your events theme and color scheme, it’s essential to use a collection of specialized banquet dance floor to light up your event.

Merits of Banquet Dance Floor

Colorful Effects for Banquet

To ensure that our banquet dance floor is suitable for various styles of banquet halls and layouts, we offer a variety of effects and a diverse color palette. This allows our dance floor to easily adapt to different types of banquets, ranging from elegant formal affairs to wild and lively parties. Our versatile dance floor can be transformed to suit any occasion, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of events.

Simple Wireless Installation

TOP DANCE banquet dance floor are all easy-to-install magnetic dance floors. The magnetic connection make it easy to achieve one second connection between each panel, which can save time and labor costs associated with setting up the dance floor. It means that the venue staff can focus on other aspects of event manangement and setting up of other equipment, resulting in more efficient use of resources.

Easily Maintainable

The banquet dance floor is effortless to take care of. Our designers have recently upgraded the entire dance floor tiles by conducting extensive market research and gathering feedback from customers. As a result, replacing the magnets, glass panels and main board has become very simple and does not require any specialized tools.

After-sales Service

We provide professional after-sales service, with a dedicated team to provide you with technical support to provide any solutions of maintenance and installation difficulties and troubles, dedicated to provide you with the best and most timely service.

Best-selling Banquet Dance Floor

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor
TP-878 can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of the events. Different colors, texts and pattern that display on the dance floor can be customized to for the specific needs of theevent, such as messages or logos.
wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (2)

Pattern Effects

The design of dance floor effects should match the tone and atmosphere of the event. For a solemn and formal event, dignified and elegant effects are appropriate, while for a lively and energetic event, dynamic and vivid effects are suitable. This effects will create a fun and exciting environment that encourages guests to dance and enjoy themselves.
wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (4)

Text Effect

Text displaying on the dance floor can be a great way to convey a message or set the tone for the event. For a formal company banquet, adding the welcome words or slogans on the dance floor can help reinforce the brand message and create a sense of unity and pride among employees. For a private party, adding text on the dance floor can create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere and help guests feel more comfortable and at ease.
TP-873 Led Starlit Dance Floor

The TP-873 is a acrylic dance floor with classic black and white color scheme which is very versatile and can add an elegant atmosphere to any banquet venue. Additionally, the flashing starlight effect and rich color scheme make this dance floor a great choice for adding visual interest and decoration to any special occasions.

Banquet Dance Floor (5)

Black and White Dance Floor Panel

The black and white panels of the TP-873 LED dance floor can create a classic and elegant look that is suitable for many types of banquets, from formal weddings to corporate events. The contrast between the black and white panels can also add depth and dimension to the dance floor, making it an eye-catching centerpiece of the event.
starlit dance floor for wedding

Starlit Effect

To create a sense of excitement and energy around an banuqet, the twinkling starlit effect can create a focal point for the event and encourage guets th dance. The lively flashing lights on the ground can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the ball room. Additionally, the glittering effect can create a memorable and engaging experience for attendees.
Side and bottom of 3D LED Dance Floor mat
TP-877 can be a great investment for the host of the banquet hall. The unique and trendy effects display on the dance floor can add a lot of value to overall ambiance of the venue and can help to attract more clients and increase the opportunity of business.
Banquet Dance Floor

3D Infinity Effect

If you are a event planner, we’re glad to tell you that the 3D infinity effect of TP-877 the perfect part as a banquet layout. The 3D effect can make guests feel like they are dancing on a magical surface, it can showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the event planners, and demonstrate the commitment to providing a unique and engaging experience for guests.

3D dance floor in a banquet

Mix RGB Effects

The interplay of light and shadow created by the mixed rgb colors can create a visually stunning display that captures the attention of guests and adds a excitement to the event. The rich and vibrant colors can be customized to match the theme and decor of the banquet hall, ensuring that the dance floor becomes a centerpiece of the event.

Can the Banquet Dance Floor Be Self-installed

TOP DANCE banquet dance floor can be self-installed with ease. The magnetic system allow quick installation. The 10 x 10 dance floor can be set up in about 10 minutes. Click the video and check the detailed installation process.

Is There a Simple Way to Operate the Banquet Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE banquet dance floor is designed to be user-friendly. In addition to computer and DMX control, we also offer a wireless control method. We provide an extra remote control that allows you to easily control the dance floor with a stable signal. TP-878 can also be controlled using a tablet. The tablet allows you to select the desired mode for the dance floor effects. This provides even more flexibility and convenience in operating the banquet dance floor.

Projects of Banquet Dance Floor

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (6)

TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor Makes a Wedding Banquet in Detroit Extraordinary

This dance floor was used in a wedding banquet in Detroit, the entire banquet hall is decorated in a minimalist style, so the guests hope that the dance floor can continue the effect of this continuation of this simplicity, in some of the more cozy part of the event used a solid color effect. But in some dynamic parts, such as the band performance, it was the showtime of the mix rgb effect, which set the whole venue full of dynamic and dynamic
starlit dance floor for wedding

Starlit effect of TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor Lights Up a Canadian Ballroom

This Canadian rental company is our cutomer who purchased TP-873 white dance floor panels and black dance floor panels from us for banquet event rentals. Because of the classic color scheme, it can simply adapt to various parties, whether it is a romantic wedding or a solemn corporate ball, TP-873 can be perfectly adapted. Therefore, this dance floor makes them a popular rental product for rental companies.
pattern effect of pixel dance floor at a party

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor Is the Best Part of the Birthday Banquet

TP878 is the best part of the entire banquet hall setup, and this statement comes from our client. He used our LED dance floor for his birthday party, which enlivened his whole party, and guests were attracted to the dance floor. Not only does it have vivid and saturated colors, but you can also use the tablet to control the presentation of the effects on it, type the text you want to express and design your favorite group.

FAQs of Wedding LED Dance Floor

What are the benefits of a magnetic banquet dance floor?

Our banquet dance floor is designed with a magnetic system that makes installation and dismantling at your venue easier.

Can banquet dance floors be customized?

Yes, we’ll have our own technician and designer to design the effects or size that meet your neeed. You can send us your requirements, and we’ll send you the dance floor solution in 24 hours.

How do you clean and maintain a banquet dance floor?

You can clean the banquet dance floor simply with a mop. And with the latest design, the dance floor can be maintained in a simple way. We offer specific maintenance instruction of the dance floor to help you to keep the dance floor in good condition.

Can banquet dance floors be used outdoors?

Yes, our banquet dance floor are suitbale for outdoor use. But it is important to ensure that the ground is flat when setting up the dance floor.

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