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Birthday Party Dance Floor

Want to bring your guest domr excitement to your birthday celebration? Check our birthday party dance floor, which will definitely turn up the energy of your party. With the magnificent effects and the super easy installation, our dance floor is the perfect addition to your birthday party. Let’s start the celebration with our incredible dance floor!

Merits of Birthday Party Dance Floor

Effects Customization

We offer a wide range of effects, such as starlit effects, type words, pattern effects etc. You can cutomize the effects that match the mood and style of your birthday party. The effects on the illuminated dance floor is a good way to express your attitude and your creative ideas.

Super Easy Installtion

The progress of the installation is quite simple and straightforward. No special tools or specific equipments are required. Also, we will provide the detail installation guidance for each customer. And the professional after-sales service is avaliable, you can contact us if you get any problems in installation.

Certificate Guarantee

Our birthday party dance floors are undergoing rigorous quality testing. And we also hold the certificates that attest to the safety of quality and safety of the dance floor products. You can trust TOP DANCE beacause our products are designed to the highest standard.

Control with a Remote

Upgrade your party with a set of TOP DANCE LED dance floor and say goodbye to complicated wiring control system. We provide convinent remote control allows for easy operation to switch the different dance floor effects from anywhere in the room.

Top Selling Birthday Party Dance Floors

Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877
With the striking 3D infinity effects, this dance floor can be definitely what you want for your birthday party. It’s easy to set up, requires no extra tools and equitments. And it is a battery magnetic dance floor, which means there is no need for any wiring during the installation. This makes the whole process of installation simpler and more convenient for the host of the party.
15x15ft Dance Floor (2)

Mix RGB Effects

The mix RGB effects of the TP-B877 can allows for endless possibilities of color combination. The changing colors on the light up dance floor can make the setting of your birthday party venue that reflect your own personality. The bold colors and the 3D infinity visual experiece can create a fun and energetic vibe for the birthday party.
LED Dance Floor Application Field-wedding (9)

Solid Colors

The style of the birthday party should depends on the the theme and the prefernces of the host. There will always be a major color of the birthday party venue. The TP-B877 can present a wide range of color for you to choose from, supporting the host to customize the look and feel to suit for their personality. For example,  red can represent boldness and passion, while pink can create an elegant vibe.

Battery Digital Dance Floor TP-B878
The dance TP-B878 dance floor can create an immersive and positive experience for guests for its dynamic and attention-grabbing effects. Thanks to the digtal dance floor panel surface, it can display the text and patterns on the dance floor, which is a great tool for party oraganizer to present the theme of the birthday party and can easily design the dance floor effects to make it suit for the birthday party.
wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (2)

Pattern Effects

This effect is extremely suitable for a birthday parties. Any patterns like herat shape, little cake or flower you want to display on the dance floor, the TP-B878 can make it happen. You can play the strobe effects to add a dynamic element to display and make it engaging for guests.

Text Effects

The text effect of the TP-B878 dance floor is particularly well-suited for the birthday parties. Because it present the name, messages and even the theme of the birthday party on the light up dance floor, effectively grabbing the attention of the guests.

How to Properly Install the Birthday Party Dance Floor for My Event?

To install a birthday party dance floor is not a complicated process, because both TP-B877 and TP-B878 is battery magnetic dance floor, which is connected with magnets. And the built-in battery and controller make the installation without wires. You can check out the video for a simple installation process.

How to Control the Birthday Party Dance Floor?

You can control TP-B877 easily with remote control, DMX and computer as shown in the video. What’s more, TP-B878 can be controlled with a tablet and you can even design the effect with the program above.

Projects of Birthday Party Dance Floors


A Birthday Party Light Up by the Battery 3D LED Dance Floor

The event organizer use the TP-B877 as a part of the birthday party venue setting. Because of the cool effect that displayed on the light up floor. The birthday parties left a deep impression on the guests. They enjoy dancing ont the dance floor and think highly of the Mix RGB effect for the amazing color changing and the wonderful brightness.
24'x24' Dance Floor (4)

To Celebrate the Coming-of-age Ceremony with the Battery Digital Dance Floor

One of our customers that specialize in event rental business rent a set of 16×16 dance floor for the coming-of-age ceremony. Because the protagonist is a girl and decide to make the whole setting in pink, the party organizers set the dance floor in the same color to match the mood and style and present the words of the theme of the events via the text effects.

What Benefits Does TOP DANCE Birthday Party Dance Floor Offer Compared to Other Options?

TOP DANCE always provide the LED dance floor that makes installation a breeze. And we offer professional after-sales service in case you encounter any problem in installation and maintenance. And if you have a tight schedule, you can pick up the dance floor quickly from our America and Belgium warehouse.

FAQs of Birthday Party Dance Floor

Why Is a Dance Floor Important for a Birthday Party?

To set up an LED dance floor in a birthday party is important. It can not only provide a special area for guests to dance and socialize with each other but also create a fun and festive atmosphere for the celebration.

Can I Use These Dance Floor for Other Events?

Yes, LED dance floors can be used for a variety of events, such as weddings, shows, exhibitions, concerts, band stages, festival parties, anniversary celebration parties and other special occasions like disco bar and night clubs.

How to Choose the Right Size of Dance Floor for My Party?

Before you choose the size of the dance floor, you should consider about the number of the guests that will take part in the birthday party. According to the ususal pratice, if the number of guests take part in the party about 100 people, the suitable size is 12×12 dance floor. It can support 35 to 40 guests dance at one time. If you have specific needs for dance floor size, don’t hesitate to contact us for solution in choosing the perfect dance floor for your birthday celebration.

Is LED Dance Floor a Hit Product for Party Rental Business?

Yes, the LED dance floor has become a popular and sought-after product in the party rental business. Because it can be used in many events like birthday parties, wedings and other

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