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Checkered Dance Floor

Classic and popular checkered dance floor, purchasing a set of dance floor unlocks new trends of popular event.

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Merits of Checkered Dance Floors

Three Splicing Options

Purchasing a set of checkered dance floors provides a more cost-effective buying option. You can achieve three usage modes to adapt to your event in multiple ways. It can be assembled as a solid white, solid black, or black-and-white checkered pattern.

Easy and Tight Installation

Simplified assembly method that is extremely easy to complete. Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming installation methods. Wireless assembly method that allows for instant connection and completion of the assembly. The design ensures a tight and secure fit.

Top-notch Quality

Stringent testing procedures, starting from raw materials, rigorous quality inspections in every procedure of the production, high-quality dance floor materials and mature craftsmanship ensuring superior quality and extended lifespan, focusing every detail to ensure the quality.

Hot Selling Checkered Dance Floors

Black and White Dance Floor TP-880 (1)
This is a classic solid-color dance floor that comes in black and white floors colors. When these panels are assembled, they form a checkered dance floor, with a glossy surface that gives the impression of a magnified chessboard. It creates a classic and sophisticated visual effect, with the alternating dance floor black and white combination providing a perfect visual experience.

Materials Durability

We use premium acrylic materials that provide greater durability and extended lifespan. Our dance floors are designed to withstand the rigorous dancing and footwork of many individuals, even with frequent and intense use. With this level of sturdiness, we ensure a longer lifespan and reliable performance.

Visual Appea

The enhanced glossiness of the dance floor surface further accentuates its quality and adds to its overall appeal. The presence of the dance floor elevates the entire occasion, creating a sense of luxury and imparting an elegant and formal ambiance. Its presence enhances the overall aesthetics, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Easy Installation

The black and white dance floor is designed with user convenience in mind, offering a hassle-free assembly and disassembly process. The panels are designed to be seamlessly, achieve quick and effortless setup. Ensures a smooth and efficient process,especially during event preparations.
TP-873 Led Starlit Dance Floor
It is a wireless LED dance floor that illuminates the floor with a starlit pattern. The combination of black and white panels forms the checkered design, while the scattered LED lights resembling stars create an elegant and romantic atmosphere across the entire dance floor.

Two Size Options

We offer two size options for versatility and cost-effectiveness. You can select the size that best fits and create a personalized purchasing plan. The two sizes opens up creative installation options. You can not only achieve black and white checkered pattern but also alternating different sizes.

Twinkling Starlight Effects

This dance floor can create a sparkling starlit effect, as if the night sky is laid out on the floor. Guests dancing on it will feel like they have immersed themselves in a starry galaxy. It presents an incredible visual allure and impact, captivating attention whether in dimly lit or well-lit environments.

Adjustable Effects

The adjustable effects function is available for this dance floor, you can adjust brightness and colors. With a remote control, you can easily create a romantic ambiance with softer tones or make a bold statement. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the colors to match the event theme and style.
Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A

Looking for a fresh take on the traditional black and white checkered dance floor? TOP DANCE has just the solution with our frosted and mirrored LED dance floor. When illuminated, this dynamic dance floor forms a captivating checkered pattern. With its mesmerizing lighting effects, it infuses the entire venue with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Magnetic Connection

This dance floor utilizes magnetic technology for quick and easy installation. The connection between two dance floor panels is established using magnets, which serve as the medium for transmitting signals and power. This technology eliminates the need for aligning clasps or connectors, as seen in the previous two types of dance floors.

Dazzling Effects

Except black and white, this dance floor can create a colorful checkered pattern. The LED light strips can generate countless color combinations, illuminating the dance floor in a mesmerizing display. The combination of frosted and mirrored panels, along with the dynamic lighting effects, creates a visually captivating experience.

Exceptional Weight-Bearing Capacity

Hosting events often involves numerous guests walking and dancing on the dance floor. Therefore, a strong weight-bearing capacity is essential to prevent any potential malfunctions due to overloading. Our dance floors have a remarkable weight-bearing capacity of up to 600kg, making it even possible for a vehicle to drive over it.

How to Install the Checkered Dance Floors?

The TP-880 black and white dance floor does not require a power connection and can be easily assembled by aligning the small protrusions on the edges of the dance floor panels.

The TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor is can be assembled by interlocking adjacent panels with the snaps design.

The TP-877A frosted and mirrored dance floor features a convenient magnetic installation. The panels can be connected using the magnetic force, and the assembly between panels takes only a second.

How to Operate the Checkered Dance Floors?

The frosted and mirrored dance floor model TP-877A and the LED Starlit dance floor model TP-873 are both LED dance floors. They can be controlled wirelessly using a remote control. Additionally, the control unit can be set to automatic mode, allowing for automatic playback and transition of different lighting effects.

Application Fields of Checkered Dance Floor

In addition to the commonly seen use of checkered dance floor weddings, they can also be utilized in various other occasions. For instance, dance clubs, dance studios, or dance parties are perfect settings for checkered dance floors, as they provide a suitable platform for professional dancers to showcase their performances. These dance floors are also suitable for event venues, such as formal corporate events or private parties. For social and entertainment venues, setting up a checkered dance floor can provide a comfortable and spacious area for people to socialize, interact, and engage in conversations freely.

Best Dance Floor Factory that Offers Checkered Dance Floor for Sale

We have a mature manufacturing process and advanced dance floor technology. With a professional testing area and strict production procedures, we ensure high-quality dance floors.

We offer not only black and white dance floor for sale like black and white dance floor TP-880 but also black and white LED dance floor for sale like LED starlit dance floor TP-873. In addition, we provide a wide range of other LED dance floor options, including interactive dance floors, video dance floors, battery magnetic dance floors etc.

FAQs of Wedding LED Dance Floor

Can Your checkered dance floors be rented for a single event?

Sorry, but we do not offer rental services for checkered dance floors. However, our checkered dance floors will definitely provide you with great value for your purchase.

How do I maintain a checkered dance floor?

Maintaining a checkered dance floor is very simple. For each specific product, we provide dedicated maintenance guidelines to assist users in ensuring the durability of the product. These guidelines will help users properly care for and maintain their checkered dance floors for long-lasting use.

Can checkered dance floors be used on uneven surfaces?

It is recommended to install the checkered dance floor on a flat surface to ensure stability and safety. If the surface is slightly uneven, it can be adjusted appropriately to make it smoother and suitable for the installation of the dance floor. This will help maintain the stability and safety of the dance floor during use.

Are checkered dance floors suitable for outdoor events?

Yes, our checkered dance floors can be used outdoors. However, to ensure safety, it is important to ensure that the ground is sufficiently flat before assembling the dance floor.

Are checkered dance floors safe to dance on?

Yes, dancing on a checkered dance floor is safe due to its professional design, which reduces risks and accidents, ensuring a safe dancing experience.

How to choose the size of a checkered dance floor?

Choosing the size of the dance floor depends. Our team will be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate dimensions for your specific event requirements.

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