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Choosing the Right LED Floor Tiles for Your Event: A Buyer’s Guide

May 27, 2023 | Product Guides

The world has moved past the analog era, and everything is now digital. This includes how we plan events and gatherings. Every event planner wants the best for their clients, so if you’re one of them and you want to boost your revenue, use LED floor tiles.

These LED floor tiles are the newest products to use in any event, including wedding floors, dancing floor lighting, etc., and it is the most popular way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. LED floor tiles come in various styles, sizes, and patterns.

Additionally, LED floor tile offers come with a host of other valuable advantages and are simple to install and manage and provide endless inventive solutions to enhance any event.

This article will provide all the information you need about the amazing technology behind LED floor tiles, which will bring life and excitement to your event. And also show you how to choose and buy the perfect LED floor tiles for each event.

The Different Types of LED Floor Tiles

Success in any field including event planning requires knowing what is proper to do at all times. Choose from the types below to design the best led dance floor for your events while also utilizing simple dance floor installation.

Interactive LED floor Tiles

As its name suggests, interactive LED floor tiles respond to your guests’ movements as they step on them. As an event planner, your goal is to make your clients and their guests happy. For example, if you are a party planner, your party floors should enhance the fun vibe of the event. So be among the top event planners by using the interactive LED dance floor TP-876 produced by TOP DANCE. The surface of this LED floor tile is 10mm tempered glass.
Interactive LED Floor Tiles
And it is way more durable and twice stronger than regular glass. This makes it less susceptible to crack. You should also know this LED source which is durable and can be used up to 50,000 hours, giving the best dance floor lighting brightness to your event. And you don’t need a wire to connect to this as it is magnetic dance floor panel. So if you want the best dance floor for your events, use this interactive LED floor tile and see your clients and guests giving you more planning gigs.

Infinity LED Floor Tiles

When you use the proper LED dance floor tile at your events, it will provide the guests with an endless experience and make them wish the party would never stop. And that’s exactly what an infinity LED floor tile does. The TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor from TOP DANCE is the LED floor tile you need to give your wedding floors, birthdays, etc an infinite sensation.
3D LED Floor Tiles
This LED floor tile produces eye-catching light displays and effects. If you are a party lover or wedding planner, this is the best choice, as it will amuse your customers all night. The panels have over 12-hour battery life and charge for just 4 hours, and it’s easy to install. This LED floor dance tile is also very lightweight and easy to handle and each panel can carry about 500–600kg. Do not be worried about its ultra-light feature because the weight of an LED floor tile does not equate to its effectiveness. So if you want an infinity dance floor with a wireless connection use this product.

Digital LED Floor Tile:

Have you ever imagined a dance floor made with pixels elements? The pixel in question is one of the little dots that compose the representation of an image. So giving your guests a digital dance floor is a sight to behold. Therefore, the next type of LED dance floor tile you can buy for your events is TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor.
Pixel LED Floor Tiles
This digital LED floor tile is unlike any other dance floor tile you’ve ever seen thanks to its ingenious built-in battery, magnetic, and design technology. This is one of the most advanced LED floor tiles and it can be used in both indoor and outdoor events, events like dinner parties, concerts, sports ceremonies, etc. This LED floor tile is strong and shiny, and easy to install. When you design a digital dance floor for your clients, its outstanding technology can be great attractive.

Important Things to Know When Choosing a LED Floor Tiles

Choosing LED floor tiles can be difficult, especially for buyers who have never purchased them. Additionally, some may even be of a higher quality than others, but how can you tell which one is appropriate for your events? Therefore before choosing LED floor tiles for your events, you should consider the following important factors.

The Color and Level of Brightness of the LED Floor Tiles

The effect of the display of LED floor tiles depends on the color you choose and it’s level of brightness. Because LED floor tiles produce several colors and brightness, for the best display outcome, consider choosing LED floor tiles that provide the ideal harmony of light and color for the specific event.
LEDs of LED Floor Tiles

The Cost of the LED Floor Tiles

Consider your budget when choosing LED floor tiles for your events. Because the cost of the LED floor tiles varies depending on the design, level of quality, and desired size.

So you must consider your financial situation and choose an option that fits it.

You can use the 3D LED Dance Floor TP-877 produced by one of the leading manufacturers of LED floor tiles in the world. Because of its unmatched qualities, think of this device whenever you envision fantastic visual effects. This LED floor tile has been set to show a variety of colors, creating a charming and luxurious dance floor. It also creates the best dance floor lighting for any floor including wedding floors.

The Quality and Durability of the LED Floor Tiles

The quality and durability of LED floor tiles are based on how well they can withstand pressure or, in other words, their bearing ability. For example, if you are choosing a LED floor tile for a wedding or nightclub, the LED floor tiles must be able to carry the weight of your guests without breaking or falling apart.

It should be strong enough that there won’t be any issues, even if anything rolls over it while the guests are dancing. Otherwise, if the load-bearing capacity is low, the LED flow tiles will not only negatively affect the mood of the whole event but also increase the risk of hazards.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that a product is durable, you should only choose LED floor tiles with at least a three-year warranty.

The Size and Pattern of the LED Floor Tiles: As previously mentioned, LED floor tiles are available in various sizes and patterns. The location and the type of your event or where you wish to install them are essential in deciding the size and configuration. So that you can decide if you want a customized one or not. The flexible LED floor tiles can be used in practically any space.

Also, you should choose LED floor tiles that are easy to install and maintain. Since LED floor tiles are electronic devices, you will inevitably experience issues as it is, especially if they are used over an extended time.

So you should choose a reputable and consistent business with a trustworthy guarantee like TOP DANCE.

Choosing the Right LED Floor Tiles with Easy Installation and Maintenance Method

Regular care is essential to maintain the toughness, usefulness, and lifespan of LED floor tiles. Here are some recommendations for maintaining LED floor tiles.

Maintain cleanliness Always

The initial step in keeping LED floor tiles clean is routine cleaning. But be careful when cleaning them. We advise using a moist rag or mop to remove the filth and dust.

Resist using harsh chemicals that can cause abrasion on the LED floor tiles, which will damage them. So if you are cleaning the LED floor tiles, make sure to use soft soaps with low chemical concentrations.

Easy Installation

A Battery magnetic connection is one of the most effective and easy installation methods. This method does not require wires and will give your event that incredible and energetic effect.

Using a company that sells high-quality LED floor tiles and also provides maintenance services would make it simpler to maintain your LED floor tiles. Customers that use TOP DANCE products are given maintenance services by them. Although you wouldn’t frequently need their services because their products are easy to maintain, they are always available to assist you whenever you contact them.

Reach out to TOP DANCE

As previously stated using LED floor tiles is the order of the day in event planning. So what are you waiting for? We at TOP DANCE are the best at producing and distributing LED floor tiles all over the world.

We have over 10 years of experience, and our products are durable and of the highest quality. We also have a good order tracking system, and you can monitor the whole process.

We also offer a three-year warranty, 24-hour after-sales service, a professional after-sales team, and a technical team to solve any problem anywhere. So if you want the greatest LED floor tiles for your events, get in touch with us right away.


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