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Custom Dance Floor for Your Events

To Custom a Set of LED Dance Floor to Make Your Event Truly Unforgettable!

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (6)

Provide multiple choices of LED dance floor that allows you to personalize the design and style to fit the theme of your wedding. To create a focal point in the hall and add element of elegance and romance.

3D dance floor for DJ event

To create a safer and more enjoyable environment for attendees and help the DJ to provide a more engaging and professional performance, custom a dance floor for dj event is a good choice.

Birthday Party Dance Floor

Provide guests with an interesting and entertaining scene that encourages them to dance and socialize. This is a great way to keep guests engaged and energized throughout the birthday party.

pixel dance floor displaying with pattern effect on the night club floor

To attracting more customers and encouraging them to stay longer at your night club, you can set up a nightclub dance floor to provide a focal point and create fun and exciting atmosphere.

Banquet Dance Floor
To set up a set of dance floor for banquet can provide a great way to break the ice and get people to start socializing and having fun, and can be decorated to match the theme and create a beautiful backdrop for the event.
3D LED dance floor with a Ferrari on it

To set up a set of dance floor for auto show to present an eye-catching and visually appealing feature that draws the attention of attendees and add an extra level of excitement and engagement your show.

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