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Customer Feedback of TOP DANCE Frosted and 3D Mirror Dance Floor

Jul 7, 2023 | Customer Case

Real Case of Our America Customer Johnny

In this article, we would like to share a real customer case with you. The customer is Johnny from the United States. As a loyal customer of TOP DANCE, Johnny has established a long-term partnership with us. He has made multiple purchases of our LED dance floor products and has even visited our factory. He has consistently shown strong support for our products and services. Below is a genuine testimonial video recorded by Johnny, where he objectively evaluates our products and services.

Purchasing TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor from TOP DANCE

Johnny first became acquainted with TOP DANCE when he purchased our TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor, marking his initial collaboration with us. With years of experience in the event rental industry, Johnny has tried various dance floor rentals, including disco dance floors, outdoor wedding dance floor rental, black and white dance floor rental, and party dance floors rental. He had been seeking a LED dance floor that would better suit his business needs, allowing him to expand his service offerings dance floors rental and establish it as a key product for his party entertainment rentals.
TP-873 Starlit Dance Floor
Therefore, he actively searched for dance floors available for joint sales. Among numerous LED dance floor manufacturers, he came across our starlight dance floor for sale, and he was immediately drawn to TOP DANCE wireless LED dance floor. He found the effects of our TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor to be stunning, with its sparkling starlight creating a romantic and unique ambiance. Not only is it perfect for wedding dance floors rental, but it also serves as an excellent option for party rentals.

First Set of Frosted and 3D Mirror Dance Floor

After purchasing our TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor, Johnny experienced significant business expansion. Compared to traditional solid-colored dance floors, many customers preferred the light up dance floor mat as one of the decorative elements for their event venues and light up the venue and ambiance with led floor light. LED dance floors were the trend in the industry at that time, and wireless dance floors were a new emerging trend. However, there were only a few manufacturers capable of producing LED wireless dancing floor for sale, and Johnny recognized this business opportunity with foresight.
Frosted and mirror dance floor
Therefore, when we participated in an exhibition in the United States, Johnny expressed interest in exploring our other LED dance floor products. Coincidentally, that year we had just launched our TP-877A Frosted and 3D Mirror Dance Floors. Johnny was astonished by the visual appeal of these dance floors and firmly believed that they would be loved by his clients. At that time, his competitors were still offering mirror dance floor rentals, and it was his first time seeing an LED mirror dance floor. He wanted to seize this opportunity and stay ahead of the market trend.

Factory Tour to China

This is a magnetic LED dance floor, which was a unique product in the entire LED dance floor market at that time. TOP DANCE invested a significant amount of time and research and development costs to create this product, aiming to simplify the installation process for users and eliminate the complex wiring between LED dance floor panels. We promised customers the ability to achieve seamless assembly in just one second using magnets. However, due to the innovative nature of this product, most customers had not encountered this type of dance floor panel before. Therefore, they may have hesitated and been unsure if the product could truly deliver the simple and secure installation promised through the use of magnets. Since the dance floor needs to withstand the intense movement caused by customers jumping and dancing on it, many customers naturally had some doubts, and Johnny was no exception.
Even though he was very impressed with our product and found the 3D effects to be extremely stunning, and he even personally experienced it at our exhibition booth, he still had some hesitation. After all, at that time, no other company had achieved this level of dance floor technology. That’s why he decided to visit our factory in China to gain a deeper understanding of our product technology and performance.

TOP DANCE quality control service
Therefore, he came. He specifically flew from the United States to China and stayed for a period of time. He visited our factory and spent time with our workers and technicians. Through their detailed explanations and witnessing the actual production process, he gained confidence in our magnetic dance floor technology. He even took the initiative to learn about dance floor maintenance and eventually became proficient in performing dance floor maintenance tasks.

After this factory tour, he developed a deep trust in our products. He believed that our products were reliable and advanced. If he were to purchase our products, he could gain a competitive edge in his event rental industry market. Not only would the installation be extremely fast, but the effects would also be unparalleled. Our original 3D infinity effect was unique, as we were the only LED dance floor manufacturer offering this product in the market at that time.

Product Usage Experience

Dance Floor Installation

As he mentioned and presented in the video, our magnetic LED dance floor offers a convenient installation process. Simply connect the power supply and ensure that the arrow markings on the panels are aligned in the correct direction. With just one second, the LED dance floor panels seamlessly connect. Even the assembly of the dance floor edges is a quick and straightforward task. Therefore, when Johnny rents out the LED dance floor for various events, many times only one staff member is needed to complete the entire set-up of the LED dance floor.

Dance Floor Effects

TOP DANCE frosted and 3D mirror dance floors offer three different options that can be tailored to various event settings and thematic styles. You can choose to install a complete set of frosted dance floor, a complete set of 3D mirror dance floor, or even combine them together to create a frosted and 3D mirror dance floor. Regardless of the configuration, our dance floors always deliver exquisite effects, which can be easily switched using the remote control function, providing wireless convenience.
As Johnny mentioned in the video, all it takes is a gentle press on the remote control to unlock the effect switching, making it incredibly convenient. Remote control is the preferred choice for most of our customers. However, you also have the option to choose DMX and computer control if desired.
dance floor application

Dance Floor Accessories

As mentioned in the video, our controller is highly user-friendly, allowing for a wide range of dance floor effects. With simple instructions provided in the manual, Johnny was able to easily configure and control the dance floor effects. After a few adjustments, he became proficient in operating the controller.

Additionally, our power supply is top-notch in the industry. We dedicated a significant amount of time to the development and testing of power supply compatibility. Ultimately, we selected renowned brand Meanwell power supplies with enhanced protection mechanisms, ensuring the dance floor is safeguarded in the event of circuit issues. This was a crucial aspect that Johnny greatly appreciated.
Power Supply of TOP DANCE Dance Floor
Furthermore, our packaging solution using flight cases is highly convenient. As Johnny is in the event rental business, frequent transportation of the product from one location to another is required due to venue changes. He praised our flight cases for their durability and ability to effectively protect the LED dance floor. The cases with wheels provided a convenient storage and transportation method, saving him time and energy during the transportation process.
LED Dance Controller

Dance Floor Maintenance

Many of our customers, including Johnny, specialize in event dance floor rentals, so they place great importance on dance floor maintenance. Johnny believes that TOP DANCE LED dance floors are exceptionally easy to maintain. The cleaning process is straightforward, and regular maintenance is all that’s needed. Moreover, the maintenance of the components is also very simple. Johnny himself is quite proficient and doesn’t require additional technical personnel for maintenance. Our dance floors are designed to be highly reliable, resulting in minimal faults or issues. This has saved Johnny a significant amount of dance floor maintenance costs.

Evaluation of the Factory and Service

Johnny has highly praised our factory, recognizing our mature production system, rigorous production processes, advanced technology, skilled personnel, and top-notch craftsmanship. During his factory visit, he had a firsthand experience of these qualities.

Furthermore, he highly commended our customer service. Despite the distance and time zone differences, there were occasions when Johnny encountered some unexpected issues on-site or desired to achieve specific effects. Whenever he reached out to our after-sales team, we always provided prompt and timely responses. This level of responsiveness consistently satisfied him.

TOP DANCE has a wide range of customers, and we have many loyal customers like Johnny. Their objective evaluations of our products and services serve as affirmation of our dedication and commitment. TOP DANCE never stops striving and continuously innovating to create LED dance floor products that satisfy our customers. We constantly work towards simplifying installation steps and achieving more dazzling effects. Moreover, we are committed to providing excellent LED dance floor products and solutions to customers worldwide.

Feel free to contact us now to seek the most professional LED dance floor solutions. If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of our company, we welcome you to visit our factory. We will wholeheartedly showcase our LED dance floors, offering you limitless possibilities.


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