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Design Your Personalized LED Dance Floor Effects- ONLY IN TOP DANCE

With advanced technology development, TOP DANCE LED floors packed with 29 cool, ready-to-go effects, support highly effects customization, be first with the newest effects upgrades.

A Blast of Colors and Moves

Dive into a world filled with colors and energy, all thanks to the vibrant and lively TOP DANCE LED dance floors. See with your own eyes how our floors turn any gathering into a hit.

29 Ready-to-go Effects

Packed with 29 cool and lively effects, which can adapt to various dance floor size. These dance floor tiles light up every event with a mix of colorful vibes. From dreamy weddings and fun get-togethers to serious corporate events, high-energy DJ sets, and upbeat club nights, TOP DANCE LED floors bring the perfect vibe to make any event pop.

What Events Are Best Suited for a 10’x10′ Dance Floor?

Keep your dance floor updated and lively with effortless effect refreshes from TOP DANCE. Maintaining a stylish and cool dance floor is a breeze with our services. For those who own a TOP DANCE LED dance floor, accessing the latest effect updates is part of the package. Simply reach out for regular updates, and our dedicated after-sales team will assist in applying these new effects for you.

Design Your Desired Effects: Easy-to-Follow DIY Guides

Tap into your creative side with our detailed DIY software guides. Designed for everyone from beginners to experts. No matter text, graphics or These tutorials enable you to customize your LED dance floor lighting to create standout, unforgettable moments.

Download the Latest or Specific Effects You Want

Offer effects download center and website for effects selection. It’s your one-stop shop for all things cool and creative.

We’re Always Here to Help

Need a hand? Our friendly support team is just an email, call, or chat away. We’re all about helping you make the most of your TOP DANCE floor.

FAQs of 10’x10’ Dance Floor

1.How do I download the latest effects for my LED dance floor?

Simply visit our website’s download center, select the latest effects you’re interested in, and follow the instructions for downloading and installation. Or you can contact our after-sales team for detailed guidance.

3. Are the effects compatible with all sizes of LED dance floors?

Yes, our effects are designed to be compatible with various sizes of LED dance floors. Some effects can be customized further to fit specific dimensions perfectly.

5. Can I request a specific effect to be created?

Absolutely! We welcome suggestions and can work on custom effects. Please contact our design team with your ideas, and we might make them available in future updates.

7. Do I need special software to download or customize the effects?

Yes, you will need to use our proprietary software. Our software is designed to be user-friendly and comes with tutorials to help you get started.

2. Can I customize the effects on my LED dance floor?

Yes, with our DIY software tutorials, you can customize the lighting effects on your LED dance floor to match your event’s theme or personal preference.

4. How often are new effects released?

We aim to release new effects quarterly, but this can vary based on our development schedule and customer feedback. We’ll announce the update effects to you, or you can directly contact our after-sales team for help.

6. Will updating my dance floor with new effects erase my current settings?

No, updating your effects should not affect your current settings. However, we always recommend backing up your configurations before applying any updates.

8.How can I get help if I encounter issues installing or customizing effects?

Our customer support team is ready to assist you. Contact us via email, phone, or live chat for personalized help.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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