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Disco Dance Floor

Are you looking to supercharge your event rental business? Step into the world of TOP DANCE LED Dance Floors, where we craft unforgettable experiences. We understand the pivotal role a mesmerizing dance floor plays in making your events truly remarkable. Explore how our LED dance floors can be the key to attracting more customers and increasing your rental success.

Effortless Installation

Thanks to cutting-edge wireless connectivity, setting up your disco dance floor has never been smoother or more efficient. This revolutionary feature is a game-changer for event rental businesses, allowing you to not only streamline your operations but also expand your clientele.

Mesmerizing Light Effects

Prepare to be captivated by our dance floors’ stunning light effects. With over 30 unique effects, you have the power to create an atmosphere that matches your clients’ visions perfectly. Whether you’re organizing classic and elegant affairs or dynamic and energetic gatherings, our dance floors can make it happen.

Tailored to Your Events

We understand that every event is unique, just like every dance floor should be. That’s why we offer customized disco dance floors to suit the specific needs of your clients. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to design the perfect size and effect style that aligns with your clients’ visions.
3D LED Dance Floor TP-877
The most classic style of 3D dance floor, also TOP DANCE’s most classic and best-selling product, is the magnetic dance floor. Its extremely simple one-second assembly has made it the favorite for event venue decoration.
Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877

A more upgraded version compared to TP-877, it features a simplified installation method, built-in battery and controller, achieving a completely wireless setup. It is also the world’s first fully wireless installation LED dance floor.

Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A
The 3D mirror tiles combined with the frosted tiles, offers better visual layers than TP-877’s pure 3D mirror dance floor. It can be used in three different ways: pure frosted, pure mirror, and frosted-mirror interlaced.
3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B
The 3D mirror tiles combined with the frosted tiles, offers better visual layers than TP-877’s pure 3D mirror dance floor. It can be used in three different ways: pure frosted, pure mirror, and frosted-mirror interlaced.

Convenient Control

Our advanced wireless control techniques make managing the dance floor’s effects a breeze. Effortlessly switch between effects with options like DMX, computer, tablet, and remote control. This level of control ensures optimal performance and keeps the party going smoothly, delighting your clients every time.

Innovative Disco Dance Floors

TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor

Elevate your disco events to legendary status with the TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor. Ideal for event planner seeking to capture the timeless energy of a disco dance floor, this product offers an unparalleled interactive experience. The floor doesn’t just illuminate; it reacts, engages, and transforms with every step, thrusting your disco events into a new dimension of entertainment.

876 interactive dance floor
Interactive Effects
With its cutting-edge interactive effects, your clients’ events become living, breathing entities where every step can change the visual landscape. This isn’t just a dance floor; it’s the future of event engagement.
TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Solid Colors 2
Solid Color
With TP-876’s Solid Color Effects, elegance comes built-in. Seamlessly switch between a palette of refined colors that align effortlessly with your event’s theme. The feature offers an understated yet glamorous atmosphere.
TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor Mix RGB Effects
Mix RGB Effects
Through the smart blending of deeply saturated colors, the TP-876 creates a visually stunning atmosphere that captures and sustains attention, elevating both the aesthetic and experiential aspects of any event.

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

When it comes to recreating the high-energy atmosphere of a disco dance floor, the TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor is the go-to choice for event rental businesses. This isn’t just a bright surface; it’s a dynamic, electrifying field of lights that transform any event into a disco scene.
Solid Color
The solid color effect is timeless and adaptable to various disco event themes and styles. Colors like blue, pink, white, and purple are particularly popular, adding vibrancy and energy to your events. The dance floor’s outstanding brightness promises a fantastic atmosphere for your clients.
Pattern Effects
Pattern effects satisfy your clients’ creative needs. Design custom patterns like hearts, stars, rainbows, bows, suns, snowflakes, and more. With a wide range of colors to choose from and dynamic functions, your clients’ events will be absolutely stunning and memorable.
TP-878 Pixel Dance
Text Effect
Want to make your clients’ events truly special? With TP-878, you can display dynamic text like “WELCOME,” “CONGRATULATIONS,” or their company’s name on the dance floor with a few easy clicks on a tablet. Our event rental customers have shared their success stories of creating unforgettable experiences for their clients.

TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor

The TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor is a game-changer disco dance floor for event rental businesses looking to blend the allure of classic disco with contemporary sophistication. Its unique combination of frosted and mirror panels isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s a disco time machine. Every light reflection and color gradient becomes a tribute to the golden age of disco, yet remains perfectly suited for modern, upscale events.
16x16ft LED dance floor (4)
Mix RGB Effects
The smart blending of saturated colors instantly grabs attention, making every event visually stunning and unforgettable. The Mix RGB Effects feature elevates the aesthetic and functional elements of your occasion.
12'x12' dance floor scene (2)
Solid Color
TP-877 is known for its cool effects, especially when you combine frosted and mirror panels to display solid colors. It exudes elegance and glamour, making it a top choice for upscale gatherings.
interactive effects
3D Infinity Effect
The mesmerizing 3D infinity effect is incredibly eye-catching. Everyone will want to experience it on the dance floor. The incredible visual effects and vibrant atmosphere provided by the TP-877 LED dance floor will make your clients’ events truly unforgettable.

Setting Up Your Disco Dance Floor

Curious about how to install our dance floor? It’s easier than you think! All three of our products connect wirelessly, reducing installation time and ensuring you can set up for multiple events in a day. They are magnetically connected, allowing you to join two panels together in just a second. Watch our video guide for a demonstration!

Operating Your Disco Dance Floor

Operating our dance floor is simple and convenient. You can control it with a remote or wirelessly using devices like tablets. This makes managing the lighting effects easy and lets you have full control of the dance floor from anywhere in the venue, ensuring your clients’ events run smoothly.

Successful Disco Dance Floor Projects from Our Customers

Interactive Effects

Garnering Attention with TP-876 Stunning Interactive Dance Floor
Our TP-876 Interactive Dance Floor has made waves in the event rental industry, especially for events where a disco dance floor is not just a want but a necessity. Known for its high-impact brilliance and remarkable visual effects, David, another of our esteemed clients who specialize in event rental business, consistently chooses the TP-876 to add a wow factor to his disco events. Its mesmerizing interactive effects captivate attendees, making each disco event a memorable experience and driving repeat business for David.

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (6)
Elevating Disco Weddings with TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor
In California, where disco never died, our Pixel Dance Floor (TP-878) has redefined what it means to have a disco wedding. Selena, one of our regular clients, uses a 20×20 ft TP-878 dance floor to transform ordinary weddings into extraordinary disco celebrations. The interactive features of this dance floor make it an instant crowd-pleaser, leaving an indelible impression on guests and thereby solidifying Selena’s reputation as a go-to source for top-tier disco-themed events.
877a frosted and mirror dance floor
Creating Memorable Disco Nights with TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor
When it comes to producing unforgettable disco events in New York, one of our distinguished event rental clients has found immense success using our TP-877. The 16×16 dance floor has been a hit at a variety of disco-centric events, ranging from corporate disco parties to disco-themed fundraisers. Its vibrant colors and intricate 3D patterns create an eye-catching centerpiece that not only enhances the disco experience but also significantly boosts our client’s event rental business.

FAQs about Disco Dance Floors

What makes TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor, TP-876Interactive LED Dance Floor, and TP-878 Pixel dance floor ideal choices for disco-themed events?

These specific dance floors have been engineered to capture the essence of the classic disco era while integrating modern LED technology. The TP-877 offers vibrant 3D visual effects; the TP-876 features interactive capabilities that respond to dance movements, and the TP-878 is renowned for its stunning brightness and dynamic visual patterns. All three options provide a range of features that can elevate any disco event, from retro-themed parties to modern discotheques.

Are your LED disco dance floors compatible with different types of music and event setups?

Absolutely. The versatility of these dance floors, especially when it comes to customizable lighting effects and patterns, makes them suitable for a variety of musical genres and event types. Whether it’s a corporate event with a disco segment or a disco-themed wedding, TP-877, TP-876, and TP-878 can adapt to meet the specific atmosphere and preferences.

How do your LED disco dance floors contribute to the success of event rental businesses?

Our LED disco dance floors, namely TP-877, TP-876, and TP-878, not only deliver top-notch visual effects but also come with ease-of-installation features and robust construction. This makes them highly rentable and easy to manage for event rental businesses. Additionally, the unique visual effects of these floors can become a selling point for your clients, ultimately contributing to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

What measures have been taken to ensure the safety and quality of the LED dance floors?

Quality and safety are paramount in our manufacturing process. All of our LED dance floors, including TP-877, TP-876, and TP-878, undergo rigorous quality inspections and are certified to meet industry standards. The floors are constructed with durable, non-slip materials to ensure the safety of your guests. We also provide comprehensive guides on proper installation and operation to mitigate any safety concerns.

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