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DJ Dance Floor

DJ events are carnivals, a collision of music, dance, energy and excitement. The DJ dance floor provides an area for people to enjoy the music and dance and relax to the rhythm and beat. Join the crowd, enjoy the dancing and feel the energy on the dance floor.

Merits of DJ Dance Floor

Strict Quality Control

TOP DANCE always pays high attention to the details of all aspects of dance floor quality control. We use extremely good materials to make DJ dance floor. The dance floor is continuously monitored and evaluated during the manufacturing process to ensure the longevity of the product.

Easy Wireless Control

The wireless control system allows the DJ to control various effects, speeds, and brightness levels wirelessly. This can be a very convenient and efficient way to control the dance floor, as it allows the DJ to make quick adjustments on the fly without having to physically interact with the equipment.

Patents for the Products

TOP DANCE holds the patent for each magnetic dance floor. The appearance and the advanced magnetic system are developed by TOP DANCE R&D team. We enjoy a high reputation for the quality and design of our products.

Built to Withstand Pressure

Dance floors for DJ events must be able to withstand not only heavy use, but also crowds dancing and jumping on them. Thanks to the strong load-bearing capacity, the dance floor can withstand 600 kg, which means that this DJ dance floor can withstand whether or not there are a large number of guests at the event.

Top Selling Birthday Party Dance Floors

Battery 3D LED Dance Floor
With an excellent reputation for DJ dance floor events, our TP-877 3D LED dance floor is now a popular product at DJ events. The cool 3D mirrors are eye-catching and create a unique and energetic atmosphere for people to dance on the lighted floor.
DJ Dance Floor

Mix RGB Effects

With the color changing LED dance floor, accompanied by cool music and rhythm, people can become more immersed in DJ events and dance freely on the dance floor. Mix RGB provides a wide range of colors, combined with exciting music, and the color of the LED dance floor changes accordingly. The colors convey the energy to people.

3D LED dance floor in the nightclub

Solid Colors

When the LED dance floor displays a solid color effect, the bright brightness of the floor can illuminate the entire venue, combined with other stage atmosphere tools such as beam light and CO2 gun, which can ignite the atmosphere of the entire venue to its peak, making it easier for DJ to drive the atmosphere to another level.
TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor
The shinning and twinkling starlit effcts on the light up dance floor panels and vivid and saturated hues are key factors contributing to the popularity of this particular DJ dance floor tile. Its bright colors can enhance the cozy ambiance of dimly lit DJ event spaces.
3D Star Dance Floor (1)

Starlit Effects

The panel design of the TP-877B is very unique. When the panel is lit, it can present a sparkling star light. When it is playing a starlit effect, the entire dance floor is shining like a star light, combined with bright colors and brightness, injecting vitality into the entire venue and better conveying the energy of DJ and music to guests, making the entire dance floor full of excitement.
3D Star Dance Floor (2)

Mix RGB Effects

The mix rgb effect looks even more unique on the TP-877B dance floor due to the unique panel design, mixed colors combined with the sparkling effect of stars, constantly attracting people to flock to the dance floor, swaying their bodies to DJ’s music, and enjoying the current ardour atmosphere on the dance floor to the fullest.

Does It Need a Professional to Install the DJ Dance Floor?

All the dance floors mentioned above are magnetic dance floor, which is easy to install. The users can simply install the dance floor by just following the guidance.

How to Operate the DJ Dance Floor?

Check the control method from the neared video click, to experience the easy control procedure. You can choose the most convenient control method that suitable for your occasions.

Projects of DJ Dance Floors

3D LED dance floor in a wedding

Pump Up the Event with Our DJ Dance Floor That Rocks

A client from Chile rented out the TP-877B dance floor he purchased from us to his DJ customer. The dance floor was used at a lively DJ event, and the flashing star effect surprised the audience with this unique product, and the customer also reported that this product has been rented to various party events many times!
starlit dance floor for wedding

Our DJ Dance Floor Will Make the Crowd Go Wild

A customer from California purchased a set of our 3D LED dance floor for their DJ event. According to his feedback, the event was a great success with super cool 3D effects that kept everyone on the dance floor energized, immersed in the rhythm and beat of the music, and constantly dancing and moving.

Why Our DJ Dance Floor Is Popular in the Market?

Our products are designed after conducting thorough market research and are aligned with the latest fashion trends. They can cater to a variety of party activities, including DJ events, and meet the demands of different scenes. And many customers are attracted by the charming and striking effects and share positive feedback to our LED dance floor.

FAQs of DJ Dance Floor

What Are Some Popular Materials Used for DJ Dance Floors?

The latest popular materials used for DJ dance floors is ABS plastic. To use this material to make the dance floor case can make it better to stand for heavy use. And it is light to handle and move, easy to install.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up a DJ Dance Floor?

The time required to install a DJ dance floor will vary from size of the floor and the type of flooring being utilized. It will take only 15 minutes to finish the installation of the 12×12 dance floor.

What Are Some Unique Features That DJ Dance Floors Can Offer?

DJ dance floors can offer a variety of functions, such as the multiple stunning effects, easy operation way and effortless set-up method.

How Can I Choose the Right Dj Dance Floor for My Event?

It depends of the size and style of the event. You can choose the dj dance floor that well-suited the layout of venue and complement the aesthetics of your event to enhance the ambiance. And you should think about the opera and installation method. Choose a magnetic dance floor can better save your time.

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