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🌟 Prolight+Sound Show: Explore Our Latest LED Displays & Dance Floors! 🌟
📌 Booth: 11.2A22            📅 May 23-26, 2023
📍 Area B, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Custom Every Event Decor Set For Your Event

LED Starlit Dance Floor at wedding

Wedding Decor Set

Transform your wedding with our elegant wedding decor set for sale. From dance floor to other lighting and effect equipment like sparkle machine, confetti machine dry ice machine etc. Our collection ensures a stunning, memorable day, perfectly tailored to any theme.
3D dance floor for DJ event

DJ Decor Set

Elevate your DJ event with our dynamic DJ decor set for sale. Including an LED dance floor, dazzling lighting, DJ booth and special effects equipment like RGB light tube, CO2 Gun and dry ice machines, our set promises an unforgettable atmosphere, flawlessly adapted to any theme.
Birthday Party Dance Floor

Party Decor Set

Enhance your party with vibrant Party Decor Set for sale. Featuring an LED dance floor, brilliant lighting, and special effects equipment like RGB light tubes, CO2 guns, sparkle machine, light up letter etc. Our collection guarantees an electrifying ambiance, seamlessly tailored to any theme.
pixel dance floor displaying with pattern effect on the night club floor

Nightclub Decor Set

Boost your nightclub’s allure with our premium Decor Set, including an LED dance floor, captivating lighting, and special effects like RGB tubes and CO2 guns etc, designed to create a memorable, theme-aligned experience so that to increase foot traffic and revenue.
Banquet Dance Floor

Banquet Decor Set

Beautify your banquet hall with our elegant Banquet Decofect equipment settings, warm ambient lighting, and stylish centerpieces, perfect for enhancing gala dinners, ceremonies, and receptions.
3D LED dance floor with a Ferrari on it

Stage Decor Set

Elevate your stage experience with our compact Stage Decor Set, featuring essential lighting, engaging backdrops, and special effects like fog and LED spotlights, designed to captivate your audience and enhance any live performance.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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