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Exhibition Decor Set for Sale

Budget-Friendly Options for Exhibition Decor

Enhance your exhibit space with our affordable, vibrant décor kits. Create a captivating environment within a reasonable budget with modern LED flooring, wireless uplights, LED tubes, LED displays, beam lights, LED furniture and more. Stand out in an exhibit of sorts, keep the eye on your booth, and leave attendees with unforgettable moments while remaining cost-effective.

Affordable Selections

Choosing our all-in-one decor packages offers substantial financial benefits, reducing the expenses linked to buying individual pieces and eliminating additional shipping and customs charges.

Tailored Decor Solutions

We provide versatile decor packages, enabling you to customize your choices to align seamlessly with your exhibition’s specific requirements and financial plan.

Continuous Assistance

Benefit from our 24/7 support, offering comprehensive technical and post-purchase assistance for every part of your selected package, guaranteeing assistance whenever needed.

Unforgettable Party Decor Set Projects

Offers an extensive selection of party decoration sets for purchase, providing complete, cost-effective solutions alongside outstanding after-sales service.
LED dance floor Exhibition Sets (2)

Exhibition Decor Sets 1

Customer Identity: Exhibit Organizer
Country: UK
Product List:

  • TP-B877 3D Infinity Dance Floor (20x20ft)
  • LED Furniture x3sets
  • Wireless Uplight x16pcs
Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877

TP-B877 3D Infinity Dance Floor

  • Magnetic Assembly: Panels snap together in seconds.
  • Easily controlled by remote
  • Removable parts for maintenance.
  • Custom Sizes: Adjust to fit your space.
  • Wide RGB colors and more than 29 effects.
Sparkle Machine (4)

LED Furniture

  • Diverse Range of Styles and Shapes Available
  • Extensive RGB Color Range and Brightness Levels
  • Portable and Lightweight Design
  • Easy Transportation and Setup
  • Waterproof Construction Designed
wireless uplights 1 (3)

Wireless Uplight

  • Functions for 5-16 hours on a single charge.
  • Control via remote or smartphone app.
  • Access to 16.7 million vibrant RGB hues.
  • Delivers exceptionally bright lighting.
  • Designed for a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.
led dance floor for exhibition

Exhibition Decor Sets 2

Customer Identity: Event Architect
Country: Canada
Product List:

  • TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor (14x14ft)
  • 230w Beam Light x 6 pcs
  • LED Light Up Letter x2pcs
  • Uplight x 10pcs
3D-LED-Dance-Floor-TP-877 (2)

TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor

  • Instant, secure panel connection with magnets
  • Simplified control at a distance.
  • Detachable components for hassle-free service.
  • Size customization to suit any area.
  • Wide RGB colors and 29+ effects.
Sparkle Machine (4)

230w Beam Light

  • High Brightness: Intense light output.
  • 360°Rotation: Full horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Rich Visuals: 14 colors, fog, patterns, prisms.
  • Easy DMX Control: Straightforward operation.
LED Light Up Letters (4)

LED Light Up Letter

  • Flexible Sizes: 3FT to 5FT options.
  • Remote Operation: Simple remote control.
  • Variety of Styles: Numbers and letters available.
  • Multiple Colors/Effects: Wide selection.
  • Long-Lasting: 5000-hour lifespan.
wireless uplights 1 (3)

Wireless Uplight

  • Long Battery Life: 5-16 hours per charge.
  • Easy Controls: Remote or smartphone.
  • Wide Color Range: 16.7 million colors.
  • Longevity: Up to 100,000 hours.
  • High Brightness: Intense light output.
LED dance floor Exhibition Sets (1)

Exhibition Decor Sets 3

Customer Identity: Exhibit Planner
Country: France
Product List:

  • TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor (14x14ft)
  • 280w Beam Light x 6 pcs
  • 360 Photo Booth x 2pcs
  • P2.5 LED Screen (4X3m)
Battery Digital Dance Floor TP-B878

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

  • Each panel connects in just one second.
  • Personalize with text, graphics, and a range of RGB and starlit effects.
  • Control via tablet.
  • Tailor the size to fit your needs
  • Holds between 500-600 kg
Sparkle Machine (4)

360 Photo Booth

  • 360° Photo Capture
  • Simple Setup & Protable
  • Can Hold 4-6 Guests
  • Remote-Controlled
  • Stunning 3D Plate Design
LED screen

P2.5 LED Screen

  • 3840 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth images.
  • 160º horizontal and 140º vertical views.
  • Mount on walls, hanging, or use brackets.
  • Exceptionally clear and bright visuals.
  • Vivid Quality: Exceptionally clear and bright visuals.
wireless uplights 1 (3)

280w Beam Light

  • Peak Illumination
  • 360° Flexible Rotation
  • Rich Visuals: 14 colors, fog, patterns, prisms
  • Easy DMX Control
  • Boosting the energy of setting

Design Your Custom Decor Packages

Create a decor package that perfectly matches your exhibition setting specific needs and budget, featuring a handpicked selection of essential items to enhance the atmosphere of your DJ events. Opt for the bundle that best suits your vision and requirements.

Customer Testimonial

LED dance floor Exhibition Sets (2)

Corporate Event Planner

“TOP DANCE’s LED solutions completely revolutionized our corporate exhibition space, making it the event’s highlight. The LED dance floor and ambient lighting created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that was both professional and invigorating. “
led dance floor for exhibition

Exhibition & Event Organizer

“Thanks to TOP DANCE, we transformed our exhibition venue into a magical realm. The blend of their sophisticated LED dance floor, LED screens and tailored lighting design added a layer of enchantment. Outstanding product quality combined with their proactive support made our dream wedding a reality.”
LED dance floor Exhibition Sets (1)

Trade Show Coordinator

“TOP DANCE LED dance floors and screens, along with custom lighting solutions, brought a vibrant energy to our space. The quality of the products and the dedication of their support team exceeded our expectations, ensuring our event was not just successful, but memorable.”

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