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How Was the World’s First Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Created?

Jan 28, 2023 | Company News

Many people who plan parties or events may have faced a common issue – they are drawn to the idea of having a dance floor at their venue, so they buy the dance floor equipment. However, they soon realize that it is a challenging task to install the dance flooor, and it often takes a significant amount of time and effort to set it up properly. Unfortunately, even after all the hard work, the installation may still be subpar, causing the event to be less enjoyable for guests.

This problem is particularly troublesome for those in the event rental industry, as it takes up a lot of their time and resources to install and dismantle the equipment, ultimately leading to higher costs.

To address this issue for customers, TOP DANCE has developed LED dance floors that not only offer an eye-catching effect but also have a simple installation method, allowing users to save time and effort during installation.

With their step-by-step LED dance floor technology innovation, TOP DANCE has created the world’s first completely wireless LED dance floor, which boasts an incredibly simple installation process and an impressively long battery life. This innovation enables users to enjoy the benefits of an LED dance floor without any hassle or inconvenience. TOP DANCE is committed to continually updating and improving their product technology to provide customers with an optimal user experience that meets their needs.

The Advantages and Problems of Wired Dance Floors

In the beginning, wired dance floors were more popular in the LED dance floor tile market. This type of dance floor was designed to cater to the needs of specific places such as bars, nightclubs, and banquet halls. Wired dance floors were preferred because their cable connections allowed for a more stable connection between the panels. This meant that dance floors could be installed without the need for frequent disassembly, making them a better choice for venues where dance floors were used regularly.

Despite the advantages of wired dance floors, their installation process is quite complex, which has proven to be a significant drawback for many customers. The complexity of the wired dance floor installation makes it difficult for customers to complete the installation in a short period of time.

Moreover, the installation process requires multiple cables and connections, which are time-consuming and can lead to complications such as disconnected panels. This often results in rework and further time being spent on installation. For some companies engaged in event rental businesses or activity planners, this complexity can be quite inconvenient. In situations where a lot of activities or parties are being set up, there may be a need to visit the venue more times in advance to set up the dance floor. This adds to the overall cost of the event.

Why TOP DANCE Decided to Make LED Dance Floor Reform?

TOP DANCE is a company that has made a name for itself by creating innovative solutions for dance floors. The founder of TOP DANCE was well aware of the difficulties that customers faced when installing and disassembling dance floors, and was determined to solve this problem by developing a wireless dance floor that would simplify the process and save time.

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it was clear that the market demand was high for a solution that would allow customers to get rid of the time-consuming and complex task of installing LED dance floor with wires. In 2013, TOP DANCE introduced the TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor, which quickly became a popular choice among customers.

This dance floor is known for its classic and elegant appearance and its romantic, eye-catching starlit effect, which is perfect for weddings and banquet events. The wireless design of the dance floor panel is what sets it apart from traditional wired dance floors, as it allows for easy installation without the need for complex wiring. Instead of wires, the LED dance floor panel is connected by a metal corner, and power and signal are transmitted through the metal corner. This easy installation method has been widely praised by event rental companies and customers alike, as it saves time and effort, and allows customers to complete the installation process on their own, without the need for additional assistance.

Although the TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor was successful in the market, TOP DANCE continued to innovate by designing and producing other popular LED dance floors such as the original pixel dance floor and 3D LED dance floor. The company is committed to regularly updating and improving its LED dance floor technology and products. To achieve this, TOP DANCE participates in various domestic and international stage lighting industry exhibitions every year. During these exhibitions, the company takes note of customer feedback and identifies any new needs that arise during the usage of their products.

How TOP DANCE Designed the First Magnetic Dance Floor?

To meet the demands of customers and develop an LED dance floor that met their requirements, the founder of TOP DANCE conducted technical research on dance floor products in Germany, the United States, and other countries. The process of transitioning from the basic wireless dance floor to the magnetic LED dance floor model required significant effort. The company’s R&D team spent nearly a year developing and designing the product, including the selection of product materials, structural design, and all the accessories used such as power supplies, LED sources, and controllers. The team optimized and screened each component of the product to ensure the best possible performance.

After months of hard work, the company successfully produced the magnetic dance floor in late 2016. However, before launching the product, TOP DANCE ensured that it underwent a comprehensive testing and debugging process to guarantee product quality and stability. When the test results met the requirements, the company officially launched the TP-877 3D LED dance floor and TP-878 Pixel dance floor in 2017. The company is committed to delivering high-quality LED dance floors that meet the evolving needs of customers.


Advantages of Magnetic Dance Floors

The TP-877 and TP-878 dance floors are magnetic dance floor can be installed easily without the need for specialized technicians or tools. Following our installation guidelines, even one person can complete the installation of the entire LED dance floor. It only takes 15 minutes to install a 16x16ft magnet dance floor, which is much faster than the wired dance floor that takes an hour to install the same size.

These two dance floors have different panel styles. TP-877 features a cooler 3D infinity effect, while TP-878 is a pixel panel that can present patterns, text, and star effects. They are both popular among customers and widely used in various events such as parties, weddings, car shows, and runway shows. DMX, computer, and remote control can be used to control these two dance floors. We later upgraded the remote control method for TP-878, allowing it to be controlled using a tablet. It is even possible to use tablet programming for designing and displaying some effects.

Why TOP DANCE Continues to Update the Magnetic Dance Floor?

After the successful launch of the TP-877 and TP-878 Magnetic dance floors, we continued to conduct market research to better understand the needs of our customers. Our R&D team took the feedback from our customers seriously and worked to design a new panel style for our LED dance floors.

As a result of our efforts, we developed several new products such as TP-876 interactive dance floor, TP-871 Magic star dance floor, TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor, and TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor. As a result, TOP DANCE has the most comprehensive and unique design in the LED dance floor industry, and every magnetic dance floor we produce has its own patent.

Our magnetic LED dance floors have been successful in eliminating the need for wiring between the panels. However, there still remains the requirement to connect the wired edge of the dance floor to the controller and power supply for transmitting signals and power.

The Birth of the First Battery Magnetic Dance Floor of the LED Dance Floor Industry

In order to further simplify the installation process for our customers, we have developed the battery magnetic floor TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor and TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor, which were launched in 2021. This groundbreaking development makes TOP DANCE the first LED dance floor manufacturer in the world to produce an LED dance floor that requires no wire connections at all.

Advantages of Battery Magnetic Dance Floors

Our battery magnetic dance floors are designed with a built-in battery that can be charged for 4 hours and used for up to 12 hours, making them ideal for all kinds of long-lasting events and parties. Additionally, they boast an ultra-long life span, ensuring that they will continue to serve their purpose for a long time to come.

Recharging Flight Case of Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

The installation process for our battery magnetic dance floors is even simpler and faster, with no need to connect any cables throughout the entire process. This product innovation is a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and pushing the boundaries of LED dance floor technology.

Customers worldwide have shown great appreciation for our LED dance floor products, which have achieved widespread popularity in the international market. In particular, our success in the United States has been remarkable, where we have captured more than 50% of the LED dance floor market and have partnered with renowned companies such as Twitter and Google.

TOP DANCE remains committed to innovation and improvement, constantly striving to develop products that are easier to use and more diverse, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


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