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TOP DANCE: The world’s NO.1 Selling LED Dance Floor Manufacturer

Mar 20, 2024 | Company News

1. No.1 LED Dance Floor Manufacturer in the Global Market

TOP DANCE, with 50,000 LED Dance Floors Sold Monthly, Sets Industry Standards Through Exceptional Quality and Innovation. Our floors lead in visual effects and durability, earning unanimous customer praise.



2.8 Years of Market Leadership and No.1 in Global Exports

2.1 Eight Years of Unbroken Sales Growth

Last year, in 2023, we witnessed a particularly notable sales performance with a substantial 10 percent increase compared to the previous year. This consistent uptrend in our annual sales underscores our growing dominance in the market and reflects the increasing trust and preference customers place in our brand.

TOPDANCE sales trend chart

2.2 Leading Exporter in the Global LED Dance Floor Industry

TOP DANCE, with its leading technology and unparalleled quality management, has set the highest export record in the LED dance floor industry. This record not only demonstrates the international competitiveness of our products but also reflects the high level of trust and recognition the TOP DANCE brand has garnered from customers worldwide. Our export achievements serve as the best affirmation of our spirit of innovation and commitment to quality.
TOP DANCE Exporting country (1)

3. Global Reach: Serving 50+ Countries

With a footprint in over 50 countries, TOP DANCE stands as a global leader in LED dance floors. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us the preferred choice worldwide, establishing strong relationships and a robust reputation.
TOP DANCE Exporting country (2)

4. Over 80% Market Share in the U.S. Market

The U.S. entertainment and event sector is experiencing significant growth, leading to an increased demand for event equipment, particularly in enhancing events with vibrant lighting and ambiance.

Among these, LED dance floors are gaining prominence due to their ability to add color and life to any event. TOP DANCE, recognized as the global leader in LED dance floor manufacturing, offers the most cutting-edge technology, the largest variety of LED dance floor options, and products known for their reliability and durability, making it the preferred choice for many.

Moreover, TOP DANCE’s presence on social media is noteworthy, with nearly 90,000 Instagram followers, 300,000 YouTube subscribers, videos amassing 180 million views, and a Facebook fan base of 50,000. This strong social media influence underlines the brand’s significant impact in the market, where its LED dance floor sales in the United States comprise over 80% of the country’s total LED dance floor market share.

TOP DANCE-U.s. market share

4.1 Why 80% of U.S. Customers Choose TOP DANCE?

Half of the U.S. customers select TOP DANCE as their go-to partner, drawn by its reliable quality, stunning effects, and cutting-edge technology. Discover their feedback on TOP DANCE floors.

Johnny, one of our loyal customers since 2015, consistently regards TOP DANCE as his most reliable partner. Here’s how he comment TOP DANCE products:





4.2 Monthly shipment of 10,000 units to our US warehouse for ready stock

To ensure swift and efficient fulfillment of orders, TOP DANCE commits to a steadfast monthly shipment of 10,000 units to our warehouse in the United States. This strategic stockpile serves not only to meet the immediate needs of our diverse clientele but also to uphold our promise of rapid delivery times across North America. By maintaining this robust inventory, we position ourselves to seamlessly cater to both large-scale events and last-minute requests, reinforcing our dedication to customer satisfaction and logistical excellence.

5. Wide Appeal and Extensive Customer Network

The superior sales performance of TOP DANCE stems from its exceptional ability to meet diverse requirements, making the TOP DANCE LED dance floor a popular choice across various entertainment settings, formal gatherings, entertainment venues, and private events.

Event Rental Company

Event rental companies can buy our dance floors to rent for use in weddings, parties, exhibitions, and DJ events, auto shows etc.

entertainment venues for led floor

Entertainment Venue

Owner Nightclub, ballroom and bar owners can purchase dance floors
to enhance the ambiance and decorate their venues.

exhibition for led floor

Private Events Organizer

Individuals that hosting private events can purchase dance floors for weddings, various,parties, celebrations ceremonies

private event for led floor


Provide the most popular and advanced dance floor for distributors to purchase and
expand business.


Other Uses

TOP DANCE’s LED dance floors excel in various settings beyond traditional events. Ideal for brightening music videos with dynamic visuals or captivating audiences at exhibitions, they bring a unique flair wherever they’re featured.

6.Top-Rated in the Industry: Abundant Positive Customer Feedback

In a competitive LED dance floor market, TOP DANCE distinguishes itself through innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, earning the “Top Rated in the Industry” accolade.

TOP DANCE’s global customers laud our LED dance floors for their durability, easy installation, and impressive visuals. They also appreciate our responsive and professional after-sales service.
Driven by innovation, we’re committed to enhancing the customer journey, making every interaction with TOP DANCE exceptional.


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