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TOP DANCE Wireless Dance Floor – Experience Hassle-Free Dance Floor Installation

Jun 2, 2023 | Product Guides

Have you had any experience LED dance floor installation? Are you considering purchasing an LED dance floor but being discouraged by the complex installation process? If you are a company involved in dance floor rental or event rental, are you still troubled by the installation of LED dance floors? Are you still frustrated with the assembly of LED dance floors? Do you need to arrive at the venue well in advance to set up the space? Does the setup of LED dance floors consume a significant amount of your time?

Wireless dance floors can solve these problems and eliminate all the troubles associated with dance floor installation.

This article will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the current trends in dance floors, the convenience of installing wireless dance floors, a detailed explanation of the specific installation process of wireless dance floors, and a comparison of the differences between wireless dance floors and other types of dance floors. This will help you understand why wireless dance floors are becoming a popular trend in the dance floor industry.

The Importance of Simple Dance Floor Installation

Indeed, whether you are an individual or a dance floor rental or event rental company, if you have experience purchasing dance floors, you have likely been troubled to some extent by installation issues. The complex installation methods associated with traditional dance floors can add to your burden, consume a significant amount of installation time, and may even require additional manpower. Therefore, a simpler dance floor installation method is the pursuit of many people and is the prevailing trend in the market.

Firstly, simple dance floor installation can save installation time. Imagine you are providing LED dance floor rental services for a large-scale event, and your dance floor is a traditional wired LED dance floor. In this case, you will spend a significant amount of time on the installation process. The dance floor panels need to be connected with wires to light up the dance floor, and fixed angles need to be installed as well. Considering it is a large-scale event, you may need to involve multiple people in the installation task. Moreover, setting up an event involves more than just installing the dance floor; there are other installations to consider. As a result, it requires more time and an extensive lead time for venue preparation.

Secondly, simple dance floor installation reduces errors and malfunctions. If you spend a significant amount of time on dance floor installation and later discover a malfunction, it can be very frustrating. Complicated dance floor installations often lead to errors and malfunctions. On the other hand, simple dance floor installation helps to mitigate this issue. By simplifying the installation process, it significantly reduces the technical requirements, making it possible to install the dance floor without specialized knowledge or skills. This contributes to ensuring the smooth operation of the dance floor and helps prevent damage caused by incorrect installations.

Lastly, if the dance floor installation is simple, it also offers flexibility and convenience, as both disassembly and assembly are easy. Such a dance floor can better adapt to different occasions, providing more possibilities for events and venues.

The Differences Between Latest Dance Floor Installation and Traditional Dance Floor Installation

Traditional Dance Floor Installation

Traditional dance floor installations require extensive and tedious wiring work. The panels of the dance floor need to be connected with power and signal cables.

In addition to the panel connections, traditional wired dance floors often require the assembly and fixing of additional components to securely join the panels together. This process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The installation process for traditional wired dance floors is complex, often requiring detailed instructions or personnel guidance for successful installation and troubleshooting. For individuals or event planners, this can result in additional costs and complications.

Latest Dance Floor Installation

The latest dance floor installation methods have simplified the installation process of traditional dance floors mentioned above. For instance, they have reduced the cumbersome wiring steps, and the latest dance floor tiles can be directly interconnected. Moreover, the latest wireless dance floor tiles and battery-powered magnetic dance floors achieve a completely wire-free connection.

Furthermore, this simplified dance floor installation method can be easily completed by anyone without the need to hire additional professional personnel. Just by following the provided instructions or watching installation videos, individuals can effortlessly install the dance floor.

TOP DANCE Offers You a Brand New Experience in Dance Floor Installation – Effortless and Hassle-Free.
Let’s provide a detailed introduction to the super simple dance floor installation method from TOP DANCE. Since its establishment, TOP DANCE has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of wireless dance floors and continuously researched how to make dance floor installation even simpler, allowing customers to effortlessly install them.

Now, TOP DANCE has achieved an unprecedented milestone in the LED dance floor industry by offering a complete dance floor installation without the need for any wiring. Let’s take a closer look at the detailed installation steps for these three types of dance floors from TOP DANCE and experience a whole new way of installation.

Battery Magnetic Dance Floor Installation

This is the simplest dance floor installation in the entire dance floor industry worldwide, with no wires at all between the dance floor tiles, and no wires around to connect power and controllers, very easy.

Specific Installation Process
Prepare the necessary installation accessories and tools
(According to the provided drawings, and ensure the quantities are correct.)
What you need for battery magnetic dance floor installation
Turn on the switch of the dance floor to provide power.
Note that the direction of the arrows on the tiles should be opposite to the position of the edges. (The side of the tile labeled “IN” should face upward, while the side labeled “OUT” should face downward.)

Connect the dance floor tiles together by aligning and joining them.

Press the “7” button on the remote control to illuminate all the indicator lights.

(This is done to test the correctness of the previous installation and ensure that the power and signals are working properly. Carefully check if each tile’s indicator light is lit and ensure that their colors and brightness are consistent.)

Install the Edges
After completing the installation of all the tiles, you can install the edges around the perimeter.

Install the corners
Secure the edge corners to the corners of the dance floor’s four edges and ensure that they are firmly stable.

Magnetic Dance Floor Installation

The installation of this product is also very simple. The dance floor panels are connected using magnets, and power and communication signals are transmitted through the wiring edge on one side of the perimeter.
Specific Installation Process
1. According to the drawing, take out the dance floor and accessories that needed.
What you need for magnetic dance floor installation
2. Place the wiring edge

3. To connect the cables of the controllers and turn them on.

To connect to power of each controller

Connect the wiring edge and the controller (the controller ports should be connected from port 1 to port 4 installed from left to right).

4. Connect the power cable and turn it on

5. Connect the wiring frame and power supply

6. Install the first row of floor tiles

The direction of the arrow is opposite to the position of the wiring edge.” IN” at the top and “OUT” at the bottom.

7.Press button 7 on the remote control
Lighting up the floor and check that the previous installation is working. Then continue the installation.

8. After all floor tiles are installed, install the other three sides of the edges.

9.Press button 7 on the remote control
Light up all the indicator lights, and check if the previous installation was successful. Then continue the installation.


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