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How Does TOP DANCE Test the LED Floor Panel Before Shipping?

Jun 30, 2023 | Company News

The quality of LED floor panel greatly influences its overall quality and durability, making it one of the most crucial factors for most buyers. If the quality of the LED dance floor is poor, it won’t be long-lasting even if purchased in a low price. This is especially critical for the core customer base of this product, which includes event rental companies and event planners. They prioritize the quality of each LED floor panel since they intend to rent them out for events. If the quality is subpar, the panels will become useless after just a few uses.

Why is TOP DANCE’s LED dance floor consistently popular among new and existing customers? Why do customers who purchased dance floors from us many years ago continue to use them? It all comes down to TOP DANCE’s rigorous quality testing and monitoring of each led floor panel, ensuring that every sold LED floor panel meets high-quality standards and is durable. This is why TOP DANCE’s LED dance floors have earned a strong reputation, continuously expanding sales and enjoying long-term popularity among both new and existing customers.

Why Is It Necessary to Test LED Floor Panels?

Quality Assurance

Firstly, a comprehensive quality testing process for LED dance floor panels is essential to ensure the quality of the dance floor.

On one hand, LED dance floors are products that undergo various tests and challenges. They require electrical connections and circuit systems, which directly impact the proper functioning and safety of the dance floor when illuminated. Additionally, a dedicated protection system is necessary to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the dance floor during installation and connection.

On the other hand, unlike other event lighting equipment such as moving head lights or spotlights that only require proper electrical power, dance floors need to withstand the weight and movements of guests jumping, dancing, or heavy equipment placed on them. If defects or poor quality issues are not detected during testing, it can pose significant risks when deployed at an event, compromising both safety and the dance floor’s lifespan.

Ensure Longevity

LED dance floor is composed of multiple LED floor panels that are interconnected, making each tile crucial to the overall quality. If a single floor tile is of poor quality and manages to pass through the production process without being detected during quality testing, it can negatively impact both its own durability and the performance of the entire LED dance floor when combined with high-quality tiles.

To prevent inferior floor tiles from being included in a set of LED floor tiles, timely and thorough quality testing is necessary. This ensures that only tiles meeting the required standards are used, guaranteeing the overall durability and functionality of the LED dance floor. By conducting quality checks on each tile, manufacturers can identify and remove any subpar tiles from the production line, maintaining the integrity of the dance floor system and providing customers with a reliable and long-lasting product.

The Standards for Measuring the Professionalism of LED Dance Floor Manufacturers

Testing the quality of each LED floor panel is a standard to measure the professionalism of an LED dance floor manufacturer. If a dance floor manufacturer is reliable and trustworthy, they will undoubtedly have a well-established and meticulous quality testing system. A trustworthy dance floor manufacturer values the quality of their products and emphasizes the durability of the entire dance floor.

How Does TOP DANCE Test the LED Floor Panel Before Shipping?

1.Inspection of Raw Materials

Quality Inspection
When it comes to raw materials, it is worth mentioning that TOP DANCE has always chosen superior quality materials that are reliable. Before each batch of raw materials is stored, our quality control team conducts thorough inspections to ensure that only qualified materials are accepted into the warehouse.

2.Testing During the Production Process

Quality Test
In addition to conducting comprehensive inspections of the raw materials, we also perform regular testing during the production process. Our technical team and quality inspection team conduct tests on the LED strips, main boards, and magnets of each dance floor panel. Any products that do not pass the tests are intercepted to prevent them from flowing into the next production process.

3.Further Testing

Testing Area
After each production process, when the LED dance floor panels are ready to leave the production line, we conduct an additional round of testing. This further testing is performed to ensure that the panels function properly and meet the required specifications for actual use. By conducting these tests, we can verify the performance and functionality of each led floor panel, ensuring that they are in optimal working condition before they are packaged and shipped to our customers.

The Most Professional and Largest Testing Area of the Industry

TOP DANCE has established a dedicated testing area of 1000 square meters specifically for testing LED dance floor panels. This is currently the largest testing area in the industry, and you won’t find such a large testing space under other suppliers. Previously, we had a smaller testing area of a few hundred square meters to conduct product testing. However, some other suppliers who didn’t fully understand the reasons behind our testing practices started to imitate us. As our order volume increased and in line with our commitment to ensuring the quality of each LED dance floor panel, we decided to establish a 1000 square meter testing area. This larger space is sufficient to accommodate multiple dance floors being tested simultaneously.

Testing in the Testing Area

The products undergo 3 additional testing in a dedicated testing area, with each testing session lasting over 24 hours. This extensive testing period allows for a thorough evaluation of the product’s actual performance and quality standards. By subjecting the products to such rigorous testing, any potential issues or defects can be identified and addressed, ensuring that the products meet the desired standards of performance and quality.

The first 24 hours of testing focus on evaluating the magnetic connections, voltage, and current of the magnetic dance floor, which is an innovative technology pioneered by TOP DANCE. TOP DANCE is at the forefront of magnetic dance floor technology. However, we still conduct individual tests on each dance floor panel to ensure that the magnetic force is normal, enabling proper assembly and reliable power and signal transmission. We also check the voltage and current to ensure they are within normal parameters and prevent any abnormal levels that could potentially damage the dance floor panels.

The second 24-hour testing period focuses on evaluating the functionality of the LED floor panels, including the effects achieved through remote control and computer control. Since our dance floor panels support multiple control methods, such as wireless and wired control, we conduct tests for each control method. Our clients may have different preferences for the control method they use, so to ensure that the LED dance floor panels can accommodate every control method, we test each one to ensure they can effectively manipulate the display effects of the dance floor. We also pay attention to whether the set effects are accurately presented and whether the control methods can achieve the intended results.

During the third 24-hour testing period, we focus on evaluating the selected dance floor effects for our clients and ensuring their proper presentation. We record videos during the testing process to provide our clients with a visual demonstration of whether the desired effects have been achieved. This allows them to directly assess whether the results align with their expectations.

Choose TOP DANCE for superior dance floor quality and a trusted assurance of excellence. We offer a 3-year warranty, providing you with added peace of mind and reliability. All our products come with certification, ensuring a higher level of quality assurance.

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