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How to Buy a Dance Floor: A Step-by-Step Guide

May 23, 2023 | Product Guides

As a wireless dance floor manufacturer for eleven years, TOP DANCE understands what our customers might consider before placing an order. Therefore, we decided to provide the following comprehensive order guide, so that our customers can have a comprehensive understanding of the order process.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy a Dance Floor?

Define Your Requirements

Before buying a dance floor, be clear about your purchase requirement, you can make a list of all the needs, including the purpose of the purchase of dance floor and the use of occasions, events, etc. in your requirements.

Research on Dance Floors

Before buying a dance floor you need to do a comprehensive research on the dance floor, to understand the type of dance floor today, including the type of dance flooring, material, functions, technologies etc., so as to decide the most suitable one for you.

1.Dance Floor Material

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the materials available for dance floors. Dance floors can be categorized based on their materials, such as vinyl dance floor surfaces, wooden dance floor surfaces, and glass dance floor surfaces. It’s essential to determine the specific material that suits your needs.

Conducting thorough research will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these different materials. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into future trends and how they may impact your purchase decision.

2.Dance Floor Installation Method

Next, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the installation methods available. Whether you’re an individual customer, an event rental company, or an event planner, the installation process of the dance floor plays a crucial role in determining your purchase. There are two main installation methods: wired installation and wireless installation. Currently, wireless dance floor tiles are the popular choice due to their convenience and the absence of time-consuming connections between tiles.

The most advanced product is the battery magnetic dance floor offered by TOP DANCE. It features a built-in battery, allowing you to light up the dance floor simply by flipping the switch on the panel, without the need for additional power sources. The installation is completely wireless and can be completed in just ten minutes per set, making it suitable for both experienced dance floor installers and beginners alike.

3.Dance Floor Effects

Before purchasing a dance floor, it is crucial to create a detailed list of your objectives for the dance floor and how it will seamlessly integrate with your venue design and event theme. Many consider the impact of the dance floor to be of utmost importance.

Traditional dance floors, such as vinyl and wooden options, typically offer a relatively limited range of styles, restricting their use to specific locations or event themes. What’s more, LED dance floors have gained popularity as they can achieve a variety of effects and allowed for vibrant and dynamic visual. For instance, a 3D dance floor can create a captivating illusionary effect, while a pixel dance floor enables pattern effect.

4.Dance Floor Sizes

The size of dance floor units may vary depending on the material used. Different dance floor manufacturers have different panel sizes for their dance floors. It’s important to note that the size of the dance floor will also impact the cost budget, so careful consideration should be given to this aspect. Therefore, it is essential to take the dance floor size selection into consideration during the decision-making process.

To learn more about the requirements for choosing a dance floor size, check out 3 Tips to Choose the Right Dance Floor Size.

5.Custom Dance Floor

The customization of dance floor effects and sizes goes beyond standard options. Some dance floor manufacturers offer customization options where customers can specify their desired dance floor size and effects. This allows customers to customize the size and effect to meet the needs of the occasion or event.

6.Dance Floor Quality

To ensure the durability and longevity of a dance floor, it is crucial to give special attention to its quality during the purchasing process. The quality of the dance floor directly influences its lifespan. If a dance floor is constructed using poor-quality materials, it not only results in significant wastage for the buyer but, more importantly, poses safety risks for the users.

7.Dance Floor Maintenance

When purchasing a dance floor, it is important to research the maintenance requirements for the dance floor tiles since they are consumable and will experience wear and tear during use. Therefore, dance floor maintenance should be taken into consideration during the purchasing process.

Opting for a high-quality dance floor ensures not only its durability but also convenient and simple maintenance. A good-quality dance floor minimizes the need for technical personnel to perform maintenance, allowing users to easily handle maintenance tasks on their own. This not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance but also helps in lowering maintenance costs.

Research on Suppliers

After determining your needs and completing background research on dance floor products, the next step is to choose a dance floor manufacturer. It is important to choose a trustworthy and professional dance floor manufacturer, which determines the success of your dance floor purchase. So the next thing you need to consider is whether this dance floor manufacturer is professional or not. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider whether the chosen dance floor manufacturer possesses the necessary professionalism and expertise in the industry.

There are many points on how to determine if a dance floor producer is professional. You need to know whether they have their own factory, whether the online platform is professional, such as the content posted on social media accounts like Facebook instgram, the technology of the product, the type of product, the feedback from customers, etc. How to Choose a Professional LED Dance Floor Manufacturer? You can browse through this article as your guide to determine if the dance floor producer you choose is professional.

Browse and Select Product Options

Once you have completed these steps, you can thoroughly browse through the websites of these suppliers and select the dance floor products you wish to purchase. However, before placing an order, it is important to compare and carefully evaluate the products offered by these suppliers. This allows you to choose a high-quality dance floor at an affordable price, potentially saving you a significant amount of money.

How to Place an Order? (Take TOP DANCE as an example)

Once you have completed your comparison and analysis and selected the dance floor manufacturer you trust the most, you are ready to begin the order placement step.

1.Contact us

After browsing our website, you can send us an inquiry about the products you are interested in. If you will have an upcoming event and don’t have a good dance floor lighting solution yet, you can also contact us.


We will give you the best solution according to your claim as soon as possible, because we are the most professional LED dance floor manufacturer.

3.Confirm Your Order and Payment

When you accept the order, you can confirm the order and complete the payment.

4.Manufacturing and Order Tracking

Once your payment is successful, we start scheduling production and provide order tracking as we realize each step, and our sales will update you on the process of the order being carried out. From raw materials to manufacturing to packaging, each step will be recorded in detail and communicated to you in a timely manner to give you more peace of mind.


Once production is complete, we are ready to ship and we promise our customers that we will deliver the product on time.

We have two overseas warehouses, so you can pick up your goods directly from our overseas warehouses. This saves you a lot of time by not having to wait for a long shipping process and also saves you costs by not having to fill out complicated paperwork.

Of course, if you have a regular partner freight forwarder, we can also contact them to complete the delivery.

6.Receive and Enjoy the Light up the Dance Floor

The last is the receipt of goods, receive the LED dance floor from TOP DANCE. We will provide perfect packaging, including all products and accessories, as well as the associated manual, if the goods arrive, there are any problems can also contact our after-sales team, we will provide you with professional after-sales service. Enjoy the unforgettable memories brought by the lit dance floor to your event!


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