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How to Buy LED Dance Floor from TOP DACNE?

Feb 6, 2024 | Product Guides

The LED dance floor has revolutionized event experiences, bringing dynamic and customizable atmospheres to any setting. As a leader and the biggest LED dance floor manufacturer in this innovative field, TOP DANCE offers an array of top-quality, easy-to-install, and visually stunning LED dance floors, making every event memorable.

1.What You Should Consider Before You Buy LED Dance Floors?

Different purchasers have varying priorities when considering an LED dance floor. It’s crucial to first identify your specific requirements. If you’re an event renter or planner, your focus may be on the portability, ease of installation, and durability of the LED dance floor, as well as its suitability for a wide range of event settings.
877A Frosted and Morror Dance Floor
For DJs, the immediate control and responsiveness of the dance floor to create visual effects is paramount, with installation speed also being a significant factor. Dance floor distributors should prioritize the style and technological advancements of the dance floor, its market appeal, quality, and longevity.

Therefore, before purchasing an LED dance floor, it’s essential to clearly define your individual needs and priority.

Event Planner Dance Floor Distributor DJ
Occupation and Event Type Choose floors that align with the ambiance of the event, like elegant lighting for weddings or sophisticated visuals for corporate events. Select floors that cater to a diverse range of events and preferences in the market. Opt for floors that enhance the DJ’s performance and match the energy of the event.
Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Seek floors that are easy to install and maintain, ready for frequent use in various events. Ensure the floors offer ease of installation and low maintenance, appealing to a broad customer base. Prefer floors that are quick to set up and operate smoothly for uninterrupted performances.
Determining the Ideal Size Opt for versatile sizes like 16x16ft, 20x20ft, 24x24ft and even larger for medium to large events, or smaller sizes for intimate spaces. Offer a range of sizes to Various size, to meet different event space requirements and customer preferences. Choose sizes that are 16x16ft, 20x20ft, 24x24ft and even larger that suitable for the specific venues and events where they will perform.
Assessing Quality and Weight Capacity Ensure the floors can withstand substantial weight and frequent use at various events. Focus on durable materials and high weight capacity to assure customers of the product’s quality and durability. Select robust floors that can handle the dynamic environment of music events.
Variety of Dance Floor Effects Look for floors with a range of effects like pattern effects, text effects, RGB colors, starlit effects etc. to suit different event themes, from romantic, formal to energetic. Offer floors with diverse visual effects which is the trendy and main strain of the market to cater to different market demands and event themes. Choose floors with a wide array of effects like strobe effects or vibrant colors that can be controlled to complement the music and atmosphere.
Budget Allocate budget based on usage frequency and event scale. Investment vs. potential rental income or event impact. Investment in styles and technologies that have broad market appeal. Budgeting for high-performance floors with advanced control. Higher quality for longevity and safety, considering long-term cost.

Look for suppliers with a reputation for quality, dependability, and strong market presence, evidenced by quality certifications, efficient production processes, and favorable customer reviews.

TOP DANCE stands as the premier option for purchasing LED dance floors. We pride ourselves on offering the latest certified wireless and control systems, leading the industry in innovation. With over a decade of specialization in manufacturing wireless LED dance floors, we are the largest LED dance floor factory, boasting extensive warehouse space and a dedicated testing area to ensure the highest quality of our products.

2.How to Buy LED Dance Floor from TOP DANCE?

Below is a step-by-step guide to buying a set LED dance floor from TOP DANCE.

2.1 Choosing the Right LED Dance Floor

You can make your choice based on the venue and type of event you are using in terms of the technical requirements for the LED dance floor, the ease of installation, and the style of the LED dance floor. TOP DANCE offers a variety of LED floor types, each designed for specific event types.
dance floor types

2.2 Customizing Your Order

You can specify your requirements in terms of size, style, and budget. TOP DANCE offers a variety of LED dance floor sizes ranging from the hot sizes of 10x10ft, 14x14ft, 16x16f, 20x20ft, 24x24ft, etc. to the largest size of 40x40ft which we can provide according to your actual needs, venue size. Choose the size you want and the specific budget for consultation, we will offer you the most favorable and competitive solution.
customizable size

2.3 Receiving Tailored Solutions and Quotes

Our professional sales team will analyzes your requirements to provide a customized solution and a transparent, competitive quote. You will receive the quotation in 12 hours.

2.4 The Order and Payment Process

You’ll get the most attentive guide and service from our sales team. We guide clients through a straightforward order confirmation process, offering various secure payment options to suit different preferences.

2.5 Production and Quality Assurance Details

You will receive the LED dance floor products with high-quality raw material and mature craftsmanship. 20 production lines, working everyday to ensure the on time delivery.
production line

2.6 Order Tracking with Real-Time Updates

Clients receive regular updates on their order status through video clips, email message or phone call, ensuring they are informed at every stage of the process.

2.7 Dance Floors Testing

TOP DANCE production process adheres to the highest industry standards, with each floor undergoing rigorous quality checks from the 3000 SQM testing area and professional QC team before leaving the factory.
testing area

2.8 Packaging and Transport Procedures

Prior to shipping, each floor is securely packaged by flight cases, ready for safe transportation to its destination.
20ft container
20ft container
40ft container
40ft container
One flight case can accommodate 8 LED dance floor panels. In a 20ft container can fit 85 flight cases, amounting to 680 LED dance floor panels. Meanwhile, a 40ft container can contain 186 flight cases, which equals 1488 LED dance floor panels.

In addition, do not need to worry about the packaging of accessories, we will additionally with a accessories case, and this accessory case is as strong and durable, loaded with all the cables, edges, corners, remote control, controller, power supply and other accessories!

TOP DANCE Accessories Case

2.9 Shipment and Warehouse Pickup Options

TOP DANCE offers flexible shipping options, including direct delivery or warehouse pickup, tailored to international and local logistics needs.
accessories flight case
You can directly pick up from our LA warehouse, to save shipping costing, tariff fess and avoid waiting for the shipping time and the complicated paper work.

2.10 Installation and Usage Post-Receipt

Upon arrival, our floors are designed for quick setup, allowing for immediate use with minimal hassle. You will receive the products with our detailed installation manual and video. We also support video chat online to teach installation.

2.11 Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Our commitment extends beyond the sale, with robust 24/7 after-sales support including customer service, technical assistance, and 1 year warranty coverage.
sales team
Choosing TOP DANCE for your LED dance floor needs ensures not only a product of exceptional quality but also a seamless purchasing experience, dedicated customer service, and a partnership that extends beyond the point of sale. Our commitment to excellence in every aspect, from product innovation to client support, sets us apart in the LED dance floor industry.


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