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How to Make Profit with the LED Dance Floor?

Apr 15, 2023 | Customer Case

Here’s a case from one of our event rental customers in the US who purchased our LED dance floor for rental. He share us the whole process how he make

How to Buy the LED Dance Floor?

Do you want to have a set of brilliant LED dance floor? A customer in California, USA brought a set of 20x20ft TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor in stock at the TOP DANCE US warehouse. He didn’t need to pay shipping charges, port of destination charges, taxes, import from China, or do any paper work. After paying the full amount, the customer directly arranged for the freight company to pick up the goods at the door.

The TOP DANCE warehouse has a dance floor that measures 20X20 feet in size available for purchase, and the package comes with 18 flight cases and an additional flight case for accessories. The customer arranges a 10-12ft truck to pick up the goods. Our flight case is solid, anti-collision and moisture-proof, with its own rollers to facilitate carrying. The panel is well protected during transportation, and the customer receives 19 perfect flight case.

How to Make Profit with the LED Dance Floor Rental?

This customer makes profits from different events by the LED dance floor rental. According to the type of event, the scale of the event, and the size requirements of the LED dance floor, because the LED dance floor has a very wide range of applications, which can be used for stage performances, auto shows, trade shows and other exhibitions, shows, weddings, parties, banquets, and other kind of events, and appeals, this customer has rented.
TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor for Wedding (2)
In addition, when we paid a return visit to this customer, he also mentioned that LED dance floor for rent is becoming more and more popular. More and more events have generated demand for this type of product, and more and more users have begun to pay attention to LED dance floor rental near.

This is a job reported by the customer. It is a romantic wedding. 120 guests attended the wedding. This set of 20x20ft LED dance floor can easily accommodate the band performance and guests dancing.

Why LED Dance Floor is Suitable for Event Rental Business?

Simple Installation Method with Magnetic Connection

At the wedding site, the installation of the entire dance floor was completed by the customer in a remarkably short time of just 15 minutes. This achievement was possible due to the unique features of the LED dance floor panels that were used in the installation. The panels were designed to be connected by magnets, which eliminated the need for complicated wiring between the panels.

Each dance floor panel was equipped with 18 magnets that ensured a stable connection between the panels. The magnets were strategically placed so that each panel could be connected in just one second, thereby reducing the installation time considerably. The dance floor controller and power supply could be easily connected to power on and transmit signals, further simplifying the installation process.

Moreover, the panels were designed to be lightweight and thin, with a weight of only 8.5kg and a thickness of just 7cm. This made them convenient to carry during installation, which helped reduce the cost of additional labor. The customer was provided with detailed guidance on the installation process, which enabled them to quickly and efficiently install the entire dance floor.

With thedetailed guidance provide by the us, provide by the company enabled the customer to completethe installation process in a short amount of time. The guests ofr the wedding were able to enjoy a beautifully installed dance floor, perfect for their special occasion.

Wireless Control Method, Easier to Operate the LED Dance Floor

In the process of the wedding, customers choose to use remote to switch effects. The remote control can switch the display effect, adjust the brightness, speed up or down, and select the strobe mode at any time within the control range of 50 meters. In addition to remote control, DMX, computer and tablet control are available. The control mode is diversified and suitable for the needs of different venues. This is very beneficial for the LED dance floor rental business and can more flexibly adapt to the needs of the venue for the control mode.

This TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor has a variety of effect styles, including solid color effect, mixed color effect, starlit effect, pattern effect, and text effect. This is why TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor has become the most popular wedding lease.

The customer chose the elegant and simple starlit effect and solid color effect. The bride’s white wedding dress skirt fell on the light up floor mat, and the first dance was perfect. TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor can present 7 colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple and white.

The customer chose blue, pink and white which are more suitable for the wedding. In addition, it has more than 30 kinds of starlit effects. Elegant and sparkling starlit effects have always been the first choice for wedding , and 30 kinds of effects are optional for guests.

What’s more, the customer also chose the pattern effect and text effect. The customer chose the commonly used wedding patterns, such as the heart shape and other blue and pink patterns, which can perfectly match the style and venue layout of the wedding site. The playback of the patterns is dynamic and very attractive.

In addition, at the wedding, the customer also used the unique text effect of TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor, combined with the romantic confession of the groom to the bride, and presented the words of “I Love You ” on the LED dance floor tile, which surprised the bride. The whole wedding was perfect, and the guests were full of praise.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Customers who rent the LED dance floor for various events are concerned about the maintenance procedures needed to keep the dance floor in good condition. Over time, due to frequent use at different events, there may be some wear and tear, making maintenance a critical aspect of ensuring the longevity of the dance floor.

The TP-B878 Digital Dance Floor is designed to address these concerns, with the latest upgraded dance floor tile case that incorporates several features for easier maintenance. For instance, the number of built-in magnets has been increased to 18, resulting in more stable connections. Moreover, the replacement of magnets is also easier since it can be done at the side of the chassis without complex disassembly steps, using just a few simple screws.

Another improvement is the position of the motherboard, which is now directly installed at the bottom of the dance floor tile case. This change means that replacing or inspecting the motherboard no longer requires disassembling the entire dance floor. Only the parts that require regular maintenance, such as the tempered glass, magnets, and motherboard, need to be directly disassembled and replaced.

TOP DANCE: a Reliable LED Dance Floor Supplier

If you are looking for a professional dance floor supplier, then TOP DANCE is definitely your reliable partner. With more than 10 years of factory production experience, TOP DANCE has been only focusing on the R&D, production and sales of wireless LED dance floor, and is committed to bringing customers a better use experience.

TOP DANCE has continuously upgraded the LED dance floor panel, from the original acrylic panel to the tempered glass panel, and the bearing capacity has increased to 500-600kg; The advanced magnet system makes the connection more stable, and the wireless connection makes the installation more time-saving and labor-saving.

In addition, TOP DANCE is also the first manufacturer to develop battery magnet floor tiles, and has realized the wireless connection of a full set of floor tiles for the first time; In terms of LED dance floor effect, TOP DANCE uses high-quality LED source to ensure the brightness and color saturation of the panel. It can achieve multiple effects such as starlit, solid color, mixed RGB, 3D infinity, text, interaction effect etc., diversified effect selection, meet the needs of various occasions, provide effect customization services, and customize personalized effects exclusively for customers.

In terms of quality control, TOP DANCE has a 3200SQM production workshop, 20 production lines, and a 1500SQM professional testing area to strictly control the product quality. Each panel must undergo three strict tests before packaging; Provide considerate after-sales service. There will be a dedicated after-sales team to answer customers’ questions, and each product will be provided with a three-year warranty period.

TOP DANCE is ready to provide customers with the best service at any time, communicate online 24 hours a day, and provide customers with any related solutions of LED dance floor. If you have any questions about the LED dance floor or want to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us!

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