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How to Transport the Dance Floors for Different Events?

Jul 8, 2023 | Company News

As an LED dance floors manufacturer, our primary customers are involved in the event rental industry. They are specialize in renting dance floors for various events. For example, they are renting LED dance floor for party, weddings, studios, outdoor events etc. However, when a particular event requires a large number of these lighted floor mats, it can be time-consuming for them to pack and transport the dance floors to the venue. Improper packaging can also lead to damage to their dance floor tiles.

We have a customer from the United States who specialize in renting a dance floors for weddings. Sometimes, they also rent dance flooring to studios and dance floor for outside use. The rental venues frequently change. Before purchasing dance floors from TOP DANCE, the used to buy dance floors from other suppliers. When they had a 20×20 dance floor rental, it took a significant amount of time to pack and transport the dance floor. However, after collaborating with TOP DANCE and using their packaging method, they experienced a time-saving and effortless process for packing and transportation.

This article will provide a detailed explanation of TOP DANCE’s packaging method and why our packaging is particularly favored by both event rental clients and lighted dance floor rental clients. We aim to simplify the packaging process for your dance floors, make transportation more convenient, and ensure better protection for your dance floors.

Packing Options for LED Dance Floors

LED dance floors are typically packaged in two ways: carton packaging and flight case packaging. Depending on the specific requirements of our customers, we can provide different packaging options. Below, we will elaborate on the differences between the two packaging methods and their respective advantages.

Carton Packing

Carton packaging is one of the most traditional packaging methods, and its advantage lies in being cost-effective and low-cost. It allows for the efficient packing of numerous dance floor tiles.

Indeed, carton packaging is relatively lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. Additionally, the materials used in carton are more environmentally friendly compared to some other packaging options.

Carton packaging is indeed more suitable for permanent or one-time installations. Compared to other types of packaging, carton are relatively prone to damage because the material is fragile and susceptible to moisture or deformation from impacts. If your dance floor will be installed only once, choosing carton for packaging is undoubtedly a more cost-effective option. However, if you work in the event rental industry, carton packaging is not suitable due to its limitations.

carton packing for dance floor

Flight Case Packing

Compared to cartons, flight case packaging is more suitable for professionals in the event rental industry. In order to ensure that your lighted floor mats function properly and receive optimal storage and protection, using flight cases is undoubtedly a better choice.

Flight cases are indeed the primary choice for most professionals in the event rental industry and dance floor rental services.
Flight Case at Event Venue
Indeed, flight cases have a more compact structure, allowing them to accommodate a greater number of dance floor tiles. The interior of the flight case is designed with suitable spacing between the tiles, preventing any collision between them during transportation. Additionally, the outer shell of the flight case is made of sturdy materials, providing better protection for the dance floor tiles during transit.

Furthermore, flight cases have an aesthetic appeal, and their design with wheels makes the transportation process between events effortless and time-saving. Instead of constantly lifting and moving the cases, they can be easily pushed or pulled, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Flight Case Packing of TOP DANCE: A Better Packing Method for LED Dance Floors

Then, what are the advantages of TOP DANCE’s flight case packaging? TOP DANCE’s flight case packaging is highly regarded as excellent, and the majority of our customers choose this option. This preference extends to most clients, with the exception of those who specifically require one-time or permanent installations.

Better Protection Function

Firstly, the flight cases used by TOP DANCE for packaging LED dance floors provide excellent protection. We specifically choose high-quality and durable flight cases. The sturdy outer shell offers better moisture and dust resistance, as well as shock absorption during transportation, effectively preventing damage to the dance floor tiles caused by collisions. Moreover, when storing the dance floors, the flight cases provide superior moisture protection. Since LED dance floors contain circuit boards, it is important to prevent moisture exposure. Placing them in the flight cases ensures better protection for the light up tiles.

Convenient Transportation with Ingenious Design

The flight cases are ingeniously designed for easy transportation. They are equipped with four wheels at the bottom, allowing for effortless movement between event venues. The entire case can be easily maneuvered without the need for manual lifting, saving time and effort. Additionally, there are locking mechanisms next to the wheels to secure the flight cases in place once they are positioned, preventing accidental sliding to other areas.
Flight Case Packing

Moreover, the flight cases are designed with handles on both ends, providing a focal point for event staff to move them with ease.

With a large capacity, each flight case can accommodate up to 8 floor tiles. Even when purchasing a significant quantity, storage space is not a concern as the flight cases efficiently utilize the available space.

Customized Logo Service for Flight Cases

In addition to the convenience and superior protection provided by TOP DANCE’s flight cases for transportation of dance floor tiles, we also offer a specialized customization service. This service allows you to have your company’s logo printed on the flight cases, aiming to enhance your brand identity and maximize brand benefits.

Specialized Flight Case for Battery Magnetic Dance Floors

In addition to the aforementioned points, we also have a special type of flight case specifically designed for battery magnetic dance floors. This particular flight case is a rechargeable flight case. When the battery of the magnetic dance floor is depleted, it can be placed back into the flight case in the correct orientation for recharging. Simply connect the flight case to a power source, and the dance floor tiles will start recharging. When fully charged, the flight case’s indicator light will automatically change color to signal that the charging process is complete.
Recharging Flight Case

TOP DANCE is dedicated to providing the best LED dance floor services, paying attention to every detail. Our flight case packaging is designed with utmost care and thoughtful consideration, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Choose TOP DANCE for a professional and unparalleled experience.


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