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Buying TOP DANCE LED Floors: Importing from China vs. LA Warehouse Pickup

Feb 18, 2024 | Company News

When considering a purchase from TOP DANCE,  which is the most cost-effective method—importing from China or picking up from our Los Angeles warehouse? The decision for your purchasing way of TOP DANCE LED floors can greatly impact your finances and event preparation ease. This guide offers a thorough comparison to assist you in selecting the optimal purchasing path for your LED dance floor requirements.
top dance floor factory

The Procedure of Import from TOP DANCE China Factory

When you decide to import an LED dance floor from TOP DANCE’s factory in China, there are several steps and costs involved in the process. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Shipping Costs from China to the USA

The first cost incurred is the shipping fee, which covers the transportation of the dance floor tiles from TOP DANCE’s factory in China to your designated port in the United States.
Agent for Import Security Filing (ISF) and Customs Clearance

Hire an Agent & Custom Clearance

top dance floor China warehouse
You’ll need to hire a customs broker or an agent. This professional will handle the Import Security Filing (ISF), which must be submitted before your goods are loaded onto the shipping vessel. They also manage the customs clearance process, ensuring your shipment complies with all U.S. laws and regulations.

Taxes and Additional Fees

Import Taxes:
These are levied based on the type of goods being imported into the USA.
Destination Port Fees:
Charged for the handling and processing of your shipment upon arrival.
Storage Fees:
Incurred if your shipment needs to be stored at the port or warehouse prior to collection.
Customs Declaration Fees:
Paid for the official declaration of your goods to customs, typically handled by your agent.
Documentation Fees:
For managing the necessary paperwork for your import, like bills of lading and packing lists.

Final Payment and Pickup

Once all fees are paid, you’re cleared to collect your goods. The process includes showing proof of payment, completing any remaining paperwork, and organizing transport from the port to your destination. Proper planning and budgeting for these costs are crucial for a hassle-free import process.

Careful planning and coordination are essential for each step of the pickup process. It’s crucial to consider not only the cost of the dance floors but also any potential logistical expenses. With a clear understanding of these details, you can effectively manage your budget and ensure a seamless pickup experience.

The Procedure of Pick up from TOP DANCE LA Warehouse

top dance floor US warehouse
The pickup process from TOP DANCE’s LA warehouse is streamlined for your convenience:

Arrange Pickup: Contact us to set a pickup time.
Inspect Goods: On arrival, examine your LED dance floor for quality assurance.
Paperwork: Complete and sign necessary documents to confirm pickup.
Loading: Our team will assist in loading the dance floor onto your vehicle.
Transport: Secure your goods and transport them to your destination.

This simple process ensures a quick, direct handover of your purchase, eliminating the complexities of shipping and customs. Especially if you are on a tight schedule, or want to get this set of LED dance floor before the peak season of holiday activities, directly from the warehouse pickup is undoubtedly your best choice, not only can save money, but also can save a lot of time.

The Detailed Comparison of Importing from China vs. LA Warehouse Pickup

TOP DANCE offers two procurement options: importing directly from our factory in China or picking up from our Los Angeles warehouse. Each choice carries its own set of considerations. To aid in your decision-making, we’ve distilled the key financial and logistical details into a clear and concise comparison.

Cost Item Import From China Pick Up in LA Warehouse
Shipping & Fees ◆Shipping costs from China to the USA
◆Agent for ISF and customs clearance
◆Taxes, destination port fee, storage fees, customs declaration, and documentation costs
◆No shipping costs
◆ No additional fees
Payment Terms 50% deposit, balance before shipment Full payment before pickup
Sea Freight Base on the Quantity $0
Custom Fee Base on the Quantity $0
Tax Base on the Quantity $0
Dance Floor Price Base on the Quantity Base on the Quantity

Picking up at the LA warehouse saves on additional costs and time associated with importing.


In summary, while importing TOP DANCE LED dance floors from China is an option, the LA warehouse pickup emerges as the clear choice for those seeking to reduce costs and complexity. This method not only saves on additional fees but also simplifies the entire process, proving invaluable for time-sensitive preparations.

With TOP DANCE, you have the flexibility to choose the best option for your situations, ensuring your event shines with our high-quality LED dance floors. Contact us now for more detail.


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