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What Makes the Dance Floor Material of Top Dance Incredibly Solid and Trustworthy?

Jun 21, 2023 | Company News

TOP DANCE’s LED dance floors are extremely popular worldwide. We have a broad customer base, mainly consisting of event rental and event planning industries. They utilize our LED dance floor lighting in various types of parties and events. Despite frequent use and extended periods of operation, our LED dance floors remain in excellent condition. Some customers have even been using them for nearly ten years, and our dance floors are still in active use.

Quality Test

The ability to achieve such a long lifespan is attributed to the excellent quality of our LED dance floors, and a major contributing factor is the use of premium and durable materials. This ensures that our products are highly durable.

(Battery) Magnetic Dance Floor Material

The magnetic dance floor is currently the best-selling LED dance floor by TOP DANCE. We have many repeat customers who have previously purchased our magnetic LED dance floors. Due to the expansion of their businesses and the need for a greater variety of dance floor types and styles, they come back to us for repurchases. We maintain close communication with these loyal customers and conduct follow-up visits.

The reason they choose to repurchase our dance floors is because of the excellent quality of our materials. Compared to dance floors made with inferior materials that they have purchased in the past, our dance floor materials leave them highly satisfied. Not only do our dance floors avoid frequent repairs and replacements, reducing maintenance costs, but they also ensure that customers can avoid accidents or disruptions during events. Customers no longer need to worry about accidents or the light up floor mat’s inability to illuminate properly, affecting the overall event experience due to subpar material quality.

In this paragraph, we will explain why our dance floor materials can achieve an extended lifespan, ensuring a level of quality that gives customers peace of mind and even leads to repeat purchases.

Glass Panel

Our glass panels are incredibly robust as they are made of tempered glass. They have a high resistance to breaking and are less susceptible to damage from scratches, unlike ordinary glass panels used in some dance floors. The tempered glass we use is stronger and offers better safety performance.
Glass Panel of LED Dance Floor
Firstly, it is highly durable and can withstand much greater weight compared to regular glass. Additionally, in the event of breakage, it does not shatter into numerous sharp pieces, thus minimizing safety risks. Furthermore, our tempered glass has a thickness of 10mm. Through market research, we have discovered that our tempered glass is thicker than the majority of suppliers. This increased thickness enhances safety, enabling our customers to use our dance floors with confidence during events and allowing guests to dance freely without any concerns.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a new type of dance floor material that offers high plasticity, making it ideal for LED dance floor casings. Compared to metal casings, ABS plastic casings are lighter, making them easier to transport and install. However, just because they are lighter than metal casings doesn’t mean they are easily damaged.
ABS Plastic Case
On the contrary, ABS plastic casings have impressive load-bearing capabilities. Whether people are dancing on them or they are subjected to the weight of vehicles, these casings remain sturdy and resilient. The combination of durability and lightweight properties makes ABS plastic an excellent choice for LED dance floors, developed by TOP DANCE. The introduction of these casings has received enthusiastic response from customers, as they no longer need to struggle with heavy dance floor tile. With ABS plastic casings, a single person can easily lift and install them without much effort.


TOP DANCE has chosen the best LED lightstrips for each dance floor mats . Our LED strip lights can illuminate the dance floor for 50,000 hours. Such a long lifespan is highly uncommon in the industry. The reason they can last for such a prolonged period is due to our careful selection of high-quality LED strip lights. We conduct thorough inspections on every batch of LEDs upon arrival, ensuring that only those of satisfactory quality are used in production. This approach prevents any subpar LED strip lights from being incorporated into any of our dance floors that are ready for shipment.

Acrylic Dance Floor Material

Our acrylic dance floors are also crafted using premium-grade acrylic sheets. Similar to our LED strip lights, our company’s quality inspection team conducts thorough examinations on every batch of acrylic sheets. Any acrylic sheets that do not meet our quality standards are not allowed to enter any production line. Additionally, we have specialized cutting machines that can drill holes according to specific requirements. For instance, our TP-873 Starlit LED dance floor requires machine drilling. Unlike other dance floor suppliers who outsource drilling to external factories, our dance floors have a higher quality guarantee. The use of professional machines reduces the likelihood of inferior panels. If any acrylic panel deviates from the required specifications, we do not proceed with it in the subsequent production process.

Why Top Dance’s Dance Floor Materials Are Trustworthy?

Testing Area
You can browse our “About Us” and “Services” pages where we have provided detailed descriptions of our production line and testing area. We are confident in the quality and materials of our dance floors, and we want our customers to feel assured. By openly showcasing our production line and testing area, you can witness our professionalism and the rigorous quality control measures we apply to every dance floor panel before it leaves the factory. We offer all the services mentioned on our Services page, including order tracking. This service is available to every customer, allowing them to track their order throughout the entire production process. We can even provide videos of the various production stages, from raw materials to finished products and packaging, so that customers can have a comprehensive understanding of our processes.


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