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Battery Magnetic Dance Floors: An Innovative Solution for Your Events

May 12, 2023 | Industry News

Typical dance floors are made using wood, carpet, or mere concrete and decorated for when guests decide to dance. Unfortunately, this traditional dance floor plays no role in enticing attendees to dance, and that’s where an LED dance floor comes into play.

An LED dance floor consists of hundreds of LED light bulbs that display bright illumination of different colors. This technology is programmable to display different effects, patterns, and even optical illusions, which injects energy into the crowd and compels invitees to loosen up.

This article will reveal additional information about this innovative technology, showing how a battery magnetic LED dance floor turns the most mundane crowd lively. Read on!

How Battery Magnetic Dance Floors Work

Battery Magnetic Dance Floors contain hundreds of Light Emitting Diodes, also known as LEDs, which are tiny light bulbs that produce bright illuminations. These LEDs are embedded into a panel either made of acrylic, plastic, or other durable materials coupled with the control circuit.

The control circuit interacts with a remote that allows event organizers to produce different colors, patterns, and effects with the LEDs. The variety of colors these miniature bulbs offer makes them compatible with the “party vibe,” enchanting guests with a light show that gets them up and dancing.

It’s worth noting that two types of LED dance floors exist, Wired and Wireless, and while they both do the same job, the wireless option is easier to install. Essentially, this wireless variant, also known as Battery Magnetic Dance Floors, connects each panel containing LEDs magnetically, allowing for a hassle-free installation.

Reasons to Use a Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

3D LED dance floor in a wedding
An LED dance floor is a decorative piece for events, and as previously mentioned, you’re guaranteed a more engaging crowd thanks to the visual spectacle it provides. To convince people that LED dance floors are a worthwhile investment, this section will outline their noteworthy benefits.

Without further ado, here are some reasons to incorporate a battery magnetic dance floor in your events:

1. Energise the Crowd

The goal of any party or event is to gather individuals and make memories, which means employing every means possible to get everyone involved. While your decorative pieces and music are effective, combining them with an LED dance floor triples this efficacy.

The best LED dance floor creates an interesting show for guests with effects, optical illusions, and more. This piece of tech inspires lukewarm guests to become active dancers, like the Battery Digital Dance Floor TP-B878 programmable to sync with the music.

2. Cost-effectiveness

One core feature of our battery magnetic dance floor is the ease of assembling and disassembling the panels for the dance floor. This easy configuration makes LED floors a cost-effective option for events since you can use them for multiple events in different locations.

This ability contrasts with traditional dance floors, which remain stuck to the venue, requiring an event center to invest in multiple dance floors for different entertainment locations. With a magnetic LED dance floor, you can quickly disassemble the LED panels to reuse them in a new place.

3. Make Events Stand Out

If you desire a memorable occasion that guests talk about continuously and even upload on social media, LED dance floors can help to accomplish this task. Essentially everyone’s used to the typical wooden, concrete, or carpet dance floor and won’t expect to be greeted with a visual spectacle.
Furthermore, models like our Battery 3D Infinity, Dance Floor TP-B877 are associated with cruise ships and luxurious locations. Therefore, incorporating this technology in your event raises your perceived value to be on par with five-star resorts.

4. Produce Multiple Atmospheres

Weddings, birthday parties, and work events have different themes, requiring unique interior designs. Adapting to this style can be expensive and time-consuming with traditional decor items, but battery magnetic LED dance floors ease the hassle.

Our Battery 3D Infinity, Dance Floor TP-B877, can produce different effects, colors, patterns, and 3D Illusions; you can program them for different events. For example, nightclubs and bars can opt for the multi-colored disco light dance floor, corporate meetings can display their brand colors and business logo, and weddings can choose a starlight floor.
The ability to quickly set up and adapt to any event theme makes our battery magnetic LED dance floor a must-have.

Features of a Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

Before incorporating a decorative element into an event center, it’s necessary to consider whether that addition is worth your while. Fortunately, this section will outline why a battery magnetic dance floor is an innovative solution for your events.

These advantages include:

1. Hassle-free Installation

Our Battery digital dance floor uses magnetic technology to connect panels, meaning it’s easy for event organizers to assemble and dismantle the digital dance floor. Each panel is equipped with magnetic connectors at the side, which need to touch to connect LED panels.

Besides the beautiful light show, a lighted dance floor offers your guests the magnetic technology that makes event organization fast and easy. Furthermore, you can quickly add or remove from the panels to move the dance floor or change the size for a larger or smaller audience.

2. Long-lasting Battery Life

It’s worth mentioning that our battery magnetic dance floor counters the hassle of wire management that wired LED dance floors present. Our LED models are battery-powered, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding another power outlet to get the panels operational.

Each panel has a battery life of 12 hours, which lasts longer than a typical occasion; furthermore, once empty, you can recharge them fully within 4 hours. This fast charging time and battery longevity make them reliable as they mesmerize your audience with bright lights without needing an external power source.

3. Easy Controls

The ability to introduce energy and excitement to guests via a visually appealing show of lights makes LED dance floors a must-have. We also ensure that our LED technology is easy to operate thanks to our different control options.

Event organizers can quickly switch to different color schemes, patterns, and effects and even create optical issues using remote, computer, or DMX control. Models like the Battery Digital Dance Floor TP-B878 support tablet control, allowing you to create your desired visual using a few screen swipes.

4. Durability

Besides battery longevity, the integrity of each LED panel is a necessary consideration since people of varying weights and shoe types will move across the floor. Fortunately, magnetic dance floors like our TP-B877 and TP-B878 come with a 10mm Tempered glass covering the LED lights.

This material is scratch resistant and can handle up to 600 kg of weight from enthusiastic dancers. Furthermore, the casing is made from hard plastic, maintaining its integrity upon impact from hitting the floor or blunt force.

5. Flight case

Our battery magnetic LED dance floor comes with a high-tech box called a flight case, which we developed to secure and protect the LED panel during transportation. The flight case also serves as the charging unit for these battery-operated devices.
Recharging Flight Case of Battery Magnetic Dance Floor

In other words, we developed the flight case to keep your LED dance floor panels safe whenever you transport them via plane or ground vehicle. Furthermore, the box makes charging easier as you dock multiple panels into the compartment and plug the flight case into electricity.

Where to Get the Best LED Dance Floor

LED dance floors are a reliable solution for energizing the mildest crowd and creating a visual spectacle that keeps guests talking for days. If you desire this piece of innovative technology, then let TOP DANCE be your guide.
Our collection of lighted dance floors is one-of-a-kind as we’re the first factor to work out a battery magnetic dance floor and put it in mass production. We hold the patent to every model recommended here, and the benefits listed throughout this article can only be found with our models.

Therefore, visit our inventory if you want a mesmerizing dance floor that shows 3D effects and even optical illusions for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. Alternatively, you can explore the recommendations mentioned throughout this article, as the links will direct you straight to place an order.


How much can an LED dance floor handle?

LED dance floors have a durable plastic casing housing the LEDs and the circuit with 10mm tempered glass on the surface. This structure can handle up to 600 kg of load, making it capable of handling guests of any weight category.

What events should use an LED dance floor?

LED dance floors come equipped with hundreds of LEDs capable of setting the mood or injecting energy into the mildest of crowds. This makes them ideal for any social setting where dancing may happen, which includes weddings, exhibitions, birthday parties, and some corporate events.

Is a battery magnetic dance floor difficult to assemble?

A battery magnetic dance floor uses magnetic force to attach each LED panel, allowing event organizers to set up a dance floor within minutes. This speed is most noticeable when comparing Wired vs. Wireless LED dance floors, with the latter being over four times faster to install and remove.


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