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Interactive Dance Floor

By purchasing a set of interactive dance floor tiles, to make your event atmosphere more fun and exciting. With multiple styles to choose from, capturing the attention of every guest in the venue.

What Is Interactive Dance Floor?

An interactive dance floor is an LED dance floor equipped with sensors. It can display vibrant colors, effects, or lifelike images on the dance floor using LED light sources. When people move and dance on it, the sensors respond to their movements, creating engaging interactive effects. This type of dance floor can greatly enhance the fun at events, delivering a more vibrant and exciting experience while promoting better social interaction.

Top Dance’s Best-Selling Interactive Dance Floor

TOP DANCE offers a variety of interactive dance floors to choose from, allowing for a richer array of effects. With mature craftsmanship, advanced interactive dance floor technology, sensitive sensors, and multi-touch capability, it supports multiple people simultaneously interacting on the floor tiles, creating engaging interactive effects.
Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876

Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876

TP-876 is a highly popular LED dance floor that achieves machine-sensitive interactive effects, vibrant dance floor color effects, visual capture, magnetic one-second installation. It is suitable for various types of event venues, injecting more fun into events.
Video Dance Floor TP-875

Interactive Video Dance Floor TP-875

TP-875, with an even smarter sensing system, higher-definition visual presentation, superior weight-bearing capacity, achieving a more durable and long-lasting usage experience. Gorgeous and vivid visuals, delivering a better visual experience.

Suit to Wide Range of Events or Venues

Interactive floor tiles can be used in various settings and can better enhance the interaction among event participants while also increasing visual appeal. For example, it can be applied in places like bars, nightclubs, concerts, parties, weddings, and various entertainment events or venues, adding a fun atmosphere and entertainment value to the activities. People can dance, socialize, and even perform on it. Additionally, it can be used in commercial exhibitions, museums, and other exhibition events to enhance the interactive experience with a touch of fun.

Common Dimensions and Preferred Solutions

In order to better cater to diverse usage requirements across various settings, achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in installation, and offer more cost-effective solutions. we offer the most common and popular dance floor tile sizes. However, you can also get in touch with us for more specialized interactive dance floor solutions and pricing.

Number of TP-876 Floor Tiles

Number of TP-875 Floor Tiles

Event Scale

24X24ft dance floor 200 pcs

98 pcs

20X20ft dance floor 144 pcs

72 pcs

16X16ft dance floor 100 pcs

50 pcs

10X10ft dance floor 36 pcs

32 pcs

20-30 people

Why Interactive Dance Floors Are Now a Trend of Events or Some Venues?

People are paying increasing attention to the novelty, practicality, and entertainment value of event arrangements. They are willing to use more devices to set up the event venue, and the lighting effects in event arrangements are also an important part of the event. Interactive light floors can better meet people’s demands for event scene arrangements, with bright colors, vivid brightness, and fun interactive effects. They not only provide a wider range of lighting for event venue arrangements but also offer entertainment for dancing enthusiasts.

Why Choose Us?

11 Years Manufacturing Experience Tp Ensure Top Notch Products
11 Years of LED Dance Floor Manufacturing

20 Production Lines to Ensure Timely Delivery and Bulk Production

Testing Area of TOP DANCE (3)
1000 Square Meters Test Area for Strict Quality Inspection
Oversea Warehouse
Warehouses in Los Angeles and Belgium to Save Cost in Picking Goods
After-sales Service
24-Hour Customer Service for a Hassle-Free After-Sales Experience
Provide the Most Authoritative LED Dance Floor Sales Products

Product Details

great brightness of interactive dance floor

Superior LED Sources

A higher quality LED light source selection can achieve an ultra-durable lifespan of 50,000 hours. With minimal loss and a highly efficient brightness retention rate, it consistently maintains high brightness and color saturation, ensuring excellent visual presentation and lighting effects.
interactive led dance floor

Interactive Technology

With more mature and advanced interactive technology, equipped with high-quality sensors and a highly responsive sensing system, it boasts shorter response times, ensuring rapid detection and immediate effect presentation, which is timely and immersive.
load capacity of interactive dance floor

Durability and Longevity

Even more durable in quality, with an incredible weight-bearing capacity of up to 600kg. Its exceptional load-bearing strength is designed to cater to a wide range of usage needs, comfortably accommodating large groups of people or even heavier equipment.
digital dance floor for a car show

Interactive Effects

Through touch or movement, the effects can be changed, sparking creative stage performances and better encouraging people to participate in dance interactions. The transformation of fun interactive effects makes the dance floor an irresistibly captivating entertainment venue.

Easy Control Method

The TP-876 interactive LED dance floor can be controlled through remote control, computer, or DMX control methods. Many customers prefer remote control for its convenience, speed, and flexibility in effect switching.
control method of TP-876 interactive dance floor
TP-875 interactive video dance floor supports computer control, offering greater control flexibility to adapt to various occasions and avoiding complex setup and operations.
control method of TP-875 video dance floor


TOP DANCE provides two types of packaging options: cardboard boxes and aviation cases. Aviation case packaging is more durable, dust-proof, and moisture-resistant, ensuring better product storage. With a wheel design, it facilitates transportation, making it more convenient. Additionally, you can explore personalized logo customization options.

Superior LED Sources

Dance Floor Size Number of TP-875 Flight Case Number of TP-876 Flight Case

Accessory Cases

24X24ft dance floor 20 25 2
20X20ft dance floor 15 18 1
16X16ft dance floor 10 13 1

14×14 dance floor

7 8 1


Do you provide rental services?

No, we only provide purchase service, we are a professional LED dance floor manufacturer, providing the most cost-effective solution and favorable price.

What’s the difference between TP-875 interactive video dance floor and TP-876 interactive led dance floor?

TP-875 is an interactive video dance floor, while TP-876 is an interactive LED dance floor. The TP-875 can display text, images, and video effects, whereas the TP-876 features solid colors, color blending effects, and a frosted dance floor panel, offering dazzling brightness and saturation. Both of them enhance visual appeal effectively.

In addition to the interactive dance floor, do you have any other popular led dance floor products?

In addition to the interactive models TP-876 Interactive LED Dance Floor and TP-875 Interactive Display Dance Floor, we also offer other types of LED dance floors, such as 3D dance floors under the category of Magnetic LED Dance Floors, Pixel Dance Floors and Battery Magnetic Dance Floors, which do not require a single wire during installation.

How long is the warranty period for these interactive dance floors?

TOP DANCE offers a three-year warranty for interactive dance floors, providing an extra layer of protection to ensure that you enjoy reliability and satisfaction when using your interactive dance floor!

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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