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Launching Your LED Dance Floor Rental Business to Expand Your Business Horizon

Jun 9, 2023 | Customer Case

With the development of the event and entertainment industry, more and more people are seeking fresh inspiration and ideas to make their events stand out and avoid being ordinary. LED dance floors have become the most popular way to achieve this, and have become an essential equipment for many events.

As a result of this trend, LED dance floor rental services from various company have emerged. Many event planning and rental companies have taken notice of the immense popularity of LED dance floors. This product has garnered significant appeal within the event planning and entertainment industries, leading to a growing number of rental businesses becoming familiar with and offering this sought-after product.

Due to its distinctive features, including effects, installation methods, operational procedures, and maintenance requirements that differ from traditional dance floors, the LED dance floor has revolutionized the industry’s perception of the capabilities of dance floors. Consequently, an increasing number of individuals have expanded their event rental businesses by incorporating LED dance floors into their offerings. This strategic move has garnered them a better reputation, increased their revenue, and achieved improved economic benefits.

This article reveals how a customer, who purchased our top dance led dance floor, doubled their revenue and rapidly expanded their business by leveraging the power of led dance floors.

Before Purchasing LED Dance Floor for Rental

Before purchasing our LED dance floor, this customer was engaged in the event rental industry. At that time, they used traditional dance floors for event rentals and incorporated them into the event setups. However, each setup resulted in the same repetitive scene because their previous equipment was only suitable for specific fixed layouts. Their equipment mainly consisted of plain-colored dance floors with single-color lighting. Due to the limited variety and quantity of their equipment, they could only cater to small-scale parties, typically accommodating around 50 to 80 people.
Pure white Dance Floor
On one hand, Because the client was using traditional dance floors, the effects were relatively limited. There were hardly any color variations, and the effects lacked rotation and style transitions. Not to mention the popular 3D infinite effects, text pattern effects, or starlight shimmer effects that are trending now. These limited effects made it challenging for them to create a joyful and unique atmosphere at lively gatherings or weddings, and they struggled to meet their clients’ thematic and stylistic preferences. Due to these limitations in dance floor effects, their rental business was greatly affected.

On the other hand, these traditional dance floors are wired and extremely difficult to install. It takes several minutes just to connect and assemble the panels together, let alone installing a complete set suitable for dozens of people, which would require even more time. It would take over an hour to install a 16×16 dance floor set. This complex and time-consuming wiring method required the client to arrive at the event venue well in advance every time they rented this dance floor. The installation process was so time-consuming that if there was a tight schedule, the client had to bring along additional people to help with the installation. This type of dance floor installation not only increased their time costs but also added to their labor costs. Ultimately, it reduced his profits.
Wired Dance Floor
He needed a new set of LED dance floor with a more sophisticated design to address the issues he faced. Therefore, he contact TOP DANCE for LED dance floor solution.

The primary requirement of this client was to achieve more stunning effects and have a set of dance floors with diverse and saturated colors. This would allow the dance floor to be suitable for a wide range of scenarios, rather than just a single setting. Not only for parties, but also for weddings, corporate events, festive celebrations, band performances, and product exhibitions, this set of dance floors would be versatile enough to meet all these needs. Regardless of the theme of these events or the style of the venue, they could be easily accommodated with this dance floor setup.

Additionally, he needed an effortless installation of dance floor set to save time in venue setup, allowing him to reduce both labor and time costs. He didn’t want to spend a significant amount of time in advance to set up a device at the venue. He hoped to have a dance floor set that could be assembled in just a few minutes and could be done by a single person. This way, he would have extra staff available to handle other equipment and arrangements, resulting in significant cost savings for him.

In the end, after he conducting extensive research on LED dance floors, contacted numerous vendors, and compared the quality and technology. After careful consideration, he ultimately chose our TOP DANCE. TOP DANCE’s TP-877A frosted and mirrored dance floor, as a magnetic dance floor, impressed him with its simple installation method and stunning visual effects.

Maximize Profits with LED Dance Floor Rental Business

After a period of time since purchasing our dance floor, we followed up with him to learn about his experience with our product. He excitedly shared with us that our dance floor has brought about significant changes to his business.
LED dance floor with various effects
After purchasing the TP-877A frosted and mirrored dance floor, his event rental business expanded significantly. He no longer limited himself to simple and small-scale events as before. With our dance floor, he began taking on a variety of different types of events. Previously, his business mainly focused on private parties and banquets, but now he has started accepting DJ events and large-scale party gatherings. He received numerous positive reviews from his clients, as the mesmerizing 3D effects of the dance floor left a profound impression on them.

By using this LED magnetic dance floor, he created an unparalleled backdrop for the events he organized, becoming the visual centerpiece of the entire venue. Many clients captured spectacular photos on the dance floor and shared them on social media, greatly expanding his publicity. As a result, he started attracting more and more clients who were seeking his services for their events.

He praised the installation method of our dance floor the most. For him, it was a completely new and surprisingly simple way of installing a dance floor. Before using our product, he couldn’t believe that he could complete the installation of a 16×16 dance floor within fifteen minutes, but he achieved it firsthand. He mentioned that the magnetic connection system allowed the dance floor tiles to effortlessly snap together with a gentle push, which he found truly amazing and delightful. This meant that he and his team no longer needed to allocate a significant amount of time for on-site setup. It also allowed his team members to save time and focus on installing other equipment.

Furthermore, in the past, he had to rely on complex equipment connections to control the dance floor effects. These devices not only occupied space at the venue but also required time to set up. However, since using our dance floor, he experienced the charm of wireless remote control for the first time. Even from a distance, he could easily switch between different effects by simply pressing the corresponding buttons on the remote control. With the dance floor synchronized with the event, he could adjust the brightness, speed up or slow down the effects, and even add strobe effects during exciting moments, all with the convenience of a single remote control.

Elevate Earnings with LED Dance Floor Rental

Finally, by incorporating our LED dance floor into his rental business, he was able to expand his business channels and double his revenue. In fact, he was so satisfied with the results that he decided to make a repeat purchase and acquire another set of dance floors from TOP DANCE. This time, he opted for our TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor, which proved to be equally popular and received numerous bookings from his clients. With the profits earned from the LED dance floor, he invested in other stage effect equipment such as DJ booths, fireworks machines, dry ice machines, 360 photo booths, and even LED display.

He admitted that he had never imagined that purchasing a set of LED dance floors would enable him to achieve so much. Not only did it elevate his business to a new level, but it also greatly improved the quality of his services. Guests who attended his events and experienced the charm of the LED dance floor were so impressed that they shared their positive reviews on social media platforms without any prompting from him.

If you also aspire to increase your revenue, save time and effort in event setup, and expand your earning potential by acquiring an LED dance floor like this satisfied customer, we welcome you to contact TOP DANCE. We will provide you with the most suitable dance floor solution based on your specific needs and requirements. Let us help you transform your business and take it to new heights.


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