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5 Reasons Why LED Dance Floor is the Future of Event Rental Business

May 23, 2023 | Industry News

Occasions are nearly impossible without an Event Rental Business since these establishments provide essential party resources that venues need to be successful. Throughout the years, these Party rentals supplied items featuring chairs, room space, cooking equipment, and even sound systems, and now, LED Dance Floors are in the mix.

If you’re looking for more information to decide whether LED dance floors should be on your list of rentables, let this article be your guide. We will reveal five irrefutable reasons why LED dance floors are a must-have in your rental business.

Read on!

The Popularity and Future of LED Dance Floor

As an Event Rental Business, it’s necessary to assess the demand for an item before incorporating it into your list of offerings. Fortunately, LED dance floors have a steady demand globally as analysis from Google Trends reveals an upward progression.

This graph of the last five years shows a global interest in LED dance floors increases steadily as time progresses. Therefore it is time to conclude that further interest will develop as more people learn about the transformative effects of these technologically advanced dance floors.

Our conclusion about the increased interest in LED dance floors is further buttressed by reports from Market Reports on LED Dance Floors. Amongst its analysis, Market Report predicts an exponential growth of the LED Dance Floor industry within 2021 – 2027.

While more research is needed on the future of LED Dance Floors, the current observation shows a continuous increase in demand, making it a worthwhile addition to your services.

Why LED Dance Floors are the Future of Event Rental Business

As previously revealed, these illuminated dance floors have grown in popularity in the last five years and have predicted exponential growth within the next decade. This trend is consistent with people’s recent desire to incorporate technology in occasions, especially weddings, for a unique and unforgettable touch.

Luckily, creating an unforgettable experience is the primary selling point of LED dance floors. Therefore, this section will show why they’re an essential addition to events.

These reasons include:

1. Customizability

LED dance floors panels contain a control unit connected wirelessly to a remote, computer, or tablet control to alter the lights’ color and brightness.
Size Custom of LED Dance Floor
This malleability makes LED dance floors fully customizable to show several interesting patterns during occasions.

In fact, companies use these interesting displays to make events more engaging as the LED dance floor can display brand text, patterns, and colors. Also, in weddings, event planners can program LED dance floor panels to show wholesome text, shapes, and the couple’s names. It’s a must-have in your Event Rental Business for clients to acquire.

2. Versatility

Most decor for occasions is limited to specific events like paper lanterns for weddings, disco lights for clubs, and number balloons for anniversaries. This factor requires you to stock your inventory with hundreds of party items to stay relevant in most occasion types.

Fortunately, LED dance floors are compatible with multiple events. These advanced pieces of technology aren’t limited to one type of occasion. Essentially, you can use these LED panels at weddings, birthdays, business events, and more.

This versatility saves you space on decorative materials alongside giving you items that are guaranteed to be rented once suggested to clients. It’s a game-changing innovation worth implementing into your services.

3. Visual Impact

Different decorative pieces produce varying levels of visual appeal on occasion, but none hit harder than the innovative LED dance floor. The hundreds of lights present on this digital floor inject allows event planners to create a light show reminiscent of fireworks.
Visual Impact of Dance Floor
In other words, venues can program these panels to pulsate along with music, react with effects as people step on the stage, and many more. This visual impact leaves everyone feeling happy, thereby accomplishing the goal of making an occasion memorable.

4. Affordability

Numerous flashy and mesmerizing decorative equipment exist globally with a high cost of acquisition, which can deter any enthusiastic Event Rental Business looking to offer the best services. Fortunately, LED dance floors are easy to find and purchase affordably.

Also, you’ll have to consider the type of LED floor tiles that you wish to own. To make this process easier, consider contacting Top Dance Floor and we will work with you to get the best LED dance floor for your rental business.

5. Energy Efficiency

LED dance floors come equipped with hundreds of small bulbs that work together to display different colors. This spectacle may seem to require tremendous amounts of power to operate; however, it’s the opposite with LED dance floor tiles.

LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer, according to the Department of Energy on LED lighting. This means events can mesmerize attendees, triple the amount of indoor lighting, set the occasion’s theme with colors, and keep everyone excited without dispensing excess heat or wasting energy.

It’s a game-changer!

The Best LED Dance Floor to Buy

Undoubtedly, the future industry projections of LED Dance Floor alongside their benefits are compelling for an event rental Business. In this case, you will need the best dance flooring option whenever you choose to purchase one.

Fortunately, we at TOP DANCE offer the best LED party dance floor for you to start your rental business. Below are some LED floor tiles that we recommend:

1. Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor TP-B877

Our 3D infinity LED dance floor comes with all a venue needs to create a magical atmosphere, no matter the occasion. The LEDs are configured in a unique way that facilitates the creation of 3D effects and optical illusions.
Battery Infinity Dance Floor TP-877
Besides the 3D infinity Effects, it can produce solid colors and Mix RGB Effects. Additionally, this model comes with built-in batteries that last 10+ hours alongside a magnetic connection for a hassle-free dance floor installation.

2. Digital Dance Floor TP-B878

Be ahead of the competition with our revolutionary digital and magnetic dance floor that’s changing the game for events. This model has its LEDs configured in ways that create a sparkly dance floor when used.
Digital Dance Floor TP-B878
It’s a common option at weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties as it’s perfect for displaying company logos, couple’s names, unique shapes, and an array of patterns. The TP-B878 is sometimes regarded as the starlight LED dance floor due to the effect it produces, which attracts attention and creates a romantic and ambient atmosphere.

It’s also worth mentioning that venues can control the effects of this dance floor either via Computer, Remote, or tablet control.

3. Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876

LED dance floors are known for being able to make everyone dance, irrespective of the occasion. Thus is their primary advantage, and the perk is tripled with our Interactive LED Floor that responds to pressure from dancers.
Interactive LED Dance Floor TP-876
In other words, these interactive floor tiles are equipped with sensors capable of sensing when anyone steps on the LED tiles. Upon detecting activity, the LEDs will react with a color change or whatever programmed effects the event planners choose.

It’s an excellent way to immerse guests, dancers, and celebrants in the occasion, leaving lasting memories after the show ends.

4. LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873

The Starlit dance floor is often regarded as the starlight dance floor. The model adds a unique touch to events by creating an ambient atmosphere with strategically spaced LEDs. The small bulbs on the LED tiles are arranged in ways that mimic a starry night, immersing people in the wholesome occasion.
LED Starlit Dance Floor TP-873
This model offers a section of seven colors like white, blue, and pink to be consistent with the mood of most events. As expected of LED dance floors, the Starlit dance floor is compatible with weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, and more, making it a worthwhile investment.

5. 3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B

Similar to the 3D Infinity Dance Floor, the 3D Star Dance Floor is capable of creating unique 3D Illusions to immerse everyone in the occasion. The range of colors makes this model compatible with every occasion as it can display red, blue, and even orange.
3D Star Dance Floor TP-877B
Despite its compact size, this dance floor can handle weights up to 600 kg and is resistant to scratches from dedicated dancers. Furthermore, venues can switch between effects and colors via its wireless control system.

Why Trust TOP DANCE?

When purchasing LED dance floors for your Event Rental Business, you need the best and highest quality LED dance floor tiles. Fortunately, TOP DANCE accomplished this goal as we manufacture all LED panels according to certification standards.

In addition, each dance floor model we offer has undergone rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure that it delivers as advertised. Our goal is to produce high-quality tiles and energize occasions, which we have accomplished for almost a decade.

Therefore, if you desire the best LED dance floor to gain a competitive advantage in your industry and also make memorable events, consider contacting us.

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