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TOP DANCE’s US LED Dance Floor Warehouse: Your Premier Choice

Jan 22, 2024 | Company News

Welcome to the world of TOP DANCE, where innovation meets elegance in the realm of event planning. As a leading company in the LED dance floor manufacturing industry, TOP DANCE is synonymous with top-quality, easy-to-install, and multifunctional LED dance floors. Our products, particularly our LED dance floors, are designed to transform any event into an unforgettable experience.

TOP DANCE’s US Warehouses: A Hub for LED Dance Floors & Screens

Introduction to TOP DANCE LA LED Dance Floor Warehouse

In 2019, TOP DANCE made a significant impact at the U.S. LDI Show, where its innovative products captivated many. This surge in popularity led to a dramatic increase in our U.S. customer base, sparking frequent inquiries about the availability of a local warehouse. Our clients expressed a strong desire for a more convenient, direct purchasing method that would not only expedite the transaction process but also eliminate complex paperwork and offer substantial cost savings.

Responding to this customer demand, TOP DANCE, always committed to client satisfaction, established its U.S. warehouse in Los Angeles in 2019. This strategic decision was driven by our dedication to providing a seamless, efficient service experience, aligning with our ethos of being a customer-centric company.

TOP DANCE’s US warehouse stands as a testament to our commitment to global reach and local accessibility. This warehouse, equipped with an extensive range of our LED dance floors, serves as a cornerstone for our North American customers, offering a tangible insight into our product variety and quality.

A Spectrum of LED Dance Floor & Other Product for Selection

The TOP DANCE warehouse proudly showcases an extensive collection of LED dance floors and LED screen displays, catering to a diverse array of event needs. From high-energy corporate galas to enchanting fairy-tale weddings, our product range is meticulously designed to enhance any occasion.
LED dance floor with various effects
Every LED dance floor and screen display we offer stands as a symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality and our relentless pursuit of innovation.

The Unique Advantages of the TOP DANCE LA Warehouse Tour

Experiencing LED Dance Floors Up Close

There’s nothing quite like the hands-on experience of our LED dance floors. It’s an opportunity to witness the vibrant colors, feel the sturdy build, and understand the technology that makes our dance floors stand apart.
LA warehouse
Seeing is believing. Our warehouse enables you to witness the exceptional quality of our LED dance floors firsthand, fostering trust and confidence in our products.

Customization at Its Best

Each event is unique, and so are our LED dance floor solutions. Our range is designed to be versatile, ensuring that every client finds the perfect match for their specific event needs.

The Convenience of a Local Experience

Our LA warehouse brings the experience closer to you. Its strategic location not only facilitates easy visits and consultations but also ensures a smoother logistical experience for our North American clientele.

How the TOP DANCE LA Warehouse Benefits Your Purchasing?

Overcoming Traditional Purchasing Challenges

We understand the concerns about purchasing and importing from overseas. Our LA warehouse addresses these issues head-on, offering peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Efficient and Cost-saving Experience

  • Hands-On Product Verification:

Feel the quality for yourself.

  • Tariff-Free and Zero Shipping Fees:

Removed the burden of tariffs and shipping fees

  • Immediate Product Availability:

No lengthy waiting times for delivery.

  • Simplified Logistics:

Easy, straightforward and efficient processes.

Premier Delivery and Logistics Services

  • Assisted Logistics at Competitive Prices

TOP DANCE extends its support beyond product provision by offering assistance in coordinating with local logistics companies in the U.S. at preferential rates if you have this specific command. Once your order is confirmed, we ensure swift and efficient shipment from our Los Angeles warehouse.

    LA Warehouse
  • Transparent and Timely Delivery Updates

Our delivery system at TOP DANCE is designed to keep you well-informed. We provide clear, consistent communication regarding your shipment, offering essential details such as tracking information and delivery statuses, ensuring you stay updated every step of the way.

  • Punctual and Reliable Delivery Service

Our delivery system is structured to ensure on-time delivery of every shipment. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines, delivering your goods or services within a reasonable timeframe, aligning with your schedule and needs.

At TOP DANCE LA LED dance floor warehouse, every aspect of your purchasing journey is designed with your convenience and cost savings in mind.


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