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TOP DANCE – Wireless LED Dance Floor

To Buy a Set of LED Dance Floor to Create Wonderful Events!

The biggest advantage of the wireless and magnetic LED dance floor is the easy installation method, allowing for flexibility in location. Whether you want to hold a small party or a large event, these LED floors can greatly reduce the pressure on installation, achieve less time-consuming and labor costs. In addition, it has many styles of panels to choose from, and the effect can be customized, which is a fabulous way to enhance the ambiance of the event.

The battery magnet dance floor does not need any wiring. There is a built-in battery in the floor tile, which can be used for eight hours after charging. It can be adapted to all-night parties or long lasting events. Built-in controller at the edge ensures stable connection. It is applicable to all kinds of parties, weddings, banquets, exhibitions and other events. If you are an event rental company, this product that avoids complex wiring must be more suitable for you. TP-B877 Battery 3D Infinity Dance Floor and TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor is definitely the best choice as event Dance Floor.

We Sell the Best LED Dance Floors to Customers Worldwide

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Unlock the convenience of our US Warehouse Pickup! TOP DANCE has a warehouse in Los Angeles stocked with a variety of LED dance floor styles. With the option of our US warehouse, you can retrieve your orders faster and easier. Experience a streamlined process and quicker order fulfillment. Don’t miss out on our US Warehouse Pickup service – contact us and start enjoying a convenient purchasing experience now.
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    What’s the Difference Between Wired and Wireless Dance Floor?

    The wired LED dance floor is more suitable for long-term or permanent installation. The installation method of the wired LED dance floor is more complicated than that of the wireless type. The connection between each panel is more stable than that of the wireless type, but it requires more labor costs and time. However, wireless dance floors have the advantage of being more flexible and easier to install, as there are no wires to manage. They are also more portable and can be easily moved from one location to another. The choice between a wired dance floor and a wireless dance floor depends on the specific needs and requirements of you.

    Application Field of LED Dance Floor

    LED dance floor is a popular choice for various of events and venues, like weddings, birthday parties, coming-of-age ceremony, theme parties, corporate events, music festivals, fashion shows, auto shows, exhibition, trade show, concerts, private parties, stage performance, nightclubs, bars, It can add an exciting and dynamic element to any event and venue for its providing a visually stunning surface for people to dance on. Moreover, a lot of our customers who specialized in rental business purchase TOP DANCE LED dance floor for different venue.

    What Is the Best Dance Floor Size for 100 Guests?

    12×12 dance floor is the best dance floor size for the event with 100 guests. It can accommodate 30 to 40 people dance at one time. For more free information of the dance floor size, please contact us for professional dance floor solutions. Our sales team will provide you with the professional support for your event.
    Size Dancing at one time Number of Guests
    10 x 10 dance floor 10-20 people 60
    12×12 dance floor 30-40 people 100
    15×15 dance floor 50-60 people 150
    16×16 dance floor 60-80 people 180
    18×18 dance floor 70-80 people 200
    20×20 dance floor 100-120 people 250
    24×24 dance floor more than 120 people 400


    Merits of TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor Tiles

    Super Great Load Capacity of TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor

    The dance floor panels are crucial for the overall structure of the dance floor, and the amount of weight they can bear determines the safety, durability, and versatility of the stage for various events and settings. If the panels of a dance floor are of high quality, they can withstand heavier weights and provide better safety assurance.

    The surface of TOP DANCE dance floor panel is covered with strong 10mm tempered glass, which can bear a heavy load of 500kg-600kg. It can even support the load of a car without breaking, deforming, or failing.

    Please click on the video to witness the incredible moment and see how TOP Dance’s LED dance floor remains intact even after being run over by an off-road vehicle, showcasing its stunning effects.


    Light Weight Design

    It has a ultra- light weight of 8.5 kilograms and a thickness of 7cm. It can make transportation, installation, and storage easier and more efficient.

    Size of Magnetic Dance Floor (1)


    You can customize sizes and effects. Alternative Panel for selection. White and black dance floor color, frosted and mirror dance floor panel, are available, to meet the needs of different events.


    Wireless Control

    With the industry leading tablet control system, which is convenient to control and support type words and dynamic pattern effects design. Also, remote control is available. It is controllable within 50 meters.

    Why TOP DANCE Is the Best LED Dance Floor Manufacturer?

     User-friendly Maintenance Design

    Mainboard Design

    The newly upgraded motherboard can be removed directly from the bottom when it needs to be replaced or maintained, instead of removing other components from top to bottom to replace the motherboard. It is more suitable for long-term use.


    18 Built-in Magnet

    The newly upgraded panel contains 18 magnets to ensure a more stable connection. At the same time, the removal method is also simpler, and the worn magnet can be replaced with only a few simple steps.


    Leading Technology of the Industry

    Advanced Magnetic Connection that make the Dance Floor Easy to Set Up

    • Save more time on installation
    • One-second installation for each panel
    • Not easy to separate even after long time use

    First Battery Magnet LED Dance Floor Manufacturer

    • Connect with no wire
    • Built-in Battery: 4 hours charging for 8 hours use, turn on the switch and it works
    • Built- in controller: avoid of complicated connecting procedure
    battery of magnetic dance floor
    birthday-party-dance-floor (2)

    Effects Customization

    Wide Range of Effects

    More than 30 kinds of starlit effects, 7 kinds of solid colors, mix RGB effects, pattern effects, text effects, interactive effects, etc.

    Effect Customization Service

    TOP DANCE offers an effective effect customization service, provide with skilled technician who can design and implement the dance floor effects that meet the customers preference and needs.

    High-level Product Quality

    Superior Dance Floor Material

    TOP DANCE insists on using the best quality materials to create each panel of LED dance floor. Power supply and Led source are from famous brands, with superior quality and more durable.

    Professional Testing Area

    TOP DANCE set up a professional testing area which cover a area of more than 1000 SQM and high-quality control inspectors to ensure that each panel has undergone strict quality control before packing.

    Testing Area

    Why Choose TOP DANCE LED Dance Floor?

    TOP DANCE is an LED dance floor manufacturer with 10 years of experience, and has sold more than 100,000 sets of LED floor all over the world. With regular product upgrading, technical innovation, TOP DANCE always tries to create the most advanced and user-friendly LED dance floor in the field. In addition, we provide effect customization services to meet the needs of different application.

    Our LED dance floors adopt the most advanced magnetic system, to make the installation more convenient and complete the installation of a full set of dance floor tiles in 8 minutes. Moreover, we are also the first LED dance floor manufacturer engaged in dance floor sale business that create a battery magnet LED dance floor. The newly upgraded floor case provides a more convenient mainboard and magnet design, which can be easily maintenance by users themselves without professional technical knowledge.

    We insist on using the best quality materials to create each panel of LED dance floor. The professional testing area is provided to ensure that each panel has undergone strict quality control before packing. Looking forward to cooperation with you.

    Customer Feedback

    “It’s awesome! Thanks for its amazing effects, the party was cool!”

    “The effect of the dance floor is stunning. A wonderful birthday party!”

    “We used it for an all night party and it worked well. We appreciate that.”

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    TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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