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Which LED White Dance Floor Can You Choose for Weddings?

Jun 16, 2023 | Industry News

A white dance floor is a must-have for weddings, and many couples specifically request a white dance floor for their wedding decor. As a result, white dance floor rental has always been a popular choice in the dance floor rental industry, especially for wedding events. A white dance floor is considered both classic and trendy, making it a perfect fit for wedding celebrations.

White Dance Floor Is a Trend For Wedding or Event Rental

As mentioned above, since white dance floors are incredibly popular and in high demand in the wedding industry, the competition for white dance floor hire has been increasing. Event rental companies and wedding planners have raised their expectations for white dance floors. This has led to the emergence of LED white dance floors, which are also white in color but feature sparkling LED lights that create a unique and eye-catching ambiance. LED white dance floors have surpassed the popularity of traditional white dance floors in the market. Gradually, event rental and dance floor rental companies that offer LED white dance floors have seen better business opportunities compared to those still using traditional white dance floors.

TOP DANCE, as a company with 11 years of experience in offering white dance floors for sale, is here to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the white dance floor trend. We will explore the benefits of using a white dance floor for weddings and present to you some of the highly popular and high-quality LED white dance floors available.
LED Starlit Dance Floor (1)

Types of White Dance Floors

There are various options for creating a white dance floor atmosphere, with the most common being white acrylic dance floors, white vinyl dance floors, white PVC dance floors, and more. However, a new option has emerged: LED white dance floors. These dance floors are embedded with LED lights inside, allowing for dynamic light changes to suit various wedding styles and themes.

The Benefits of a White Dance Floor

So what exactly are the advantages of a white dance floor? How can they play a role in the wedding? Here, we will reveal the wonders of white dance floors and why so many people choose to install them for their weddings.

Purity and Elegant Color That Suit for Most of the Wedding Styles

Firstly, white is a color that symbolizes purity and elegance, making it a popular choice as a theme color for weddings. Therefore, having a white gloss dance floor can perfectly align with the overall aesthetic and ambiance that most people envision for their special day.

From the perspective of dance floor rental and wedding event rental companies, investing in a white dance floor can cater to the needs of almost 95% of couples planning their weddings. White is an incredibly versatile color, especially for weddings. Firstly, it is a conventional choice for wedding color schemes. Secondly, it complements other decorative elements seamlessly and can easily blend into the overall venue setup and match the specific theme of the wedding.

A Neat Background Is Suitable for Capturing Photos and Videos

Group photos and capturing the entire wedding journey are essential parts of every wedding. The white dance floor can provide a perfect backdrop for all photos and videos, creating a beautiful atmosphere. The white dance floor enhances the overall aesthetic of the occasion, giving it a sense of simplicity, elegance, and cleanliness.
Pure white dance floor

Easy to Clean and Install

Moreover, white dance floor tiles are generally easy to install, especially white seamless dance floors that are widely available in the market. They can be effortlessly installed without much difficulty.

White dance floor tiles are also relatively easy to clean and maintain.
The white color makes it easier to spot any stains or dirt, allowing for timely cleaning when dismantling and storing the dance floor after the event.Typically, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any larger debris from the surface, followed by mopping or wiping with a cloth to ensure a clean finish.

So what are the advantages of the increasingly popular LED white dance floor compared to regular white dance floors? What makes the LED white dance floor stand out among the various white dance floors? Let me reveal it to you.

TOP DANCE LED White Dance Floors Outshine 80% of Wedding Event Companies in Enhancing Your Wedding Decor

TOP DANCE has a stable customer base, consisting mainly of businesses in the dance floor rental, event rental, wedding planning, and wedding equipment rental industries.
effects of Dance Floor (3)
Due to market demand, TOP DANCE produces and sells a large quantity of white dance floors as there is a high demand for them every month. However, TOP DANCE doesn’t stop at just producing one type of product. They continuously innovate and have introduced LED Starlit Dance Floors and Pixel Dance Floors, both of which have white dance floor panels and offer the advantages mentioned earlier. But with the added feature of embedded LED lights, these two dance floors bring even more possibilities, providing our clients in wedding planning or wedding event rental with greater flexibility and options.

The Benefits of TOP DANCE LED White Dance Floor

Rgb Colour Changing

TOP DANCE’s LED white dance floor features embedded RGB LED floor lights, which allow the dance floor to emit lights in different colors. These lights can be solid colors, mixed colors, or even form various patterns or text, making the entire scene stand out from the crowd.

White Dance Floor Panel
TOP DANCE’s LED dance floors offer white dance floor panels, which is something that the majority of manufacturers in the market cannot achieve. Most manufacturers only provide black panels. TOP DANCE provides a variety of color options, allowing customers to find the dance floor that suits their event and venue better.

Easy to Operate

Moreover, the LED white dance floors are highly controllable. We have first achieve the ARENT system specifically designed for dance floors, where the signals are transmitted to each individual dance floor panel through the controller. You can easily switch between different effects using a wireless device such as a remote control or tablet.

Easy to Maintain

Our professional design makes maintenance easier, as many customers may be concerned that LED white dance floors are more difficult to maintain due to the additional control modes compared to traditional pure white dance floors. However, that is not the case. Our LED white dance floors are easy to maintain, not only in terms of cleaning as mentioned earlier, but also in terms of replacing parts. You can refer to our maintenance & installation page for more information.

Easy to Install

What’s worth mentioning is our installation method, which is really super simple for LED white dance floors. We believe that if you are involved in the wedding rental or event rental industry, installation is one of the primary considerations when purchasing a dance floor set. TOP DANCE specializes in wireless dance floors, and the magnetic connection method makes the installation even easier.

TOP Selling LED White Dance Floor

TP-873 LED Starlit Dance Floor

This dance floor is a classic LED dance floor that is highly acclaimed for its white dance floor panels, which create an elegant and romantic atmosphere, especially when used in weddings. It is a breakthrough from the traditional pure white acrylic dance floors, as it incorporates embedded LED lights. This dance floor adds a touch of sparkling starlight to every dance performed at the wedding, enhancing its romantic ambiance.

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor
TOP DANCE offers this dance floor in two panel colors: black and white, providing customers with options. The white dance floor panels are particularly popular among professionals in the wedding industry. White dance floors are well-suited for most wedding themes, and the color white always adds a sense of cleanliness and tidiness to the occasion.

What sets this dance floor apart is its ability to display effects through a tablet design. For example, if you want to express your love to your partner, you can enter “I Love You” on the backend of the tablet, and the message will be displayed on the dance floor. If you feel that plain text is too ordinary, you can also design various patterns. Simply contact us, and our designers will bring your ideas to life on the dance floor.

When it comes to the essential dance segment in a wedding, you don’t need to worry with this dance floor. If you want to create a romantic ambiance with background music, the starlit effect will surely satisfy you. Imagine the newlywed couple embracing and dancing in the center of the enchanting dance floor, surrounded by sparkling starlights. It creates a truly romantic and beautiful scene.

Just like the 873 model, this dance floor offers more than just a single-color starlit effect. You can switch between various colors using a remote control or tablet. With the RGB color system, you have endless possibilities and options to customize the dance floor according to your preferences.

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