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Magnetic LED Dance Floor

TOP DANCE offers magnetic LED dance floors available in a variety of sizes and customizable effects. Our dance floors are designed to make a visual impact that will leave a lasting impression and can be tailored to match the unique style and ambiance of your event.

Merits of Magnetic Dance Floor

Simple and Fast wireless installation

The magnetic LED dance floor from TOP DANCE utilize advanced magnetic connection technology, making it easy and convenient to assemble the dance floor. Using the power of magnetic connection, the floor tiles can be quickly connected together with a gentle push, taking just one second to complete the panel-to-panel connection.

Advanced Wireless Control Method

TOP DANCE magnetic LED dance floor comes with various control options such as computer and DMX control. Furthermore, our product also offers the convenience of remote and tablet control, you can easily switch between different effects and adjust the intensity to fit the mood of your event.

Colorful and Vibrant Effects

With versatile control options, you can easily customize the lighting to suit the mood and theme of your occasion. Whether you prefer soft pastels or bold and bright colors, our magnetic LED dance floor offers endless possibilities to elevate your event to the next level.

Extremely Simple Maintenance Method

TOP DANCE magnetic LED dance floor has an extremely simple maintenance method, making cleaning and replacement of dance floor parts effortless. Our intricate design of dance floor parts allows for easy and hassle-free replacement. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of the dance floor with our user-friendly design.

Top Selling Magnetic Dance Floor


Solid Color Effect

The TP-877 dance floor has a remarkable solid color effect, where the bright and luminous color illuminates the entire venue when the entire dance floor is presented in a single color. It adapts to the main color of the entire scene, making all the decorative colors more vividly matched and enhancing the overall visual impact.

Mix RGB Effect

The Mix RGB effect of the TP-877 dance floor is truly remarkable. The lit up dance floor with a mix of colors, the dynamic and vivid RGB lighting brings venue to life. Adaptable to any event themes, the Mix RGB effect allows for endless color combinations that enhance the visual appeal.

Text Effect

The TP-878 model is an excellent choice with its advanced technology, it can display clear e text, allowing you to showcase your event’s theme, slogans, or special messages in a unique and exciting way. You can communicate important information or display a heartfelt message that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pattern Effect

With a variety of pre-designed patterns to choose from, you can easily set the perfect mood for your event. From elegant floral patterns to heart shapes, the options are endless. Plus, with the ability to customize your own patterns, you can truly make the dance floor your own.
3D Star Dance Floor (1)

Starlit Effect

It offers a stunning starlit effect that blends seamlessly with a mesmerizing 3D effect. The combination of twinkling stars and dynamic 3D visuals illusion creates a truly immersive atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
3D Star Dance Floor (2)

Mix RGB Effect

The dance floor creates a dynamic and colorful atmosphere. The seamless color transitions and dazzling patterns add an extra layer of excitement to any event, making it unforgettable for all who attend.
876 interactive dance floor

Interactive Effect

TP-876 comes with built-in sensors that allow for interactive effects. With these interactive features, guests will be amazed and captivated by the entertaining effects, encouraging them to dance the night away. From stunning visual effects to interactive and engaging features, the TP-876 dance floor is sure to be the highlight of your event.
Interactive LED Floor

Solid Color Effect

The saturated multicolor effect is equally impressive. When the dance floor presents a range of colors, the vibrant and vivid hues bring life to the entire space. The color scheme can be adjusted to complement the overall theme, enhancing the visual appeal of the entire decor with an added sense of depth.
TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Starlit Effects

Starlit Effect

It designed with a stunning starlit effect, creating a dreamy and magical atmosphere for any event. The twinkling stars are scattered throughout the dance floor, illuminating the space with a soft and enchanting glow. It’s the perfect touch to elevate the ambiance of your event and create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.
TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Pattern Effect (2)

Pattern Effect

Get ready to be captivated by the stunning pattern effect of the TP-871 dance floor. The blending colors and shapes seamlessly allows for endless creative possibilities, making it the perfect addition to any party or performance.
TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor Solid Colors

Solid Colors

The special panel visual effect, combined with bright colors, illuminates the entire panel and presents the same tone throughout the space. Ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully designed and executed to create a cohesive and memorable experience for everyone in attendance.
TP-879 New Frosted Starlit Dance Floor Mix RGB Effect

Mix RGB Effect

The RGB effect can create a wide range of colors by mixing different intensities of red, green, and blue, making it possible to match any event theme or mood. With the ability to program and control the RGB effect, the dance floor can be customized to match the rhythm and beat of the music.

Time Saving Installation of Magnetic LED Dance Floor

The installation of the magnetic LED dance floor is extremely time and labor-saving. The panels are connected through magnets, which makes it easy for anyone to install without complex wiring or special skills. The installation process is effortless and straightforward, saving you time and effort.

Super Easy to maintain the Magnetic LED Dance Floor

The advanced panel design and user-friendly maintenance guide make maintenance of your magnetic LED floor a breeze. We also have a dedicated after-sales team to help you solve any maintenance issues and provide you with detailed guidance.

Why Your Event Will Benefit from Having a Magnetic Dance Floor Set Up?

The dance floor can not only be easily installed, but also eliminates the worry of later maintenance. TOP DANCE is a professional company that has been producing LED dance floors for over ten years. Our advanced panel design and user-friendly maintenance guide enable you to easily have wonderful effects and adapt to various occasions. No matter what kind of LED dance floor you need, we can provide you with the ultimate solution. Choose TOP DANCE and let your venue shine with unique charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the magnetic dance floor?

For reference, it only takes 15 minutes to install a 16×16 dance floor, and less than 10 minutes to install a 10×10 dance floor using our magnetic connection technology.

Can the magnetic dance floor be customized to fit a specific event theme?

Certainly. For example, our 878 digital dance floor can be customized with specific patterns and text effects based on the customer’s needs. These can be inserted into an SD card, allowing customers to display these effects on the dance floor.

What happens if one floor tile is damaged?

Our dance floor tiles are designed to be easy to replace or maintain. If a tile is damaged, you can contact our after-sales team to investigate the cause and see if it is a problem with the accessories that need to be replaced. Our maintenance is very simple. If there is damage that occurs after prolonged use, we offer replacement tiles for purchase as needed.

Are there any safety concerns with the magnetic dance floor?

Our dance floor has a strong load-bearing capacity, with each panel capable of supporting up to 600kg. You don’t have to worry about accommodating all of your guests as long as you choose a size that is big enough. Additionally, each set of our magnetic LED dance floor comes with edges that can prevent guests from slipping or tripping over while dancing.

What is the warranty period for the magnetic dance floor?

We offer a 3-year warranty period.

What is the power consumption of this Magnetic LED dance floor?

Our dance floor The power consumption of the Magnetic LED dance floor will vary depending on the size of the dance floor and the effects used. Our LED dance floors use high-efficiency LED lights, which consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional lighting.

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