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Nightclub Decor Set for Sale

Customizable Nightclub Decor Set:
Max Impact, Minimal Spend

Revamp your nightclub’s vibe with our affordable, lively decoration sets. Featuring everything from LED dance floors, DJ booths, and LED tubes to screens, beam lights, and CO2 effects, our range ensures a captivating environment without overspending, turning each event into a remarkable experience. By upgrading your nightclub’s atmosphere, you’ll draw in more guests and, in turn, increase your earnings.

Economical Choices

Opting for our all-inclusive night club decor collection offers considerable cost benefits, reducing expenses linked to buying items separately and eliminating additional charges like shipping and customs.

Tailored Solutions

TOP DANCE solutions offer adaptability, enabling you to customize your package to meet the specific requirements and financial constraints of your endeavor.

24/7 Assistance

Gain confidence with our continuous technical and post-sale support for each products of your selected collections, providing assistance whenever you need it.

Projects of Innovative Nightclub Decor Sets

Nightclub Decor Sets 1

Customer Identity: Dance Club
Country: Canada

Product List:

  • TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor (16x16ft)
  • DJ Booth x1 set
  • 230w Beam Light x 2pcs
Frosted-and-Mirror-Dance-Floor-TP-877A (2)

Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor TP-877A

  • Magnetic Quick-Connect: Each panel snaps together in just a second.
  • Variety of Effects: Features RGB colors, starlit, pattern, and 3D infinity effects.
  • Control functions effortlessly with a remote.
  • Effortless Upkeep: Modular parts for easy maintenance.
  • Customizable Size to fit your space.
  • Can bear a weight of 500-600 kg.
LED Furniture (3)

DJ Booth

  • Personalized logos or visuals.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Versatile Application: offering flexibility in use.
  • Modern and stylish design.
  • High-quality materials: withstand regular transport.
LED Furniture (3)

230w Beam Light

  • Exceptional Brightness
  • Versatile Movement: 540° horizontally and 270° vertically
  • Diverse Effects: 14 colors, haze, patterns, and prism features
  • Simple DMX512 Operation

Nightclub Decor Sets 2

Customer Identity: Bar
Country: USA

Product List:

  • TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor (16x16ft)
  • LED Furniture x 2 sets
  • 280w Beam Light x 4pcs
  • Wireless Uplight x 8 pcs
Frosted-and-Mirror-Dance-Floor-TP-877A (2)

TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

  • Panels connect instantly in just a second
  • Tailor graphic, text RGB, starlit, strobe effects
  • Simplified remote/ tablet operation
  • Detachable components for straightforward upkeep
  • Adjustable Dimension
  • Accommodates 500-600 kg effortlessly
LED Furniture (3)

LED Furniture

  • A wide range of styles and shapes available
  • Intense brightness and spectrum of colors
  • Rechargeable battery for extended usage
  • Operate effortlessly with a remote
  • Lightweight and easy to move and install
  • Engineered to resist water ingress
LED Furniture (3)

280w Beam Light

  • Exceptional Brightness
  • Moves 540° on the horizontal axis and 270° vertically.
  • Includes 14 color options, fog effects, various patterns, and prism capabilities.
  • Effortless DMX512 Control
LED Furniture (3)

Wireless Uplight

  • Lasts between 5 to 16 hours after a full charge.
  • Remote controls for convenience.
  • Over 16.7 million colors to choose from.
  • Capable of up to 100,000 hours of use.
  • Offers powerful light intensity.

Nightclub Decor Sets 3

Customer Identity: Bar
Country: USA
Product List:

  • TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor (20x 20ft)
  • P3.91 LED Screen (4x2m)
  • 295w Beam Light x4pcs
  • Truss x 1 set
Frosted-and-Mirror-Dance-Floor-TP-877A (2)

Frosted and Mirror Dance FloorTP-877A

  • Panels snap together in a mere second
  • RGB hues, celestial starlit effects, 3D infinity visuals
  • Easily managed via remote control.
  • Easily detached for cleaning or repair.
  • Adjust the dimensions as required.
  • Designed to support 500-600 kg
IndoorOutdoor P3.91 Led Screen Wall (1)

P3.91 LED Display

  • 3840 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth visuals.
  • Support Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Crystal-clear imagery with deep contrasts.
  • Multiple designs to match any setup.
  • Supports bracket, wall, and hanging mounts.
  • Adjustable dimensions for precise installations.
280w beam led light (4)

295w Beam Light

  • Lower power consumption with high output
  • Features 540°horizontal and 270°vertical rotations.
  • 4 color options, haze, multiple patterns, and prism effects.
  • Effortless Control: Easy-to-use DMX512 functionality.
  • Quick, smooth transitions and sweeps across spaces.
led display truss (1)


  • Flexible Truss Dimensions
  • Diverse Truss Structures
  • Premium Aluminum Construction
  • Enhanced Load Support
  • Simplified Assembly and Disassembly

Customize Your Ideal Package

Design Your own set that fits your specific needs and budget, ensuring access to a tailored nightclub decor collection of essential items aimed at enhancing your nightclub’s atmosphere. Choose the best and most beneficial set to create the event setting of the whole venue.

Recent Projects

LED DJ Booth (4)

Owner of night club

“The atmosphere in our nightclub was electrified, thanks to your LED dance floors, captivating LED screens, and beam lights, which became the center of attention, thrilling our guests. Your dedication to product and service excellence truly stands out”
nightclub dance floor

Club Owner

“The transformation of our venue into a mesmerizing spectacle was all thanks to your innovative LED dance floor and dynamic lighting solutions. The combination of your frosted and infinity LED panels, LED screens, and vibrant beam lights created an unparalleled visual feast, making our club the talk of the town. Your commitment to quality and service excellence has truly set a new standard!”

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