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What’s the Difference Between Pixel Dance Floor and 3D LED Dance Floor?

Jan 26, 2024 | Product Guides

With the dynamic trend of event planning and entertainment, the dance floor is now an integral part of the experience. As we delve into the difference of Pixel Dance Floors and 3D LED Dance Floors, it’s essential to understand their distinct features for better applications.

This comprehensive guide is designed to enlighten event rental businesses, event planners, and LED dance floor distributors on the nuances between these two innovative products.

1.What Is a 3D LED Dance Floor

The 3D LED Dance Floor, also known as infinity dance floor, 3D mirror dance floor, is a hit in today’s event scene, famous for its stunning 3D effects. It creates an alluring visual illusion, like dancing over a deep abyss. This effect is achieved by a clever design that layers LED filaments under floor tiles, a mirror base, and a clear glass panel on top.
3D LED Dance Floor
TOP DANCE, the original manufacturer, set out to create a dance floor that would be the highlight of any event, from parties to weddings, DJ sets, and more. The result is a vibrant, color-changing LED dance floor that brings events to life. It’s not just about the visual appeal; it’s about crafting memorable moments where every step is part of the show.

2.What Is a Pixel Dance Floor?

The Pixel Dance Floor, also known as digital dance floor, is renowned for its dazzling and diverse effects, including pattern effects, text effects, starry effects, MIX RGB effects, and more. Moreover, its effects can be highly customized. For instance, if you wish to display your name or the theme of your event on the dance floor, or if you want to create a romantic starry sky or a sweet heart pattern for your wedding, this pixel dance floor can easily bring your vision to life.
Pixel Dnace Floor
TOP DANCE leads the industry by being the first to implement the ARTENT control system. Our exclusive, advanced Tablet control allows for direct manipulation of the pixel dance floor. Users can easily select sizes, type directly, and choose any pattern effect for playback, all through the Tablet’s intuitive interface.

3. What’s the Differences and Similarities Between TOP DANCE Pixel Dance Floors and 3D LED Dance Floors?

While both types of dance floors are designed to elevate the atmosphere of any event, their functionalities cater to different preferences. Both floors boast high durability, ease of installation, and the ability to create a variety of effects. But they are also quite different in appearance, effect and control.

pixel dance floor vs 3D dance floor


◆Installation Method
Both dance floors utilize a magnetic connection method with 18 round magnets, ensuring stable signal and power connections. They offer quick and effortless installation, allowing for one-second tile assembly.

◆Maintenance Method
Maintenance is a breeze for both options, featuring a convenient design where the magnet bar and motherboard can be easily removed and replaced.

The dance floor cabinet shells of both dance floors share similarities, featuring a protective wrap-around design on top to safeguard the glass from potential cracks during assembly.
10MM Tempered Glass Panel Magnetic Dance Floor
The bottom of the floor tile chassis is equipped with a specialized non-slip rubber design to enhance friction, preventing unintentional separation after assembly.

The magnets and magnet strips on the sides incorporate protective designs to prevent corrosion from spills, and a secure snap design ensures a strong connection between the two dance floor panels.

◆Dimensions & Capacity
Both dance floors share identical basic specifications, measuring 50x50x7cm, with an option for customization to 60x60x7cm. They feature ABS plastic chassis material and 10mm glass panels, capable of supporting a weight load of 500-600kg.
Size of Magnetic Dance Floor
◆Dance Floor Tile Colors
Both LED dance floors are available in black dance floor tiles and white dance floor tiles.

◆Application Field
Both of these dance floors are versatile and suitable for a wide range of occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, private gatherings, corporate events, DJ performances, and more.
multiple dance floor effects


When unlit, the two products differ in appearance. The 3D LED Dance Floor features a mirrored surface, while the Pixel Dance Floor showcases an 8×8 arrangement of white polka dots.
◆Control Methods
Both dance floors support computer, DMX, and wireless remote control. However, it’s worth noting that only the Pixel Dance Floor offers tablet control.

Pixel Dance Floor Control Mehtod

3D LED Dance Floor Control Mehtod
control method of 3D dance floor

3D LED Dance Floor: Offers over twenty distinct effects, including 3D infinite effects, simple patterns, starlight patterns, mixed color RGB effects, and solid color effects.
3D LED Dance Floor Effects
Pixel Dance Floor: Highly customizable, capable of achieving more than 200 effects, including dynamic and intricate pattern effects, starry sky effects, text effects, mixed color RGB effects, and solid color effects, among others.
LED dance floor effects

4. Which is Better for Me: Pixel or 3D Dance Floor?

Both of these dance floors are currently in high demand, known for their vibrant and dazzling effects. You have the flexibility to choose the specific effects that match your requirements. Our popular sizes include 16x16ft, 20x20ft, and 24x24ft.

If you need a customized solution tailored to your unique needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We’re here to assist you!


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