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Pixel Floor

To elevate event experiences with superior creativity, buy a set TOP DANCE Pixel Dance Floor. Instant magnetic assembly, wireless tablet control, and a blend of text patterns and starlit effects, all in one super dance floor.

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What Is a Pixel Floor?

Pixel floors typically consist of numerous LED lights, employing advanced LED lighting technology. By means of control, they can display intricate patterns, colors, starlight and dynamic effects on the LED floor tile panels, creating a distinctive and dazzling ambiance. This enhances the visual appeal and interactivity of events, resulting in a profound user experience. LED pixel dance floor has emerged as a new trend captivating people’s attention at various events, integrating lighting effects and overall ambiance of the event venue to achieve a perfect fusion.

Best-Selling Pixel Floor of TOP DANCE

Creating a unique and perfect choice for events, combining the ultimate simplicity of assembly with wireless control method seamlessly, TOP DANCE offers you a variety of popular pixel dance floors, leading the trend. Infuse your event with distinct charm and dynamism, crafting a captivating new visual experience.
Pixel Dance Floor TP-878
This pixel dance floor is among TOP DANCE’s top sellers due to its ability to create text, pattern, and starlight effects with vibrant colors and dynamic modes. The tablet control introduces users to instant transformative benefits.
TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor (1)
The industry’s most advanced pixel LED dance floor features an unprecedentedly simple and innovative wireless installation method, providing a more convenient and flexible experience, and enhancing its overall applicability.

Innovative Choice for Various Events and Occasions

The pixel dance floor can achieve a wide variety of effects, it can create endless possibilities for event planning. It is suitable for weddings, engagement ceremonies, banquets, parties, and clubs etc. The romantic and twinkling starlight effect adds a romantic touch to elegant weddings and formal reception banquets. The vibrant mixture of colors, rich pattern effects combined with dynamic changing modes, brings energy to parties. The dynamic visual presentation makes the overall event truly remarkable.

Favorable Sizes and Solutionss

What size dance floor is needed for 100 guests? What size dance floor is needed for 200 guests? If you’re planning to buy a dance floor set, choosing TOP DANCE will alleviate any concerns about the size. Our professional sales team and technician will customize it for you, providing dimensions that align with your actual situation and budget requirements, ensuring a solution that will satisfy you even more.
Dance Floor Size Number of Floor Tiles Event Scale
24X24 dance floor 200 pcs 180-200 people
20×20 dance floor 144 pcs 120-150 people
18×18 dance floor 121 pcs 100-120 people
15×15 dance floor 100 pcs 80-100 people

How Does the Effect of a Pixel Floor Illuminate Your Event?

A pixel dance floor combines customizable dynamic pattern effects, sparkling starlit effects, inspirational text effects, and splendid vibrant colors to create a dazzling and captivating result, catering to the needs of various occasions.

Pattern effects and text effects are both customizable, allowing for the presentation of limitless inspiration, catering to different themes and requirements you have. For instance, at a wedding, you can display words like “I Love You” or heart shape pattern while during the dance segment, you can set it to pure colors or sparkling starlit mode. With various effects for different segments, a pixel dance floor set can enrich and enhance the atmosphere of your event, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

Pattern effects of pixel floor

Why Choose Us?

11 Years of LED Dance Floor Manufacturing

11 Years of Wireless LED Dance Floor Manufacturing

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Rigorous Quality Control With 1000 SQM Testing Area
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Professional Patents and Certificates

led dance floor one year warranty

Super Long Warranty Period for 3 Years

Product Features

Compact and Lightweight Panel Design

The pixel dance floor features an exceptionally lightweight construction. The dance floor panels are sized at 50x50x7cm, providing a highly portable and compact design. With a mere weight of 8.5kg, they can be effortlessly lifted and assembled, ensuring easy installation, reduced setup time, and less exertion required.
Light Weight Design

Two Panel Color Options Available

TOP DANCE offers a more fitting selection for your venue or event. Our pixel dance floor comes in both black and white options. Whether it’s a vibrant and stylish party or an elegant and formal wedding, the black and white dance floor panels allow you to achieve a more tailored dance floor scene.
Pixel dance floor size

Exceptional Weight-Bearing Capacity

Surpassing all other floor tiles, the top-tier pixel dance floor achieves an unparalleled weight-bearing capacity, with the capability to support up to 600kg. This is equivalent to the weight of a car, ensuring remarkable durability and stability, providing a secure and worry-free usage experience.
digital dance floor for a car show

Advanced Wireless Control System

Achieving these stunning effects doesn’t require complex control methods. TOP DANCE offers you a more efficient and flexible control solution. Our pixel dance floor can be controlled via DMX computer control as well as tablet control.

TOP DANCE is also the first dance floor led dance floor manufacturer to implement remote and tablet control, providing you with the most professional and mature control system. It’s worth mentioning that tablet control even allows for more convenient effect customization operations, enabling easier and more flexible switching between different effect modes.

Control Method of Pixel Floor

Achieve Large-Scale Installation in Minimal Time

With continuous upgrades and optimizations, TOP DANCE’s pixel dance floor achieves an unprecedented level of super simplicity, speed, and stability in installation. Featuring 18 built-in magnets, the dance floor panels instantly connect together. No wiring is needed throughout the entire setup, making it effortless for you to install a 20x20ft dance floor or 25x25ft dance floor – a breeze, no matter the size.


Choosing the right packaging contributes to an enhanced user experience. We offer both flight cases and carton boxes, allowing you to select based on your specific needs.

Flight cases offer enhanced durability and facilitates easy transport between venues. Their wheeled design reduces the need for manual handling. Additionally, we provide the option for personalized LOGO customization service that meet your needs.

Details of Packing

Dance Floor Size Number of Floor Tiles Number of Flight Case Number of Cartons Accessory Cases
24X24ft dance floor 200 pcs 25 100 2
20X20ft dance floor 144 pcs 18 72 1
18×18 dance floor 121pcs 16 61 1
15×15 dance floor 100pcs 13 50 1

The Evolution of Pixel Floors

To create an enhanced user experience, TOP DANCE pixel dance floors have undergone continuous technological advancements. This has led to achieving an entirely wireless installation method that’s simpler, signals and electrical transmissions that are more stable, incredibly convenient maintenance procedures, and an exclusive and mature control system that make customization available.

Former Design of Magnetic Pixel Floor

Revolution of TOP Dance Pixel Floor (1)
Iron Case
12 Built-In Magnets
Built-In Mainboard
Dmx, Computer, Reomote Control

Upgraded Magnetic Pixel Dance Floor

Revolution of TOP Dance Pixel Floor (2)
Abs Plastic Case
18 Built-In Magnets
Mainboard at Buttom
Convenient Tablet and Reomote Control

Battery Digital Dance Floor

Revolution of TOP Dance Pixel Floor (3)
Abs Plastic Case
18 Built-In Magnets, Mainboard at Buttom
More Stable Connection, Easy Maintenance
Super Long 12 Hours Runtime


Do you provide rental services for pixel floor?

No, we do not offer rental services. We solely provide the most professional dance floor sales services. If you have any inquiries about our led pixel floors, please feel free to contact us at any time, we are happy to assist you.

Can pixel dance floors be used outdoors?

It can be used for outdoor use, but for better installation stability, it’s advisable to ensure the ground is sufficiently even.

Do you offer different sizes and colors of pixel dance floors?

Indeed, for colors, we offer dance floor panels in both black and white. As for sizes, we provide customization services, with the standard size being 50*50*7cm. Additionally, we can offer dance floor panels in the size of 60*60*7cm.

How long is the warranty period for these 3D dance floors?

The TOP DANCE pixel dance floor is highly durable, with the dance floor led lights source alone lasting up to 50,000 hours. Its excellent quality assures a reliable performance in the market. TOP DANCE also offers an extended 3-year after-sales guarantee, backed by a professional and attentive support team to address any concerns or difficulties you may encounter.

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