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230W Beam Light


  • Diverse Color & Effect Palette
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Exceptional Brightness
  • Extended Warranty

Discover the amazing light effects of 230W Beam Light

Explore the captivating illumination of the 230W Beam Light, a premier stage lighting solution designed to deliver unmatched brightness and versatile color adjustments. This fixture stands out for its ability to produce spectacular visual effects with its rich color options, making it ideal for enhancing performances and events with dynamic, high-quality lighting.

Product Structure

Dimensions and Weight

Compact and easy to handle, measuring 40*32*52cm and weighing just 17.5kg, facilitating effortless transportation and setup.

Beam Light

Color Selection

Available in black and white, these options allow for seamless integration into various event themes and settings.

Flexible Rotation

Features a 540° horizontal and 270° vertical rotation, offering broad coverage and enabling intricate effects and scene blending for an immersive visual experience.

Key Benefits of the 230W Beam Light

Rich Color Spectrum:

Boasts 14 dynamic colors, including pure white, with capabilities for semi-color and rainbow effects, offering a broad palette for creative lighting designs.

Atmospheric Atomization:

Generates captivating, diffused visual effects that evoke a romantic and mystical atmosphere.

Diverse Pattern Options:

Features nine rotating and fifteen fixed patterns, providing a wealth of visual textures and designs for any occasion.

Innovative Prism Effects:

With 16 prism types and additional double prism options, it achieves unique and complex lighting effects, enhancing creativity and distinction in lighting presentations.

Application Fields of 230W Beam Light

The 230W beam light’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of events, including live performances, concerts, theater productions, fashion shows, DJ sets, nightclubs, weddings, corporate events, parties, and exhibition lighting.

How to Control the 230w Beam Light?

Offers 16 DMX512 channel modes for comprehensive control, alongside master-slave, self-propelled, and sound-activated modes, ensuring user-friendly operation for various event requirements.

Convenient Packaging Solutions

A highly professional packaging approach ensures enhanced protection for the 230W beam light, where each flight case is designed to hold two beam lights securely. The construction material is robust, providing superior protection against impacts, dust, and water damage. This method serves as an ideal storage and transportation solution.


Voltage AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Total power 300W
Ballast electronic ballast
Light Bulb High Brightness 7R 230W
Color temperature 8500K
Average life span 2000H
Color With 14 colors + white light, rainbow effect
Pattern With 17 fixed pattern pieces + blank
Prism Rotate 8/16 prism, can rotate bidirectional
Soft light effect The spot Angle of soft light can be adjusted
Focus linear focus Dimming: 0 linear adjustment
Scanning range X axis 540 degrees, Y axis 270 degrees
Beam Angle Parallel beam Angle: 0-2.3°
Stroboscopic Duplex stroboscopic (0.5-9 times/second)
Control mode international standard DMX512 channels Number: 16/20 channels
Other functions: remote control bulb switch function, display lamps, bulbs

Why Choose TOP DANCE?


Certified Excellence:
Proven quality and professional standards.

Quick transaction

Industry Leadership:
11 years of experience in the field.

inside the warehouse

Convenient Pick-Up:
Available from our LA and Belgium warehouses.

led dance floor one year warranty

Reliable Warranty:
Benefit from an extended 1-year warranty.


Q: What other beam light models do you offer?

A: Alongside our 230W beam light, we also provide 280W and 295W beam lights. These models are among our best sellers and have garnered positive feedback from a diverse customer base.

Q: Are your beam lights energy-efficient?

A: Yes, our beam lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are capable of delivering impressive and vibrant lighting effects while consuming less power.

Q: Can I see customer reviews of your beam lights?

A: Absolutely. For access to customer feedback, including photos and videos, please reach out to us via WhatsApp or email. We’re happy to share the experiences of our satisfied customers.

Q: Is it possible to rent your beam lights for events?

A: We do not offer rental services; our business model is based on direct purchases. However, our high-quality beam lights are available at factory prices, offering you an excellent value for your investment.

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