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Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor

Do you want your event to have a vibrant and colorful visual effect? Do you want to experience the thrill of instantly splicing dance floor panels? Introducing the TP-877A, combined with both saturated frosted and stunning 3D mirrored dance floor panel, creating a more dimensional visual effect. With magnetic installation method, you can achieve panel connections in just one second. The TP-877A will bring all your vision to life.


  • Exclusive Magnetic Connection
  • Frosted and Mirror Panel
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Vibrant Visual Effects

Unleashing the Magical Effects of TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor

30'x30' LED Dance Floor (2)

Solid Colors

Having mesmerizing and vibrant hues, both the frosted dance floor panel and 3d dance floor panel can present a captivating colors and brilliant solution. With its vivid shades and impressive brightness, it captures your attention instantly in any settings. When you dance on it, just like immersing yourself in a world of color collisions.
3D infinity dance floor in a nightclub

Creative Frosted Mirror Dance Floor Panel Splicing

Featuring two types of panels, including frosted dance floor panels and 3D mirror LED dance floor panels, combining these two panels creates a more three-dimensional visual effect. The frosted panels enhances the depth and clarity of the 3D infinite effect.

Mix Rgb effects

Mix RGB Effects

The mixing RGB effect allows the colors to seamlessly transition and rotate on the lighted dance floor panels, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Combined with the 3D visual disparity, it presents a stunning visual effect that is truly mesmerizing.

In-depth Uncovering of TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor Panels

high-quality LED source

Unparalleled ABS Plastic Material Case

The latest upgraded enclosure design features an ABS plastic casing with improved craftsmanship, making it the first in the industry. It is more robust and durable compared to traditional dance floors, with an upgraded weight-bearing capacity. Moreover, the entire dance floor tile weighs only 8.5kg, making it easy for one person to move around effortlessly.
strong load capacity of dance floor

Super Durable 10mm Tempered Glass

For increased durability, the dance floor tiles surface feature a 10mm tempered glass. This thickness exceeds that of other suppliers, ensuring a higher weight-bearing capacity. It can withstand the scraping of high-heeled shoes and support a crowd dancing on it with ease.
high-quality LED source

Newly Upgraded Detailed Design

The dance floor tiles have undergone a completely new upgrade and evolution. The upgraded dance floor tiles features circular magnets instead of square magnet strips. Each panel is equipped with 18 magnets, the highest number of magnets in the industry, ensuring a more stable connection between the tiles.

LED Dance Floors Enter the Era of Wireless Control System – TOP DANCE Only

To provide customers with a more convenient control method, TOP DANCE has developed a controller system that enables one-click switching between starry sky effects and other effects. Additionally, TOP DANCE is the first manufacturer to achieve compatibility between the ARTNET control system and LED dance floors.

This dance floor offers multiple control options, including computer and DMX control. However, to achieve a more convenient control method and meet customer demands, we have introduced remote control, making wireless control possible. This alleviates the pressure on event planners and organizers in terms of controlling the dance floor. There is no need for complex connections; simply install the dance floor and press the remote control button to enable wireless control. Not only can you adjust brightness and speed, but you can also achieve strobe effects and switch between different effects.

TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor, Making One-Second Installation Possible

TOP DANCE has always been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering the magnetic connection technology that enables wireless connections between panels. With its dedicated locking design, making more stable connection, there is no need for any connectors, achieving the remarkable feat of one panel per second installation.

Professional Certificate Accreditation

Our products are at the forefront of the industry, excelling in both quality and technology. We ensure that all our products undergo strict verification according to CE and RoHS certifications.

Each of our magnetic LED dance floors has its own patent certificate, showcasing its originality in both appearance and technology. We strive to continuously meet customer demands and achieve industry breakthroughs.

RoHS-Certificate-of-TOP-dance-LED-dance-floor (1)

Packaging Details of TP-877A Frosted and Mirror Dance Floor

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer two packaging options: flight case packaging and carton packaging.

Flight case packaging is more suitable for customers who frequently move the dance floor, such as event rental companies and event organizers. The flight case comes with wheels, making it convenient for transportation. It is extremely durable and resistant to damage, and can also serve as a storage solution for the dance floor tiles.

On the other hand, carton packaging is more suitable for one-time installations. If you don’t anticipate moving the dance floor tiles frequently after installation, carton packaging would be a better choice for you.

Recharging Flight Case
carton packing for dance floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Are TP-877A frosted and mirror dance floors suitable for all types of events?

Yes, it can be used in various events like parties, weddings, band performance, exhibition etc. The choice of dance flooring depends on the aesthetics and atmosphere that the particular event requires.

Are frosted and mirror dance floors suitable for small venues or tight spaces?

Yes, TP-877A frosted and mirror dance floors can be adapted to fit both small venue and the lager one. We support size customization. You can send us the size of the venue and the number of guests and we’ll make an recommendation for the best size solution.

How far in advance should I book or order a frosted or mirror dance floor?

It is recommended to book or order a frosted or mirrored dance floor in advance, especially on popular event dates or during peak seasons. So it is recommended to inquire and secure a reservation as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Are TP-877A frosted and mirror dance floors suitable for events with heavy foot traffic?

Yes, it can withstand the heavy foot traffic. It was designed to be super in load bearing capacity. It can stand 600 kg of weight. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to withstand people dancing on it.

Can frosted and mirror dance floors be used for events with a theme or specific color scheme?

Yes, of course. TP-877A frosted and mirror dance floors are LED dance floors. It support wide range of RGB colors lighting. And multiple effects are available. For example, mix rgb effects, solid color etc. You can not only choose the color that suitable for you event, but also switch the effect in accordance with the requirement of different section of the event.

Can I install a frosted or mirror dance floor myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Of course, Our dance floor is designed to save installation time, and it can be set up by a single person. No special technical skills or professional assistance are required. You can easily set it up by following our instructions.

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