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Magic Star Dance Floor

To experience the magic of mesmerizing light show with our easy-to- install TP-871 magic dance floor. The stunning effects will definitely adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any occasion.

  • DMX,computer and remote control
  • Professioal dance floor panel design
  • Load capacity up to 600kg
  • Stable signal and power connection

TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor

Amazing effects with the unique panel surface, which will make your effects wonderful.
TP 871 Magic-Star Dance Floor Solid Colors effects

Solid Colors

The TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor looks good in different kinds of colors. Thanks for the high quality of the LEDs, the color of the light up floors is saturated and well-proportioned .
TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Pattern Effect (2)

Mix RGB Effects

The TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor can display a variety of saturated color range and lighting effects. With the color flashing on the floor will create a high-energy atmosphere and provide you with a sense of excitement and anticipation.
TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Starlit Effects

Starlit Effects

To present a starry night on the dance floor, to set up the magic star dance floor is a wise choice for you. This LED dance floor’s exceptional brightness and distinctive star pattern design on its surface create a captivating starlit effect, resulting in a magical atmosphere.

Suitable Event Types and Venues for the TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor

If you want to start your event rental business, LED dance floor rental is a good choice. Because it is easy to set up, which can save you more time and labor costs. And its wonderful effects are suitable for different events like different kinds of parties, weddings, dj events etc. To improve your revenue and establish a reputation as a reliable event planner, purchasing a set of LED dance floor will make it easier.

What are the strengths of the TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor?

Dance Floor Panel

LED dance floor's Tempered Glass Panel and ABS case

Flexible Size of the TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Panel

The TP-871 Magic star dance floor use 50x50cm tempered glass panels. And the thickness of the whole dance floor tile is 7cm. With this size, it is much easier to carry the panel the more beautiful in appearance.
LED dance floor ABS case

Superior Material of the TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor Panel

The ABS plastic case is a solid and durable material which is suitable to be used for dance floor case. It’s much lighter than the iron case and it can be much easier to move and reduce the difficulty of assemble and disassemble.
TP-871 Magic Star Frosted Magnet Led Dance Floor

Unique Dance Floor Panel Design

What makes TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor stand out from the market is its unique and beautiful panel. Different from the simple panel of the market, the TP-871 get a star pattern on its panel, which is special and create a wonderful focal point to the scene.

Dance Floor Parts

high-quality LED source

First-rate LED Sources of the Dance Floor Panel

TOP DANCE choose the SMD5050 LED sources after testing many kinds of LEDs. It is much more reliable and durable for long time using. Its working life hours can up to 50000 hours, which can stand for heavy use.

The Anti-slippery Dance Floor Edge Design

To prevent the users falling from the the dance floor, TOP DANCE provide edges for each set of dance floor, which has a specific texture on the surface to add the level of the friction. Therefore, the guests will notice of the risk of falling, even if they are so immersive in the events.

strong load capacity of dance floor

Super Load Capacity

Due to the solid and durable 10mm tempered glass on the surface of the dance floor, the load capacity of theTP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor is up to 600kg. Therefore, The risk of collapse or rupture is greatly reduced.

Using Multiple Methods of Control to Operate the Dance Floor

We provide three different kinds of control method, which make it easier to control the dance floor. We have DMX control, computer control and remote control. All of this control method can make your party being interesting and exciting. You can switching the effects at any time you want.

To Set Up the Dance Floor in a Short Time

TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor provide you with an extremely easy way to install. Because it is a magnetic dance floor, it can achieve instant connection without the complicated process to connect the wire.

Reliability Guaranteed: TOP DANCE Dance Floor for Your Event

TP-871 Magic Star Dance Floor have manufactured base on the certificate, which meet safety standards and comply with environmental regulations. It is a unique product that stand out from the market, which has its own patents. In addition, there is a designated testing space spanning 1500 square meters where each panel undergoes a rigorous testing procedure before being shipped out. This ensures that the panels are of high quality and meet the necessary standards for delivery.
Testing-Area (2)


We use flight case as the product packing. Because the solid and durable material of flight case, the dance floor can stay in good condition even after the long time delivery. We can also provide carton for packing. All base on the requirements of the customers.
Check the picture for more packing details.
Flight Case Packing for LED Dance Floor
Carton Packing for LED Dance Floor


“Awesome star effect, set up for the party, all of my guests enjoy the dancing time.”

“Quite easy to install, just take me 8 minutes to finish installing.”

“Controlling with the remote, quick switching.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This the Madrix Controller?

No, it can,t be controlled by Madrix. We usually use our own controller and remote to control it. Also it can be controlled by dmx and computer.

Do We Have to Do Any Update in the Software ? Like in 1-2-3 Years?

Don’t worry, the current software is the latest, we will only update the effect files later, if there is a new effect file, I will send it to you in time.

How Signal Is Transmit to Other Panels?

The signal is connected by magnet.

When Can I Get the Dance Floor?

Let me check with our production department. Do you need the goods in hurry? Please let me know when do you need to use the led dance floor?

Is There Edging for the Floor?

Yes,we will provide you with a complete set of edges and accessories.

What Is the Surface Made Of? Can You Explain What Material It Is Made Of?

The surface is tempered glass and it is hard. No worry about this.

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