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Video Dance Floor

Boost venue creativity with the ability to display diverse graphics, patterns, and videos, offering the freedom to design immersive, theme-aligned environments.

  • Various Pixel Pitch for Selection
  • Stunning Visual Performance
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Great Load Capacity

Customized Visual Impact: Select Your Resolution

Dive into a world of vibrant, high-definition visuals right beneath you. Optimized Visual Clarity with the TP-875 Video Dance Floor. Experience vibrant, high-definition visuals and precise resolution choices between P4.81 and P3.91 pixel pitches, ensuring your event’s visuals are both captivating and tailored to your venue’s requirements.

Advantages of TP-875 Video Dance Floor

TOP dance provide provide visually appealing, long-lasting video dance floors.

Load Capacity (2)

Long-Lasting Brilliance

The TOP DANCE video dance floor excels with its superior LED quality and durability, boasting a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This longevity ensures significant savings on replacements and maintenance.
Long-Lasting Brilliance

Superior Durability and Load Capacity

TP-875 video dance floor panels are built for exceptional durability, resisting damage under heavy loads and stress, and are engineered for high traffic, ensuring safety and long-term reliability.
Moisture-resistance Panel

Moisture-resistance Panel Design

With its advanced moisture resistance technology, our video dance floor excels at effortlessly handling spills from drinks, ensuring that the lively atmosphere of your event is maintained seamlessly, without any interruptions to the festivities.

Functions of TP-875 Video Dance Floor

To set up a dance floor to your event can truly bring a unique experience to the events or venues.

Video dance floor

Enhanced Visual Clarity

TP-875 Video Dance Floor, with its high refresh rate and high-definition, delivers vivid, high-definition and sharp visuals. Enhanced color saturation and brightness boost display vibrancy, creating immersive visual effects that engage all guests.
interactive effects

Video and Image Displaying

The video dance floor can display picture and video which is suitable for the special needs of some area. It provide more possibility for the for the you to decorate you venue with the dance floor.

What’s the Application Field of TP-875 Video Dance Floor?

The TP-875 can be utilized in a variety of events and venues. For example, the nightclubs, music festivals, weddings, corporate parties etc. It can play video and picture to transform the ordinary venue into the immersive environment.

How to Control the TP-875 Video Dance Floor ?

Navigating the features of the TP-875 Video Dance Floor is a straightforward process, offering convenience and versatility in control options. The TP-875 Video Dance Floor can be control easily with computer and it can also be control by computer.

How to Set Up TP-875 Video Dance Floor?

It’s easy to set up the video dance floor. We’ll provide you with the detailed operation guidance and the video of installation. Click the video and check the whole installation process.

Packing for the Video Dance Floor

The video dance floor is packing with the flight cases which are highly durable and strong enough to provide excellent protection to the dance floors inside.
led dance floor packaging (2)
Flight Case Packing for LED Dance Floor

What Make Our Video Dance Floor Stand Out?

If you want to set up a dance floor for your events. TOP dance video dance floor is you best choice. We have 10 years of experience in the LED dance floor industry, ensuring all of our products are strictly comply with industry standard and meet the quality benchmarks. And all of our products undergo strict quality tests before shipment.

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TOP Dance Offering LED dance floors for purchase ONLY,and not provide rental service. Feel free to contact us for more information of LED dance floor, and be happy to assist you.

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