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3D LED Dance Floor TP-877

4th Generation

Want to make your party memorable, enjoyable, and engaging for all the attendees? Here is a brand new element that can contribute to making a party awesome!


  • Cool 3D Effects
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Wide Application Field
  • Easier Installation Method

Click and See the Coolest Effect of TP-877 LED 3D Dance Floor

TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor: Ideal for Multiple Venues and Events

TP-877 3D LED dance floor is also call LED disco dance floor and dj dance floor. As one of the most hot selling magnetic LED dance floor, it can be widely use in many fields. For example, clubs, bars, stages, exhibitions, banquets etc. And it is widely use for parties, weddings, dj events, auto shows, robot shows and so on. It is especially popular with all kinds of party activities. Many of our customers specialize in event rental business, and rental our 3D LED dance floor in all kinds of party activities, which has left a deep impact on the guests and made everyone immersed in the dance.

TP-877 3D LED Dance Floor Effects


Solid Colors

It can present multiple colors to enhance the aesthetics. The changing color on the ground can be used to match the mood and energy of the music and the layout of the venue. With the 3D infinity visual effect and the abundant colors for choosing, this 3D Led dance floor can be created in various ways depending on the type of event and the desired effect.

Mix RGB effects

With the modern and innovative mix RGB effects displaying on the 3D LED dance floor, it can set your event apart from others and enhance the overall event’s reputation from your guest. It is the perfect choice for the event planner that looking to create a memorable and engaging event experience.

Checkerboard LED Dance Floor

There are two types of panel for TP-877, mirror and frosted. They are also called mirror dance floor and frosted dance floor. You can put both of them together to form a checkerboard LED dance floor and create a more liar visual effects. And you can choose white or black panel to suit different style of venue.

What is the Difference Between the 4th and 3rd Generation of 3D LED Dance Floor?

TP-877 comparison of buckle design

Dance Floor Case Design Upgrade

Our updated dance floor case boasts a snap-on mechanism and non-slip rubber base for improved stability. A new wrap-around panel design enhances glass protection, minimizing breakage, while an innovative magnet protection design combats corrosion, prolonging magnet life.
LED dance floor magnets comparison

Enhanced Magnet System

We’ve increased the magnet count from 12 to 18, ensuring stronger magnetic attraction for quicker and more stable connections. Transitioning from square to round magnets, which are not easy to break and promise a longer service life and resilience through thousands of uses.
TP-877 new mainboard design

Maintenance Optimization

The fourth-generation case dramatically reduces dance floor part replacement time. The mainboard has been relocated from inside to the bottom of the dance floor, accessible by unscrewing. Magnet replacement is now a swift five-minute process, eliminating the need for special tools or technicians.

Multiple Control Methods: Simplifying Dance Floor Operation

The TP-877 3D LED dance floor can be controlled by DMX, computer and remote control. A variety of control methods can switch the display effect very timely and effectively. The dance floor can be easily controlled from a distance, making it more convenient for DJs or event planners to adjust the lighting, color, or pattern of the dance floor. Our remote control is effective within 50 meters and we will send you an remote then you can control the lit up dance floor with it or other devices.

Streamlining Event Rentals with Effortless Dance Floor Installation

With advanced magnet system, this 3D infinity LED dance floor can achieve one-second installation between two panels and easily install by only one person. The two panels are connected by magnets, which is an advanced connection method for LED dance floor installation. It can provide convenience and flexibility during installation, and also improve the stability of connection. And this easy method of the LED 3D dance floor installation can easily save more time and labor costs.

Why Choose TOP DANCE 3D LED Dance Floor?

TOP DANCE, a reliable and professional specialize in Led dance floor manufacturing and selling business. With 10 years industry experience and mature technology, it always ready to provide the best service for customers around the world. As one of the leading Led dance floor supplier, TOP DANCE has obtained CE, ROHS certificates. And each of our magnet LED dance floor and battery LED dance floor has its own patent.

We have a 3200 square meter factory with a 1000 square meter testing area, and a professional technical research and development team, production team and sales team to provide you with any floor tile related solutions. No matter what kind of dance floor products you want, TOP DANCE can meet all your needs.

What’s the Packing for the 3D LED Dance Floor?

Our flight case is typically made of durable materials and it provide a secure, cushioned interior for the LED dance floor and it is an effective ways to ensure the dance floor is protected during the transport.

The flight case is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent travel and rough handling. It is built to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that they will last for many years.

Alternatively, you can choose carton packaging. Check out more details from the pictures and decide on the packaging method for your needs.

Flight Case Packing for LED Dance Floor
Carton Packing for LED Dance Floor

How to Get This 3D LED Dance Floor Easily?

Oversea Warehouse of TOP DANCE

The oversea warehouse is convenient for purchasing, and result in cost saving for you, especially if you purchasing a large quantities of dance floor, and ensure quicker delivery times for the time-sensitive events. There is no need for the complicated paperwork, or paying for the sea freight and tariff.
Overseas warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better, TP-877 3D LED dance floor or TP-878 Pixel dance floor?

Both TP-877 and TP-878 have magnetic connections and are easy to install. However, they have different functions. Could you please let me know the occasions you intend to use the dance floor for? This way, I can provide you with some suggestions.

Do you program only 10 effects or more?

Yes, we can include more effects. For the SD controller, we can load up to 29 effects on the SD card. You can then use the remote to change the programmed effects.

Is the LED dance floor waterproof?

Yes, the waterproof rating is IP53. It can withstand spills from drinks or wine on top of the panels, but it should not be soaked in water, such as rainwater.

Can it be plugged into a regular outlet?

Yes, we will provide you with a plug that matches the outlets in your country.

Is there a significant difference compared to the wired one?

Yes, the magnetic dance floor does not require any additional accessories for assembly, making it easy to install. On the other hand, the wired one has wired connections between the panels and requires accessories for assembly, making the installation process more cumbersome. I can show you a video that demonstrates this difference.

Are we able to customize different sizes?

Yes, you can customize different sizes. However, we would recommend purchasing a larger size initially so that you can create smaller sizes as needed. If you buy a small size and later want to use a larger size, you would need additional accessories, which may not be cost-effective.

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