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3D Star Dance Floor

The 3D infinite effect is now enhanced with central filaments on the dance floor to present a more lively starlight effects, offering brighter, more vivid colors and superior illumination to energize any event.

  • Stunning Starlit Effects
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Wireless Control System
  • 600 kg Capacity Dance Floor

TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor Effects

3D Star Dance Floor (1)

Solid Colors

TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor is a highly adaptable flooring option that can be used in different environments due to its wide range of color effects. It’s not only exhibits traditional shades such as red and blue, but also has unique colors such as orange, which is suitable for Halloween parties or events with a lively atmosphere.
3D Star Dance Floor (2)

Starlit Effect

The starlight effect of the dance floor is a remarkable and modern design that can transform any space into a work of art. It creates a sparkling and shiny effect that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any venue.
3D Star Dance Floor(3)

Mix RGB Effect

The TP-877B 3D starlit dance floor is a stunning design that creates a mixed colors effect that is both colorful and striking. These colors can be programmed to flash, strobe, or fade, creating a dynamic and ever-changing effect.

In What Locations or Settings Is It Possible to Utilize the TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor?

TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor is a versatile and practical option that can be used in a variety of occasions. Its design and effects make it suitable for events such as DJ events, festival theme parties, graduation parties, and other types of gatherings. The lit up dance floor is designed to provide a safe and sturdy surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and other events. This makes it a popular choice among event rental customer who are looking for the best LED dance floor for rent.

Merits of TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor

Dance Floor Panel

Light weight design of dance floor

Compact Panel Size

The dance floor panel design is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal choice for event rental companies. Its portability and convenience make it an excellent choice for events planner that require rapid setting up and dismantling of dance floors.
LED dance floor ABS case

High-standard Material of Case

With the ABS plastic case which is resistant to moisture, making the dance floor an ideal product for both indoor and outdoor use, providing versatility and durability for various activities and performances.
magnetic design of 3D Star Dance Floor

18 Built-in Magnets

18 built-in magnets to enhance stability and improve connection between panels. These magnets ensure that each panel is firmly held in place, preventing them from shifting or sliding during use.

Dance Floor Parts

high-quality LED source

Durable LED Sources

TOP DANCE uses a very durable and energy-efficient LED source that can be used for a long time. LEDs are designed to withstand damage caused by shock and vibration.
strong load capacity of dance floor

Load Capacity

Although it is compact, the dance floor panel is strong enough to withstand frequent use and can be easily moved between different venues. It is capable of supporting weight ranging from 500 to 600 kg .
Dance Floor edge of magnetic dance floor

Dance Floor edging

TOP DANCE dance floor edge is not only well-designed for safety but also good in appearance. The non-slip edges provide additional safety measures and enhance the overall appearance of the dance floor by creating a polished look.

How to Set Up the TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor?

TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor that designed with the magnetic connection system that make installation a breeze. With this innovative design, yous can quickly and easily connect the various parts of the dance floor together without the need for any tools or special equipment.

How to Operate the TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor?

Our wireless control method is designed to provide convenient and easy control of the LED dance floor within a 50 meter range. With the simple push of a button, you can remotely control a variety of devices without the need to physically interact with them. Also, DMX control and computer control is available.

Why Choose TOP DANCE TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor?

TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor that is manufactured to specific certification standards. The dance floor are subjected to a rigorous quality control process that includes the use of specialized 1500SQM testing areas and quality inspectors to ensure that the product meets the required standards. The goal of this process is to produce high quality tiles that are consistent in appearance and performance. By adhering to this certification standard and implementing stringent quality control measures, TOP DANCE aims to provide customers with reliable and durable flooring solutions.

Testing-Area (2)

What Is Included in the Packing for the TP-877B 3D Star Dance Floor?

First, the package will include the dance floor panels themselves.

In addition to the dance floor panels, power and control cables are included in the package. These cables are used to connect the dance floor panel to the power supply.

To aid in the installation process, the package will also include an installation manual that outlines the steps required to install the dance floor panels and connect the cables. And the package may also include other accessories, such as a remote control for the dance floor panel.

All of the products and the accessories will pack in the flight cases, which are solid and durable.

Flight Case Packing


“The interactive dance floor is in well-designed, beautiful appearance and wonderful effect.”

“Highly recommended product! My guests are enjoy dancing with the interactive effect.”

“Reliable dance floor supplier, nice quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard to Broken?

Yes, sure. The surface is tempered glass and it is hard to broken.

How Many Hours Is The Working Life Of The Dance Floor?

The working life time is about 50,000 hours.

What Size Is Big Enough For 200 People?

We recommend 28x28ft, and it is 256 panels which is good for 200 people.

Can I control with DMX?

Yes, you could use dmx to control the dance floor. Need to connect the dmx console with our controller.

How Thick Is Glass on The Panels?

The thickness of the glass is 10mm. Th whole panel thickness is 70mm.

Does the Price Include Freight?

Yes, it includes the shipping cost to the seaport in your country. But you need to do custom and pick up the goods in your port.

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