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Pixel Dance Floor TP-878

Do you want to create a Memorable and impactful event? If you are looking for a way to make your event stand out and impress your guests and elevate your dance experience to the next level, this pixel dance floor might be your perfect solution. It can adapt to various types of events.

Ready to dance the night away with the light up dance floor? Just contact us!


  • Exhilarating Effects
  • Customize Effects with Tablet
  • Solidly Constructed Design
  • Quick and Easy Setting Up

Stylish and Abundant Effects of TP-878 Pixel Dance Floor

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (2)

Pattern Effects

The pixel dance floor is capable to present pattern effects in different shape like heart, twinkle star, rainbow and other types effects, to create dynamic and visually interesting displays on the dance floor. Provide special technical support for pattern effects programming, to make meet the needs and preference of customers.

wedding dance on the pixel dance floor (4)

Text Effects

This effects can display text or messages on the dance floor, to create a dynamic and visually interesting effect on the dance floor, including Scroll text, rotating, flipping, or bouncing text and strobe text. Text can be overlaid over pattern to create an even more dynamic effect. It can enhance the experience and create a visually appealing atmosphere.
TP-B878 Battery Digital Dance Floor Edge with built

Starlit Effects

With a shimmering or twinkling effect on the dance floor, this pixel effect simulates the appearance of stars in the night sky. It can promise to create a wonderful and romantic starlight at your venue.
pattern effect of pixel dance floor at a party

Mix RGB Effects

This effect shows RGB mixed colors on the ground, giving an extremely cool effect. The Mix RGB effects include color fades and strobing effects, which can be programmed to match the melody or tempo of the music.

Where can the Pixel Dance Floor Be Used?

The TP-878 pixel dance floor can be used in a variety of occasions like weddings, corporate events nightclubs and bars, music festival, private parties to add excitement and create a memorable experience for guests.

If you’re interested in event planning and want to provide a unique service for your clients, starting rental business with led floors can be a great idea. Many of our customers choose particular type of magnetic dance floor, such as pixel led dance floor, starlight led dance floor for event rental. To choose a dance floor for business is easy to differentiate your business from your competition. This will help you stand out and attract clients who are looking for a specific type of dance floor.

What is the Difference Between the 3rd and 4th Generation of Pixel Dance Floor?

TP-878 comparison of buckle design

Dance Floor Case Design Upgrade

The latest TP-878 model features a more robust and user-friendly case design. The snap-on mechanism and non-slip rubber base significantly improve stability, while the new panel design offers enhanced glass protection and magnet longevity.
LED dance floor magnets comparison

Enhanced Magnet System

Upgrading from 12 to 18 magnets per panel, the TP-878 ensures a stronger, more reliable connection. The transition to round magnets enhances durability, promising a longer service life and resilience through repeated use.
TP-878 new mainboard design

Maintenance Optimization

The redesigned case of the fourth-generation TP-878 dramatically simplifies maintenance. With the mainboard now easily accessible from the bottom, part replacement is quicker, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Effortless Installation: A Pixel Dance Floor That Sets Up in Minutes

As a magnetic dance floor, TP-878 can be assembled in a matter of minutes, without the need for any special tools or training. You can connect each panel together in one second, just push them closer, then they will connect together with automatically through magnetic attraction.

Exploring More Operation Methods of Your LED Dance Floor

The TP-878 can be controlled by many device. These multiple control methods promise the wide application field of the dance floor.

DMX Control

The DMX controller allows you to program and adjust the display effects easily.

Computer Control

You can use the computer to control the whole set of dance floor. It’s accurate and efficient.

Tablet Control

You can utilize the tablet device to manipulate the alterations in the effects of the entire set of floor tiles, leading to an unparalleled user experience. You can even design the display effects with the program.
Using a tablet to control the pixel dance floor is convenient and flexible for DJs or event planners, allowing them to adjust the atmosphere and create a more engaging experience for guests.

Remote Control

The remote lets you effortlessly manage the entire LED dance floor with just a button press. You can choose to speed up and speed down, reduce or increase the brightness or display the strobe mode.

Secure and Reliable Flight Case Packing

Our flight cases are designed to provide better protection for LED dance floors that enusre the products arrive in the perfect condition. They are made of durable materials, which can absorb shocks and impacts during transit.

We’ll provide an accessory case we have contains a set of items that can be used with floor tiles, such as a controller for regulating their functionality, a power supply to provide them with power, edges to create a finished look, wire edges that come with built-in wiring for any lighting components, and a remote control that can be used to control these accessories from a distance.

Convenient Overseas Pickup:
Get the LED Dance Floor Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

To provide better service for customers all over the world, TOP DANCE set up two overseas warehouse in Los Angeles and Belgium for customers to pick up the dance floor in their convenience. It’s no need for customers to pay for the tariff and the complete the annoying paper work. And you can directly send us a quote and we’ll arrange the shipment as soon as possible after receiving the order.

Overseas warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the software come with the dance floor or will it be sent separately?

After you purchase our dance floor, we will provide the software to you for free. We will also send you a video tutorial on how to create new programs. If you need assistance, we can help you with creating new programs as well.

Can I use a tablet on the 3D LED dance floor?

No, the tablet is only compatible with the magnetic pixel dance floor. The 3D LED dance floor is controlled easily and conveniently using the remote and controller. You can use the remote to change program effects and colors.

How can I program effects and words?

We provide a tablet for controlling the dance floor, which makes it easy and convenient. You can use the tablet to select program effects and type words directly during your different events.

How many designs are available?

Typically, we pre-load 29 effect programs onto the SD card before shipping. If you desire more designs, you can use our software on your computer (Windows system required) to create additional programs. We will provide a video tutorial on how to do this.

If people dance vigorously on the magnetic dance floor, will the magnets loosen?

No need to worry about that. Our engineers have taken this into consideration and made improvements to the magnet connection. Each panel has a small lock to ensure that the dance floor remains securely connected.

What is the thickness of the panels?

Each panel has a thickness of 5.3cm.

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